A tiny tree


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It reminds me of the builders of cathedrals who knew, when they began their construction, they won't see the end of it. We can thought of true altruism for those who contemplate their creation in the future. Imagine a breathing cathedral made with trees... yes a forest !

I have a tree planted for my birthday, it's common in the family, unfortunately it's under a electric cable and had a sickness, but it have good shape for now and I plan to move near to make sure it is okay.


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Some leaves of heart, small-leaved lime alias Tilia cordata.
It's a melliferous plant.
the flowers are antispasmodic, calming, sudorific and diuretic.
Bark is anti-inflammatory.
The sapwood is cholagogue ( is a medicinal agent which promotes the discharge of bile from the system, purging it downward) and antispasmodic.
Some pictures in full bud burst:


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