What Funny Video Are You Watching?


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Bertie Wooster's Aunt Agatha orders him to marry Honoria Glossop, whom Agatha believes will "reform" him. Bertie, not enamoured with the idea, finds that his friend Bingo Little is infatuated with her, but his scheme to get them together fails. His capable new valet Jeeves steps in with a plan to convince Sir Roderick and Lady Glossop that their potential son-in-law is unfit to marry their daughter.

A hilarious classic, starring comedy duo Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie.


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Thank you @cassandra
I spend many a time chuckling over P. G. Wodehouse's books, in my youth. 🤓

The following is when Albert Brooks did stand up comedy. I watched this, when it was aired on the Flip Wilson Show, in 1972.
It always stayed in my mind because I thought it so funny....Enjoy!



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Fun one, in regard to recent annoucement from the CDC that vaccinated people are spreading covid :lol: :

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