WTC Nuke Thesis ?


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First post on this site and I haven't seen this discussed. The link is here:


Not that we may ever know what really happened, I found the theory interesting. It was a most remarkable demolition of WTC 1 and 2. I was not up to speed on "nuke" technology but seeing as it's been around for 50+ years one could imagine great advances in the field:

"The fission devices that went off at the Trinity/Alamogordo site, and Hiroshima and Nagasaki were said to be of the order of 10-20 kilotons of TNT. Such devices yield great fluxes of neutrons and gamma rays. Also resultant are air pressure blasts, and tremendous heat of the order of 100 million degrees. Modern devices are “steerable” in terms of desired percentages of these output parameters"

Apparently they can now be scaled down to just a few pounds of TNT equivalent.

Of course in theory the buildings could have been pre-wired with conventional explosives but from what I gather the job would have been huge, it would seem to be much easier planting a few of these devices on short order. Another anomaly was the dustification of WTC 1 and 2, the buildings basic structures seemed to virtually disappear.

Well, thought I would throw that out here for consumption for people still interested in the various theories. No doubt in my mind the perpetrators if they could have, would have used "nukes". These are very sick people we are dealing with.


The Force is Strong With This One
The original article by the Finnish military expert is still pretty good:


The photo comparison is striking:


I find it to be pretty compelling.


The Force is Strong With This One
It aint that important how it was done - its a fact that the buildings went down really fast. What is more important is who and why did it.


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This is a bit more compelling evidence of the nuke thesis. Laura posted this on Facebook last week and I've just now finished watching it. Wow. It's a series of videos of an interview with Russian expert Dimitri Khalezov (former officer of Soviet Nuclear Intelligence) in which he shows detailed analysis that seemingly proves the towers were brought down via nuclear demolition charges. The charges were apparently installed during the construction of the buildings to be used for demolition one day when they were deemed no longer needed for whatever reason. Khalezov said this fact was widely known within the Soviet Nuclear Intelligence agency (mostly thought of as a joke - those crazy Americans!).

Apologies if this has already been posted or this topic has already been addressed; I couldn't find it in the search queries I did.
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