What Happened to Barbara Kay Bracher Olson?


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EmmeYa said:
The odds against this being a random group of 53 American Airlines passengers are simply astronomical! There are more top secret security clearances here than in most medium-sized cities in America. – 9/11review

I like to think they are still alive somewhere. Perhaps they all went to live in some secret underground or undersea base when the missile hit the Pentagon on 9/11… or perhaps had plastic surgery and got new names.



Thanks Emmeya! I think this info is already on one of the 9-11 threads, and yeah, there's no question in my mind that the "calls" were faked and Olson is in on it all. He gets a new wife in record time, with no messy, expensive divorce.

The passenger manifest looks like a "kill list" to me, and I seriously doubt any of them are still alive. I think it's very important to consider that the evil "Elite" often fight among themselves for power, and frequently take out each others "tools" ...clueless, ordinary workers, the human "drones" as they're often called.

9-11 was so sloppy, I'm of the opinion that one or more factions of the Elite were not on-board (for their own selfish reasons...usually financial) Of course they are all going to hide their activities from us, but I think they tend to go at each other pretty viciously now and again.

It's next to impossible for us to think of human life as a chess game, but they do...and we're the pieces. Some pawns, some knights, but ALL expendable. osit


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Good post Guardian.

I'm in agreement with pretty much everything you have said in this thread.

I'll just add a few things re: the two women.

I don't believe they are the same person.

Barbara has a quick speech delivery, no lisp, noticeable overbite, different teeth than Lady's, different personality, more outgoing.

Lady Booth has a slower more deliberate speech delivery, a noticeable lisp, different teeth than Barbara's, different personality, more reserved.

As for the photo that is being posted comparing the two women.
It should be noted that Lady Booth's photo has been tilted to match the angle of Barbara's pose.
So it is not her natural head tilt.


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Re: Barbara Olson is Cindy Brachman, San Bernadino, Cty, CA

I stumpled upon this cassiopaea forum looking for my previous post on Barbara Olsen. I was involved with in a conversation about Barbara Olsen on Facebook. Now, Barbara Olsen is Cindy Bachman. She appeared on air during the Christopher Dorner false flag psyop in February 2013.


Barbara Olsen Flt 77 9 11 el deado fame LIVES recap


Published on Aug 13, 2013

Stop video at 2:12. You couldn't get closer looking images if Cindy Bachman or Barbara Olson were cloned. These two identities are Barbara Olson. She is alive & living in San Bernardino County, CA. The same image is 2:22 in the video


Barbara is not Lady Booth, but she is Cindy Bachman.


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There is something called doppelgangers where complete strangers just happen to look very similar. Here is a link as an example of a photographers efforts to show just this phenomenon:


So just because this Cindy Bachman looks like Olsen is far from proof of her actually being Olsen.


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Guardian said:
There's been a bunch of speculation on the net recently that Ted Olson's new wife "Lady Evelyn Booth Olson" is really "Barbara Kay Bracher Olson" It's being alleged on several blogs and forums that Barbara had plastic surgery and "became" Lady Booth Olson and remarried Ted Olson.


Along with these photos, some people are claiming that "Lady Evelyn Booth Olson" has no paper trail, and they do look somewhat alike, so I did some digging.

To make a long story short, I don't think "Lady Evelyn Booth Olson " and "Barbara Kay Bracher Olson" are the same woman. I still don't think "Barbara Kay" was on Flight 77, but she's not "Lady Booth" and it appears to me this whole "are they the same woman?" idea is nothing more than a wild goose chase designed to distract people from the real question "Where is Barbara Kay Bracher Olson?" ...as well as the rest of the alleged victims of flight 77?

I found a fairly normal normal paper trail for "Lady Lyn Booth" going all the way back to when she was a Senior in High School and won the "American Junior Miss" pageant in 1978.

