Algerian and Morrocan Descendants and Immigrant Protests/Riots in France


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Second night of violent protests in France, looks like the July 14th's celebration started very early this year :halo: , here an article from the Guardian:


France police shooting: 150 arrests as protests widen over teenager’s death​


Around 2,000 police deployed in and around Paris, amid growing anger at shooting of 17-year-old in Nanterre during traffic stop

Thu 29 Jun 2023 02.49 BSTLast modified on Thu 29 Jun 2023 06.51 BST

Police have arrested 150 people across France during a second night of protests, the interior minister said early on Thursday, as unrest spread across the country following the fatal police shooting of a 17-year-old boy during a traffic stop.

Gérald Darmanin tweeted: “A night of unbearable violence against symbols of the Republic: town halls, schools and police stations set on fire or attacked. 150 arrests. Support for the police, gendarmes and firefighters who face up with courage. Shame on those who did not call for calm.”

Around 2,000 riot police were deployed in and around Paris on Wednesday night as protesters launched fireworks at police and set cars ablaze in the suburb of Nanterre outside the capital.

Police also clashed with protesters in the northern city of Lille and in Toulouse in the south-west. There were also disturbances in Amiens, Dijon and the Essonne administrative department south of the French capital, a police spokesperson said.
French media reported incidents in numerous locations across the greater Paris region. Videos on social media showed dozens of fireworks being directed at the Montreuil town hall, on the eastern edge of Paris.
Firefighters tackle a burning car on the sidelines of a demonstration in Nanterre, west of Paris, after French police killed a teenager who refused to stop for a traffic check.
France police shooting: Macron says killing of teenager ‘inexcusable’
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The use of lethal force by officers against the teenager, named only as Nahel, who was of north African origin, has fed into a deep-rooted perception of police brutality in the ethnically diverse areas of France’s biggest cities.

“We are sick of being treated like this. This is for Nahel, we are Nahel,” said two young men calling themselves “Avengers” as they wheeled rubbish bins from a nearby estate to add to a burning barricade. One said his family had lived in France for three generations but “they are never going to accept us”.

Interior minister Gerald Darmanin said 2,000 police would be out on the streets on Wednesday in the Paris region and around other big cities to ‘maintain order’.

Interior minister Gerald Darmanin said 2,000 police would be out on the streets on Wednesday in the Paris region and around other big cities to ‘maintain order’. Photograph: Christophe Ena/AP

In the 18th and 19th districts of north-eastern Paris, police fired flash-balls to disperse protesters who were burning rubbish. The crowd responded by throwing bottles.

In the Essonne region south of the capital, a bus was set on fire after all the passengers were forced off, police said, while in Clamart a tram was set on fire.

In Toulouse, several cars were torched and responding police and firefighters pelted with projectiles.

Earlier, President Emmanuel Macron called for calm and told reporters: “We have an adolescent that was killed, it is unexplainable and inexcusable. Nothing justifies the death of a young man.” His remarks were unusually frank in a country where senior politicians are often reticent to criticise police given voters’ security concerns.

The teenager had been driving a car on Tuesday morning when he was pulled over for breaking traffic rules, prosecutors said.

Police initially reported that one officer had shot at the teenager because he was driving his car at him. But this version of events was quickly contradicted by a video circulating on social media that was authenticated by French news agencies.

A police officer is now being investigated for voluntary homicide for shooting the youth, and France’s human rights ombudsman has opened an inquiry.

Rights groups allege systemic racism inside law enforcement agencies in France, a charge Macron has previously denied.

Yassine Bouzrou, a lawyer for the boy’s family, said: “You have a video that is very clear: a police officer killed a young man of 17 years. You can see that the shooting is not within the rules.” The family has filed a legal complaint against the officers for homicide, complicity in homicide and false testimony, the lawyer said.

Lawmakers held a minute’s silence in the National Assembly, where prime minister Elisabeth Borne said the shooting “seems clearly not to comply with the rules”.

In a video shared on TikTok, a woman identified as the victim’s mother called for a memorial march in Nanterre on Thursday. “Everyone come, we will lead a revolt for my son,” she said.

Tuesday’s killing was the third fatal shooting during traffic stops in France so far in 2023. Last year there were a record 13 such shootings, a spokesperson for the national police said.

There were three such killings in 2021 and two in 2020, according to a Reuters tally, which shows the majority of victims since 2017 were Black or of Arab origin.

Two leading police unions fought back against the criticism, saying the detained police officer should be presumed innocent until found otherwise."
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More videos about what is happening for two days now.

Back from Nanterre... a night of extreme violence on the scene.

