Advice: how to die good?


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Having read Laura's work, tons of books on spirit release, having talked to dead dudes and sending them to light, my conclusion is that the best way to die is to leave the body without any fear, guilt, or any other sorts of attachments to this reality. That includes no expectations from yourself as well as others, no expectation aboyt dying, no taking care of the "unfinished business". Just leave as you came to your body - emptyhanded and openminded, don't try to take any luggage with you to 5D. Your soul will be enriched by the lessons. This is all you can take with you.
Once you see the light - don't fear, dont hide - go for it. :)


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Had a bit of chuckle when I read this thread. I'd say, first live 'good', then worry about dying when it happens. 'Cos when you're dying it's too late for living.
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