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Set up a separate thread in this section titled MY TEN DAY FAST. Would appreciate


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Back in about '85 I went on a ten day water fast. The first three days were incredibly hard, but after that I stopped feeling hungry, slept like a baby, lost twenty pounds, and felt incredibly good.
Actually, that's why I'm on this topic. I'm gonna have another go at it.:thup:
Sounds good @Redrock12, keep in mind though that you were 35 years younger then. I would not expect the same results 35 years later. I have had positive experiences with fasting, but then I did a long fast of more than 20 days. That was not such a good experience, and has had consequences. so take it slow and listen to your body, and your heart. best


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Engaging lecture with some amazing new insights on benefits of fasting

Take away messages - fasting is good on multiple levels, insulin regulation, inflammation, autoimmune disease, gene expression, rejuvenation.
If you want to maintain health even restricted eating is beneficial or intermittent fasting , magic starts at 36h.
Be careful how to break the fast.
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