100th Monkey


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Short 2009 video - don't think the video rendition has been posted, although the subject has been referenced. Seems apt in view of recent events in Pakistan being gloated over by PTB - Climate-Gore is even referenced.

by a CasaZaza _http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZiwSd1FpLs :osama:

There is also the 5 Monkey video by the same person.



I remember reading the book, "Hundredth Monkey" by Keyes back in the 80's. It was totally facinating to me at the time. This video does a good job of illustrating the idea. :)


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I am not sure whether this article is relatd to 100th monkey phenomenon or not, thought human madness seems to be spreading to monkey's too.

Monkeys in Maharashtra's Beed district are on a rampage. According to local authorities, the monkeys in Majalgaon have killed around 80 puppies by throwing them down from heights over the past three months.

Locals say this 'cycle of revenge' started after a few stray dogs mauled an infant monkey to death in the area. Since then, monkeys have been picking up puppies and throwing them off the top of a tree or tall building, say villagers.
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