This listing was on the net before 9-11 and it's very telling. While most anything can be forged, in my personal experience, Pageant mothers are insane, and I mean batshyt crazy. There's no way anyone, even the CIA, is going to get a bunch of pageant moms to agree to a scam like this. They'd be picketing the Whitehouse, not because of the 9-11 fraud, but because someone claimed to have won a pageant who didn't. They'd be screaming "She didn't win in '78 so-and-so did " all over the Internet...instead I found this thread where it looks like someone else is trying to check out Lady Booth's win.


I searched "lebanonfan@yahoo.com" and the address appears to belong to Donna Mattingly, who's a rather well known person in Kentucky, and a former AJM winner

Barbara Kay Bracher graduated High School in Texas in 1973

In 1976 (two years before Booth won the Kentucky AJM and graduated High School) Bracher got married in Texas:

Then she got divorced in 1980

Bracher also left $333.00 in a bank in Texas when she was still married to Mcneil:

I found people claiming to be Lady Booth's sisters (Rebecca Booth, MD and Cecil Booth ) and her step-father (Wayne Perkey) and I even found where she bought a piano in 1992


So I don't see why numerous people are claiming Lady Booth Olson has left no paper trail on the net? Most of this was VERY easy to find.

Then there is the fact that Booth appears to be a lot taller than Bracher.

This is Lady Evelyn Booth standing next to Ted Olson at their wedding:

This is Barbara Kay Bracher apparently standing next to Ted Olson:

Even if Lady Booth was wearing high heals at her wedding, I don't think she would fit under Ted Olson's shoulder like Barbara Kay Bracher did.

There are also videos of Lady Evelyn Booth Olson and Barbara Kay Bracher Olson on Youtube, and to me they sound totally different...and I'm pretty good on voices.

Lady Booth:


Barbara Kay Bracher Olson



I'd like to give credit and thanks to the "Let's Roll" forum for all the great research they did. They really didn't miss much, and I got a TON of leads from their thread on this topic.

I have a bunch of other stuff to format and post, but when I'm done I'm going to post a link to this thread on their forum. They've got some good researchers on that forum, and aside from a piano, some unclaimed property and a few other details, they found most of this stuff before I did, I just had to verify their work ('cause I'm anal that way) They saved me many hours of digging, and I really appreciate that.

**Edited to remove the link to the "Let's Roll Forum" since it may have been compromised?


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I am seeking the birth father of Lady Booth. I understand his name is a Dr. Fred Stone booth it was an OB/GYN practicing in Wise Virginia. Dr. Fred the booth is now deceased however I am trying to confirm whether or not Rebecca Cecil or Lady our daughters of Dr. Fred Stone booth


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Lady Booth Olson is NOT Barbara Kay Bracher Olson. She is the daughter of Jane Anne Jones, born in Williamsport, TN, on 4 June 1935 and Dr Fred Stone Booth, born 21 July 1930 in Pulaski, TN. Dr Booth was an ob/gyn in Wise, VA until his death on 24 February 1980. I have been told but have no confirmation, that his death was a suicide.

Jane Anne and Fred were married on 11 June 1955. Jane and Fred had one son, Steven Willis Booth, born 14 May 1957, died on 21 December 1958 in Williamsport, TN of Wilms Tumor. Wilms' tumor is a rare kidney cancer that primarily affects children. He is buried in Williamsport TN.

They also had three daughters: Rebecca, an ob/gyn in Louisville, KY, Cecil, in partnership with Rebecca in a skin care line, and Lady.

Jane Anne and Fred divorced, he later married Carolyn Evelyn Laird (6 Dec 1969 in Atlanta, GA), and Jane Anne married Wayne Perkey.

There is no truth to any assertions that Lady Booth Olson is really Barbara Kay Bracher Olson.

I discovered this information while doing research on Dr. Fred Stone Booth who is the biological father of my cousin.

Lady Booth Olson has a half-sister named Elizabeth Booth (who is approximately 42 as of July 2014). Elizabeth either lives in North Carolina or the southwestern part of Virginia where her mother still owns a home in the Laural Hills area.

Ted Olson obviously has a type when it comes to women he is attracted to as the similarities are striking however Lady Booth Olson is not his deceased wife Barbara Kay.


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