2020 US Election - Let The Games Begin!


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They Know Who Won: Thoroughly Defeated Democrats Urge Joe Biden to Cancel Future Debates

Last night was the first presidential candidates debate of the 2020 campaign season. The immediate takeaways were that:
  • Trump was taking on two politicians
  • Chris Wallace interrupted President Trump 76 times to just 15 times for Joe Biden
  • Joe Biden couldn’t answer a question
  • Joe Biden’s name-calling was disgusting and inappropriate
  • Joe Biden made 33 false or misleading statements
  • Democrats have to lie to the public about their policies and plans because they are so unpopular and destructive
Democrats left the debate thoroughly defeated. They know they lost.

How do we know that? Because top Democrats are now all calling for Joe Biden to cancel any future debates.


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Biden Volunteers Complain ‘Astounding Number’ of Americans Think ‘Biden Is A Pedophile’

It seems Creepy Joe Biden has a serious image problem among grassroots voters and the mainstream media is terrified to address it.


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It is all about perception. And swing voters. Trump lost too many style points. I don’t think he convinced anyone of anything last night. But hey, all the geniuses at the network need to do is kill the other guys mic when it’s not his turn! Then it might have been watchable. Last point: what The American People really want and need is a vision of the future...some certainly going forward. Neither candidate said “here is what I am going to do”. Very hollow.
Neither candidate has vision is correct. Media anyway killing anything against them through social media, tech companies, MSM and so on. If they start killing the mikes, that is just extension to presidential election debate. This also points how attention is redirected to "Trump interrupted" conveniently ignoring the basic fact that he was triggered by 2 vs 1 . Chris Wallace is rightly blamed by his own colleagues who constantly do the same thing as he is doing. Another argument is he didn't do moderation ( they mean shut up Trump) properly. Best of luck with that as they couldn't do it for last 4 years. What Media is complaining, they are exposed for what they are.

But, What Trump dealing with is a unstoppable monster and the entire system that is run by rigged PTB ( intelligence agencies, media, intelligentsia, commerce, Banks and so on etc.) that sets the rules(which people blindly abide) against him. This whole thing of I give 2 minutes each then people will chose is BS. I understand, some times it can go on for ever. Trump survived these 4 years by poking on the rigged system that sets the rules for every body with unconventional methods (tweeting political incorrect stuff etc.)

Any way, I was talking to my 12th grade kid regarding the debate. It looks they have a zoom session with school teachers and kids for the debate ( It is 9PM-10:30 PM here). Every body seems to have horrified with the debate. Imagine the situation of the teachers who were supposed to be teaching that "It is land of free", "wonderful democracy in the world" and so on on daily basis. In a way, this debate exposed the corruptness of the entire system in front of everybody, which is what trump had been trying do through twitter. One has to imagine what will happen, if the food shortage happens.


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Yes, because whoever owns the domain is trolling Joe. There's no connection between Antifa and antifa.com.
Sure, it could be a prank, but that doesn't mean that it is. Since fact-checkers all over the MSM say there's no connection between antifa.com and Joe Biden, it makes me wonder why so many are scurrying to disassociate the two. Presumably it was some savvy person or organization originally bought that domain name in 2002 (and possibly transferred it on 2020-08-14). It would be interesting to know who, but the domain record is is protected.


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[Sorry - but not liking new tweaks to posting format - quotes really messed up]

More regarding tech cheating Biden:




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Sure, it could be a prank, but that doesn't mean that it is. Since fact-checkers all over the MSM say there's no connection between antifa.com and Joe Biden, it makes me wonder why so many are scurrying to disassociate the two. Presumably it was some savvy person or organization originally bought that domain name in 2002 (and possibly transferred it on 2020-08-14). It would be interesting to know who, but the domain record is is protected.

Fact checkers are quick to debunk pretty much everything that gets bandied about on social media, so it shouldn't be taken as evidence of legitimacy simply because it got covered shortly after it was spread around social media. Such a response can indicate something worth looking into, but in this case there's nothing to research or investigate because it should be pretty obvious that this is some epic trolling. From the NYT:

Antifa.com actually directs to kamalaharris.com, which itself forwards users to joebiden.com.

I mean come on, that's just brilliant. :rotfl:


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I thought this was a good analysis of the debate on Trump and Biden's body language.

Yes, the snippets that are analyzed in this really show that Biden was actually quite confused and was, indeed, listening to instructions by whatever means they used. At one point Biden really looks like a deer caught in the headlight. It also appears as if Trump knew about the earpiece (or contact lenses projecting instructions), or at least suspected it – he clearly tried to 'go off script' as much as possible to interrupt their communication, or so I think.


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Predictive programming? :cool2:

US election 2020: What happens if Trump becomes incapacitated or dies

The death of a presidential candidate would have significant and unprecedented ramifications for the American electoral process.

Donald Trump has tested positive for COVID-19, just a month from the US election on 3 November.

Mr Trump and his wife Melania will now quarantine for two weeks while undergoing treatment for the coronavirus, something which will impact the remaining presidential debates.

Being 74-years-old and - according to his health records published in June - categorised as obese, Mr Trump is at a higher risk of serious complications from COVID-19.

If he were to become incapacitated or die as a result of the infection - or if such a fate were to befall Democratic candidate Joe Biden - it would have significant and unprecedented ramifications for the US electoral process.

skynews.jpgA letter from the White House physician confirming the president's positive test
Despite being unprecedented, there are established processes for the selection of new presidential candidates, and these would take centre stage.

According to the rules of the Republican National Committee (RNC), a vacancy for the candidacy in the case of death would be filled in the same manner that a presidential candidate is selected during the national convention.

The 168 members of the RNC - three from every US state, and three from the six territories of the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands - would cast their votes and the candidate would be elected by a majority.

It is a requirement for the RNC to re-elect their new presidential candidate and so it would not automatically fall to the current vice president Mike Pence, although he would constitutionally be required to fill the role of president in the interim period.
The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has similar rules - its 447 members would choose the new candidate after the DNC chair consulted with the party's leaders in Congress and with its state governors.

Typically this candidate's name would then be placed on the ballot papers and the election would continue as normal, however this is deeply challenging considering the vacancy may occur so close to the big day on 3 November.
Indeed, not only have the ballots already been printed - replacing them is not an insurmountable challenge - but millions of US voters have already filed their ballots using the postal system due to the pandemic.

In addition to that, states each have different deadlines for when the parties can submit different candidate names to be included on the ballot papers - deadlines which are likely to have already passed in the majority of states.

Electoral college members might be expected by the electorate to count votes for a deceased candidate as a vote for their replacement, but it is not clear that this would definitely be in line with voters' wishes - potentially leading to disputes and court actions.
It is also possible that Congress could delay the election, although this has never happened in US history.

When Mr Trump suggested doing so due to the pandemic back in July, citing a discredited theory that postal voting could be compromised by fraud, his comments were shot down by both Democrats and Republicans.
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