Apart from during the first acts of the Gilets Jaunes on the Champs-Elysées (and a demonstration in Lebanon after the explosion), I hadn't experienced coverage of an event as tense as this night.

A tramway was burnt in Clamart, near Paris:

Scum do as they please in this country. This government is incapable of enforcing law and order. The Mons en Bareul town hall is burning. We are ashamed of our Minister of the Interior. #Nanterre #emeutes #Macronie

Living in Nanterre (in a pretty peaceful neighborhood, fortunately), what I can say is that for two nights, we have to close all the windows because of the fire fumes, which we can see at almost 360°, thanks to the high, wide view to the east and west (including part of South and North). Fire and police sirens are constantly sounding, we hear explosions and we can see many columns of smoke even in the middle of the night.

As I cannot put more than 5 media files in a single post, the others Twitter videos wil be in the following ones.
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RIOTS / NANTERRE: Dozens of individuals attempted to break out inmates from Fresnes prison. The RAID was deployed.

About the FDO: "and kill them", Asnieres sur Seine
Amiens media library: "3 million euros up in smoke

They burned a Tram in Clamart (92)
Evreux, a policeman lynched by the crowd

Tonight, France is once again on fire...
Nahel's death in #Nanterre is a match thrown on decades of flammable political cowardice!

Videos: Clément Lanot
The riots spread throughout the country last night, particularly in the Paris region and the Lille metropolitan area, where the situation was chaotic (map on Telegram).

Mons-en-Baroeul town hall (59) stormed and ransacked. Police helmets stolen. Total chaos in the Lille metropolis

🚨🇫🇷URGENT - An ENEDIS center is on fire in #Nanterre.Firefighters are evacuating the area following a risk of explosion.(
@ClementLanot - CL Press)

Yesterday in Toulouse during the day:

Riots underway in Toulouse following the death of Nahel. Major fires reported.
Nahel's death in Nanterre: police officer to be charged with manslaughter
"Following the death of 17-year-old Nahel, killed by police gunfire, a second night of violence took place in several French cities, including Nanterre, the scene of the tragedy. The public prosecutor has requested that the police officer be remanded in custody as part of the murder investigation. He will be brought before a judge."

Summary of the Nanterre public prosecutor's conference
  • The public prosecutor considers that the legal conditions for the use of the police officer's weapon "have not been met".
  • As a result, the public prosecutor requested that the police officer be remanded in custody and brought before an investigating magistrate on a charge of culpable homicide.
  • In addition, the use of amateur and surveillance videos has "confirmed" the police officer's version of events, announced the public prosecutor.
  • In addition, the autopsy performed on the teenager's body showed that a single shot was responsible for his death. The shot "passed through the left arm, then the thorax, from left to right", said the public prosecutor.
  • Finally, a search of the vehicle "did not reveal any dangerous objects or narcotics".
Several commentators on TV News draw analogies with the last serious riots in France, which occurred in 2005 and lasted three weeks, from October 27 to November 17, approximately for the same reasons: Two young people dead after an attempted interpellation.

I see one big difference: Back then, smartphones and social networks were very marginal, not to say virtually non-existent. The scale they have today could be a real game-changer: All rioters have smartphones (we an see it in multiple videos) and almost all of them are filming themselves doing what they are doing.

Moreover, it seems to me that the actual riots, which are only in their 2nd night, will unfortunately continue, and could very quickly surpass those of 2005 in scale and dramatic results, if it is not already the case, from the second night only. Nor is the situation in France exactly the same today as it was then: Western wars in Arab countries; Out-of-control emigration; Declining strength of the State; Drug trafficking, which is even more prevalent in these so-called "popular" neighborhoods; Covid years and all their consequences; And let's not forget the extreme left blowing hot embers.

And I'd like to add that Kalashnikov-type weapons may well be "appearing" on the streets in the coming nights, as arms trafficking has also increased sharply over the last twenty years.

Politics can all call for calm, I'm afraid it won't be the case.
Politics can all call for calm, I'm afraid it won't be the case.

Seems they had been told both sides to wreack havoc everywhere.

After seeing many protests through the years of France. Rioters are doing and police seem to left them to do it.

Several building fires in Roubaix, including a hotel

Huge fire in progress at an RATP bus depot in Aubervilliers

Police officer allegedly fired live ammunition at rioters in #Bordeaux (witnesses)
From The Guardian

France riots: Macron to hold crisis meeting as 667 arrested and violence spreads

Government struggles to contain continuing unrest after police shooting of teenager in Paris suburb
Macron convenes another crisis meeting – live updates
Fri 30 Jun 2023 07.19 BST

Emmanuel Macron is to head another crisis meeting of ministers as the French government struggles to contain an escalation of unrest that has spread from housing estates across the country to the centre of major cities after the police shooting of a teenager earlier this week.

