1. Nathan

    Prigozhin & MoD conflict

    I have a couple of questions regarding Prigozhin that I was thinking could be worth asking the Cs: Are Prigozhin's recent criticisms and rants against the Russian MoD (1) psyops to mislead the West, or (2) does he simply not know the entirety of the MoD's plans and current situation, or (3) are...
  2. goyacobol

    Arctic Council - Is it important? - Militarily, Economically and Environmentally

    U.S. Pressure Blocks Declaration on Climate Change at Arctic Talks Members of the Arctic Council in Rovaniemi, Finland, on Tuesday.CreditVesa Moilanen/Lehtikuva, via Reuters Arctic Council This recent development prompted me to post some past events that center around the arctic regions...
  3. Green_Manalishi

    Greece: debt, creditors, austerity measures, Syriza, Varoufakis, Troika

    Hi, this problem that is happening in Greece reminds me of the similar one in Iceland, so do you think this could be another trial run? For me it seems so. By the statement above it even seems they where tricked into it, the EU may have promised aid if only first they implemented strong...
  4. Ellipse

    Anyone experimented to open a bank account in Russia from abroad?

    As the probability of the collapse of the Euro and Dollar is raising quickly day after day, I think it can be a good idea to have a part of one's saving in Roubles (RUB) or in an another independent currency as the Norwegian krone (NOK). On the Net, I found nothing on Russians international...
  5. N

    Was there anyone in Russia?

    Hi people! What are your general impressions of the country? Like it or not? How is the World Cup if you were on it? Is it worth visiting this country? Thx.
  6. R

    USNG to fight Russia?

    I don't have a link for this information, unfortunately. On a whim, I asked a new acquaintance, who has been in the National Guard for four years, if he had received any unusual orders - deployment or otherwise. He responded that he will be deploying next year to Germany to battle Russia. Has...
  7. Ant22

    BRICS: Laying the Foundations of the Next Empire?

    I've been following the activities of the BRICS block quite closely over the past year and while the US empire is failing, the BRICS countries are building solid foundations to take over their spot. A really interesting article was posted on Sott yesterday...
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