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  1. fabric

    Huberman Lab podcasts – Practical applications of Neuroscience

    I recently stumbled on a series of lectures by Dr. Andrew Huberman on the relationship between neurobiology, behaviour, and the human body and it’s fascinating. For those interested, I recommend starting with the first episode but any on its own can be watched. From the 1st episode description...
  2. Border Dog

    What is Fear ? Why we feel Fear ??

    Fears still seem to be very necessary to the Animal Man but not so much to the Conscious Man, so as the Animal Man becomes more self-conscious, the treatments and influence of those fears evolve to the point of clearly serving as faithful to each individual's evolutionary balance. Thus, as a...
  3. fabric

    Objective: Health - Audio's now available for download

    As some may have noticed, we have changed show format and during the transition did not have audio links available. I'm happy to say that we have it all sorted and for those that prefer to download and listen later, you will be able to do so from now on. Previous shows are also now available for...
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