A total of 667 people were arrested across France into the early hours of Friday morning, officials said, as violence continued into a third night of riots triggered by the deadly police shooting of a 17-year-old of Algerian and Moroccan descent during a traffic stop.

Fireworks and projectiles were thrown at police, bins were set alight and buses and bus depots torched in towns and cities across the country. In some towns, public buildings were targeted. There was unrest in Dijon and several towns in Burgundy, clashes in the centre of Marseille in the south and in and around Lille in the north. There were also disturbances in cities including Rennes and Lyon. Protesters clashed with police in Paris, burning bins and for the first time, there was looting of shops in the centre of the capital.

On the Pablo Picasso housing estate in Nanterre – where the 17-year-old boy, Nahel, who was shot by police had grown up – clashes with police continued through the night.

At least three towns around Paris, including Clamart, Compiègne and Neuilly-sur-Marne, imposed full or partial night-time curfews as a police intelligence report leaked to French media predicted “widespread urban violence over the coming nights”.

A lawyer for the officer accused of shooting the 17-year-old known as Nahel M in Nanterre, a suburb west of central Paris, said he had offered an apology to the teen’s family.

“The first words he pronounced were to say sorry and the last words he said were to say sorry to the family,” Laurent-Franck Lienard told BFMTV. “He is devastated, he doesn’t get up in the morning to kill people.”

Lienard said the officer had aimed down towards the driver’s leg but was bumped, causing him to shoot towards his chest. “He had to be stopped, but obviously [the officer] didn’t want to kill the driver,” he said, adding that his client’s detention was being used to try to calm rioters.

A protest march in Nanterre

A protest march in Nanterre, the working-class suburb of Paris where 17-year-old Nahel M was shot, descended into violence on Thursday. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

The 38-year-old officer was on Thursday placed under formal investigation for voluntary homicide, the equivalent in Anglo-Saxon jurisdictions of being charged.

The Nanterre public prosecutor, Pascal Prache, said on Thursday that Nahel died from a single shot through his left arm and chest while driving off after being stopped by police. The officer said he had opened fire because he feared that he and his colleague or someone else could be hit by the car, according to Prache.

“The public prosecutor considers that the legal conditions for using the weapon have not been met,” Prache said.

Nahel was known to police for previously failing to comply with traffic stop orders, Prache said.

Local media reported that 420 people had been arrested as of 3.30am on Friday, citing figures from the interior ministry, after 40,000 police officers were deployed across the country – nearly four times the numbers mobilised on Wednesday.

The interior minister, Gérald Darmanin, who called for “support for our police, gendarmes and firefighters who are doing a brave job”, was pictured by French media at police headquarters in Paris in the early hours of Friday.

In Nanterre, protesters torched cars, barricaded streets and hurled projectiles at police after a peaceful vigil and march led by Nahel’s mother descended into violence.

Protesters scrawled “Vengeance for Nahel” across buildings and as night set in a bank was set on fire before firefighters put it out and an elite police unit deployed an armoured vehicle.

As the night advanced, violent skirmishes between rioters and police also broke out in Lille, Toulouse, Marseille, Lyon, Pau and Montpellier.

In central Paris, Nike and Zara stores were vandalised and looted, Le Monde reported, with 14 arrests made. Further arrests were made after shop windows were smashed along the famous rue de Rivoli shopping street.

In Montreuil, an eastern suburb of the capital, hundreds of youths attacked shops including a pharmacy and a McDonald’s, while bins were set on fire outside the town hall. Police fired teargas in response.

In the western city of Nantes, a car was driven into through the metal barriers of a Lidl store, which was subsequently also looted, Le Parisien reported.

In Vaulx-en-Velin, a suburb of the eastern city of Lyon, youths maintained a “constant and heavy barrage” of fireworks at police, local media reported, while a dozen cars were set alight in Sevran, north-east of Paris.

Videos on social media showed numerous fires across the country, including at a bus depot in a suburb north of Paris and a tram attacked in Lyon.

Cars were set on fire during riots in Nanterre

Cars were set on fire during a third night of riots in Nanterre. Photograph: Aurélien Morissard/AP

In the north-eastern city of Lille, the city hall said there was “lots of looting” of shops and supermarkets.

A district hall in the district of Wazemmes and an elementary school in Moulins were set on fire, while in the nearby municipality of Roubaix firefighters dashed from blaze to blaze throughout the night, AFP reported, with buildings set alight including a hotel, a large office building and social centre.

