A Course in Knowledge and Being: Differential Diagnosis in Spirit Release Part 3


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Part three is available here:

I watched it, it is absolutely and completely fascinating :perfect: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
The spirits of the deceased seem to carry with some damage from its previous life, whether traumas or false beliefs, as long as it hasn't gone to the contemplation/healing? realm. I was wondering for instance about the spirits of those people who suffered extreme psychiatric illness during their lives. If they do attach to somebody, it must be extremely difficult to communicate with them and advice them to go to the light for the healing/recycling process.
These videos are so very interesting! Again, thank you to all concerned.
Again. another excellent video packed full of valuable information! Thank you again to Laura and the team for making this possible. :)
Wow. A big thank you to Laura and the chateau team for this video. It really was fascinating, if anything more fascinating than the previous instalment.

The material presented by Laura in this video talk clarifies and gives me a new way of thinking about the function and purpose of discipline, in the way of 'doing what "it" doesn't like', where 'it' is actually a spirit attachment. One would then need to identify which programs and behaviours could be spirit attachments. Thinking in this way makes it easier to actually be disciplined regarding certain things.

For example, I suspect that rather than physical issues, some of my attitudes towards life are the product of attachments. Therefore I ask myself the question: 'Do I really want this 'thing' to be a part of me? Well, the answer is no, of course, and so this becomes the impetus for greater discipline. The process reminds me of Castaneda's description of stalking the predator.
And it's on Cassiopaea.org here:

Well, thank you so much ! These videos were fascinating. One of the bits of part 3, about kids, made me remember of something weird from my childhood. I was 7 or 8, I had all these colorful nightmares about "evil spirits" trying to scare me, me waking up screaming, etc. One time, I woke up in the middle of the night after a particulary vivid dream about this again, and I had enough ! I'm gonna call for protection and I'll be protected , so I can go back to sleep. So that's what I did, I whispered that I would like to be protected against the evil spirits. And that's when the weird happened : a few seconds later, my mouth was closed but I was... well, I began to "talk", unwillingly. My mouth was still closed and it wasn't articulated words or sentences, and it lasted for only a few seconds, but still, that stuff was scary. It was more like three of four short moanings. I managed to find some sleep when the sun started to rise.I don't remember if the nightmares continued after this event, but I do remember about a couple of poltergeist stuff.

Looking forward the next videos :)
I have read that a Black Tourmaline bracelet worn on your left wrist can protect against spirits, negative energies. Obviously I don't have objective evidence hence why I would like to ask is this true? can this be worn as a form of protection.
Excellent presentation, Laura. Thank you and all who participated in the production. :clap:
Watching now, really interesting thanks for posting and filming! I don't know if anyone's read before but I personally a few things Laura mentioned reminded me of this book:


It's by psychiatrist and a paranormal researcher Carl Wickland. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Wickland

The book describes his experiments with his wife who was said to be a medium. What they'd do is put the subject in a form of hypnosis and then somehow impel the spirit who was attached to the subject to speak through Carl's wife. She would then answer questions by Carl.
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