1. PabloAngello

    Did dinosaurs had cosciousness? And what Cs have to say about them?

    Im wondering whether dinosaurs had consciousness, were aware of own being or not. Also if reincarnation exists (and Cs claim it does) were some of us (currently human) a dinosaur back then?
  2. reilpmeit

    What is density in a truest sense? Relationship between conciousness and states of matter an other similar questions.

    We have realities and densities. I'm understanding reality as realm. Similar as king rule in his realm,there could be many kingdoms(realms) in the world. So consciousness reside in realm. It could be bad (STS) realm an good (STO) realm and so on.. Consciousness could change realms and that...
  3. christx11

    Primes and perfect balance

    In the attached PDF in my post: Hidden Secrets of all existence, I am able to equate many of the sessions concepts about gravity and consciousness in my primes construction. A double structure Has a structure where the micro and macro are kind of swappable, totally interchangeable, invertible...
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