In Marseille, France’s second city, police fired teargas grenades during clashes with youths in the tourist hotspot of the Vieux Port, the city’s main paper La Provence reported.

At least 10 people were also arrested in two Brussels neighbourhoods after rioting that police blamed on the shooting.

Macron had held a morning crisis meeting on Thursday with senior ministers after the second night of unrest and rioting across France. “The last few hours have been marked by scenes of violence against police stations but also schools and town halls, and thus institutions of the republic – and these scenes are wholly unjustifiable,” Macron said.

On Wednesday, the president had also called for calm, saying Nahel’s death was “unexplainable and inexcusable”. His remarks were unusually frank in a country where senior politicians are often reluctant to criticise police, given voters’ security concerns.

Rights groups allege systemic racism within law enforcement agencies, a charge Macron has previously denied. “We have to go beyond saying that things need to calm down,” said Dominique Sopo, head of the campaign group SOS Racisme.

Video from Euronews this morning:

All what is happening right now has nothing to do with the young Nahel being dead: It's all about violence for violence, it is insurection.

Here are the highlights of the night's events:

Nearly 500 public buildings torched. It is without counting all non-public buildings, including banks and shops.
Several towns have declared a curfew.
Violent lootings, arsons and vandalism took place in several major and not major French cities. The situation was out of control like in Lille and Marseille, as well as Paris: After the looting in the Châtelet district, others occurred on rue de Rivoli, near Place de la Concorde and the Louvre.
The Avignon and Pau police stations were set on fire, and it is said that dozens of them have been attacked all over the country.

Reviewing everything that happens every night and watching all the hundreds of videos is impossible. We can only measure the scale of the events underway.

Last night, I heard and saw constant mortar fire, black columns of smoke in the night, once again, the helicopter flying over Nanterre for the first time, maybe a drone as I just heard and could not see anything due to clouds, and continuous sirens until I finally fell asleep around 3 AM. And the smell, a smell of burnt rubber.
I could also see thunderless lightning in the cloud-laden sky above us. It was interesting, you know, witnessing that "As below, So above". Like a reflection from sky of what was happening on the ground, except for the sound.
The same, but to a much lesser extent in Cannes, just a few trash cans and a scooter set on fire in a neighborhood... But with a helicopter that turned from midnight to 1 a.M. With a projector...
I think they are Gendarmerie helicopters, and the one above us had projector too.

I also wanted to add that standing behind my windows, and thus without being directly confronted with the view of the damages done during the night, what I see and hear during the day is just like any other day, normal, calm, birds are singing, people are working and there's nothing to suggest that the nights are completely different, when the wild beasts are on the loose. Switching from one to the other, successively, over several days gives the surreal impression of shifting from one world/reality during the day to an entirely different one at night.

The juxtaposition is very incongruous and disconcerting.
I guess 4D STS were in need of a big chunk of energy to harvest. The game look so easy for them. I think this kind of situations were build at purpose since a lot of years with the immigration.

Make me think that the same is done in the US with the open border politic of the Biden administration.

Would be interesting to know to which point there a setup to ignite the release of all those low vibrations. I mean 4D direct manipulation of the protagonists of the initiale scene or rather some tricky 3D manoeuvres because the video of the arrestation is so well framed. With what the C's learned us in dirty tricks possibilities, I would not be surprised.
Macron appoints two responsible for the riots: the social networks which he calls for censorship and the video games which would have intoxicated young people
Thanks to Emmanuel #Macron , I have therefore just discovered that there is not a native Frenchman who plays video games or uses social networks. Fascinating...#emeutes #ViolencesUrbaines #Nahel #Nael #insurrection #etatdurgence #Nanterre #GuerreCivile

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 22-18-40 Manu Gómez on Twitter.png

His song "Disenchanted" has never, unfortunately, sounded so true: "everything is chaos, next to it, all the ideals, damaged words...
Violence: Mylène Farmer's concert tonight at the Stade de France canceled (source close to the file) #AFP

#AubervilliersThe site of the future training pool at #JO2024 in flames.Millions of € of public money sacrificed to #Racailles

Apocalyptic scene in Marseille #Marseille #nanterre #vidéo #police #bavurepoliciere #Nahel #france #EmmanuelMacron #paris #emeutes

#FranceRiots: Rioters have been posting videos of themselves torching buildings & infrastructure as part of the ongoing race riots across the country that have destroyed businesses, vehicles, police stations, city halls & infrastructure. The riots are being called their George Floyd moment after a French Algerian youth was shot dead after fleeing police in a car. #Nahel
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