A question about the utility and dangers of using tuning forks for healing purposes


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I have been listening the Eileen Day McKusick Eileen Day McKusick and also reading on her website Subscribe to Our Newsletter & Receive Free Bonus! - Biofield Tuning - Eileen McKusick and have read her book https://www.amazon.ca/Tuning-Human-Biofield-Healing-Vibrational/dp/1620552469
The theory she expounds is that we are surrounded by human biofields, which have an intimate connection with our mental/emotional/spiritual and physical life. This is my simplistic exposition, but she claims that the biofields furthest away from us are out earliest experiences, and those closest to us are our most recent experiences, sort of like tree rings. The idea of using tuning fork/s is that when one comes across a change/dissonance one holds the vibrating fork there until it clears, and then continues moving in towards the body, healing as we go. Healing appears to have happened, even down to the pre-verbal level (eg. outer edge of the biofield). This seems a possible healing modality similar in some ways to the NO sessions. This seems interesting, perhaps as a complementary method to the NO sessions, or a replacement for those who can not afford the NO sessions. But I wanted to ask the C's if there were any potential dangers to using tuning forks, or any advice at all with regard to them. thanks you
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