A new game show in some alternate reality, or ... maybe not …


How long can you work with Donald Trump?

“Yes, the game show that will show you all of the contenders to date. Today’s call-in guest is the famous Admiral John Kelly. Just how are you doing today sir?” Stated the host.
“Well I am doing better now that I do not have to confront that man anymore.”
“This is a new record for a military figure, which is now set at 8 months, far outpacing your predecessors. How did you achieve it, if you do not mind if I ask?” Inquired the host.
“Well it was some darn good ear plugs that helped me here. It is amazing how much is said in these higher rooms that you just do not need to hear. Especially when it is that man speaking”.
“Well, I think that is enough for our guest, thank you for calling in today.” The host said.
“Now back to the charts and how this adds up for the game today. 8 months sets a new category of accomplishments for withstanding the Trump dude, creating a Platinum level class in this game. Congratulations John.” Stated the host as he gestures over to the scoreboard.
“John’s image will stand at the top of the pyramid of contenders, for now. But, you know that someone will come up and squash this record, just who is going to come next. And remember, the betting is also on for just who will be the next victim of the Trumpster? Always on your local GOV website.” The host continues.
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