1. ScioAgapeOmnis

    My brother's extensive email regarding why he won't be mandating the Cov-jab at his company

    Hey y'all, What follows is my brother's email to a fellow business owner (that's also a friend of his) who asked him whether he plans to take the jab himself or mandate it for his employees as a requirement for returning to the office. My brother is a top executive at a company whose clients...
  2. sbeaudry

    FDA approves Pfizer jab

    Well, that was fast... here come more mandates???
  3. M

    Vaccine useless going mainstream: NBC reporting CDC study shows 74% infected in Massachusetts were fully vaccinated

    CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated
  4. sbeaudry

    2 good Mercola articles

    There are some great articles on Dr. M's site. He's really putting a lot out there. Here are two that I thought are quite good. One is about WEF and the other a potential flu mRNA. Will mRNA Flu Vaccines Get Emergency Use Authorization Next? (pdf attached) New World Order Yields to the...
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