Another hit for the Cs - Cashless Society - VISA 666!

One of those rather bland news clips documenting the slow creep towards a cashless society. The closure of services in rural communities in UK has been a hot topic on these programs for a while, but i guess we can now see where it's headed!

I don't necessarily advise watching it, you probably lose iQ points just listening to the patronising hosts, but it's interesting to see how it's promoted. The YT account is called 'Liar Politicans' so the title probably isn't what the BBC called it :)
Published on 25 May 2015

The banks are closing branches and making people use the internet for their banking. All part of the criminal banks and criminal government (as per Bilderberg plan), to make it a cashless society. Once cash is gone, the terrorism of the bankers and government will commence.

Mega Corp needs a bailout, press of button and your savings are moved to the corporation. Didn't vote "the right way" at an election, press of button you are a non person who can't exist without the electronic money. This is planned terrorism. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

Recorded from BBC1 HD,BBC Breakfast, 25 May 2015.

Push for 'cashless society' by closing bank branches (25May15)
Funny, synchronistic event at the grocery store yesterday:

I noticed there where "shields" around the key pad where you put in your credit card and id Number for the items on sale at our grocery store. I commented to the cashier "is this to prevent identify theft?" She said, thats one of the new machines, as she totaled up my bill which came to $6.66! I laughed and said, "666, I've got my debit/visa card right here" then proceeded to swipe my card. As I left the check out line I gave a little mental nod to the C's.

On another note, If this is just around the corner we should be seeing changes in the technology we use for making payments. Perhaps like this little key pad is an example. For sure, these alterations have been going on for a long time being put into the system, but we may start seeing last minute "touches" to the program.
Just got this notice in the mail. Very interesting information towards the incorporation of technology & small business.

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This might be part of their plan for cashless transactions:

Here's a short clip:

A pilot program by US Department of Homeland Security which uses facial recognition technology to detect immigration violators at points of entry has privacy advocates concerned.

The program, which US Customs and Border Protection (CPB) agents are testing for three months at Washington's Dulles International airport, will use facial recognition technology to spot people using travel documents that don't belong to them, CBS News reports.

Cashless society in a near future ? There are good arguments that support this idea, and even more ones that contradict it.

To make it very short : thesis, antithesis, synthesis : banks and governments want total control over money. Criminal powers oppose the idea. Banks need criminals, and there are many countries in which political and criminal elites are highly integrated.

Criminology is compulsory studying to have a complete overview of the global economy. It is the topic that has the most surprised me in my life, much more than paranormal for instance. Almost all of us have heard strange stories, but how many know that organized crime is one of the decisive powers in many areas of the world, if not the prevailing force ? There is really much to say about organized crime but I’ll not do it to stay focused on cashless society.

Let’s begin with some articles coping with cashless society :


Economist Martin Armstrong claims there is a “secret meeting to end cash” set to take place in London before the end of the month [june 2015] involving representatives from the ECB and the Federal Reserve.
“In the mind of an economic tyrant, banning cash represents the holy grail,” writes Michael Krieger. “Forcing the plebs onto a system of digital fiat currency transactions offers total control via a seamless tracking of all transactions in the economy, and the ability to block payments if an uppity citizen dares get out of line.”

Underlying principles :

- The biggest winners of abolishing cash would be Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club…
- Banning cash is the best way to avoid bank runs. Bankers will not have to give cash back to their clients.
- Having big amounts of cash home is like getting out of the banking system, which is the nightmare of banks. (to really get out of the system, one has to own precious matters, especially silver and gold).
- There will be total control by banks of all monetary flows if cash disappears.

So, implementing cashless society may sound like the appropriate solution for the System to survive a few more years. But is it that simple ? It seems that for the major banks, banning cash would be like shooting themselves in the foot.

An issue that is often overlooked is organized crime. Criminal powers (mafias, cartel, organized criminal groups…) live at the very heart of the system and are a part of it. A few facts :

- In many countries, political and criminal elites are highly integrated. Examples: Romania, Italy, Brazil… These elites, so these countries, would be the first to defend cash.
- 4 major economic activities of the world are criminal : natural drugs traffic (coca (plant), poppy, cannabis, khat, that represent more than 450 billion dollars per year), arms trafficking, exotic animals trafficking (160 billion dollars) and prostitution (around 200 billion dollars per year). All figures given here are estimations.
- Organized crime represents more than 10% of the yearly world GDP (around 65 000 billion dollars).
- Natural drugs (narcotic plants growing) are the 1st agricultural business of the world
- The system lies on banks. Banks NEED organized crime to live. A famous example is HSBC, that launders billions of dollars from Mexican drug cartels. It is one of the numerous narcobanks that has never been sued for it, and probably never will. When criminal chiefs talk to banks to say that they can bring millions of a currency in cash, they naturally receive a warm welcome.
- Shadow banking and dark pools represent a much higher (3-9 times) transactional volume than normal banking activities (I’ve not said “legal banking activities” because dark pools are not illegal).
- Cashless society would not impact top criminality (CDS, CDO, dark pools, Cosa Nostra US taking 1-2% on each big public works contracts in the US (thus creating a “criminal extra cost”), same for the Yakuzas in Japan…) and middle criminality (all kinds of racketeering) but make bottom/street criminality complicated. Top criminality needs bottom criminality to hide behind it, and vice versa (bottom criminality is allowed and controlled by top criminality).
- The system is criminogenic

When I mention organized crime, I’m not only speaking of the 9 mafias of the world (Cosa Nostra US, Cosa Nostra of Sicily, the Camorra (Campania), the Ndrangheta (Calabria), the Sacra Corona Unita (Puglia), Albanian mafia, Turkish Maffya, Chinese Triads, the Yakuzas). It also refers to south American drug trafficking cartels, Russian organized crime, Vietnamese organized crime… There are 8 criteria to determine whether a criminal entity is a mafia or not, but this would draw us away from the topic. I’ll get back to it if asked.

There exist countries that are almost or completely failed by crime. For example, all eastern Europe countries, almost all (if not all) south American countries, Maghreb/Mashrek countries, African countries… These countries would vehemently refuse to ban cash. To sum up the idea, “crime makes system” in just so many countries that asking these countries to ban cash would be like asking criminals to ban cash.

All of it to say that cash is necessary for organized crime and organized crime is a pillar of the system, economically speaking. Announcing the end of cash would be like announcing the end of the euro. Some people would have to be personally liable for it. Varoufakis will not have Greece to leave the euro because he knows who and what he faces. The best solution for him would be to be expelled by Germany or IMF. I wonder if bankers who support abolishing cash would not face a “criminal sacred union” :cool: that would abolish them more or less quickly.
This one caught me by surprise. The US is supposed to deploy the chip credit cards by next month, October 2015. The slide machines with magnetic strips still work, but the insertion card readers are being pushed.

I received a new credit card for one that is about to expire and it has one of those chips in it. Apparently other things like clothing have RFID chips, in a seeming attempt to track everything. Some paper currency is said to have small ones, but I haven't looked into that.

Supposedly the chip creates a unique code for each transaction, acting as another layer of security. I wouldn't doubt that, but in regards to tracking, isn't everything already tracked when purchasing with a credit card? It just sounds fishy to me, considering the session of VISA and 666.

Here's an RT article on the basics:

How RFID works and some other uses of it:

There's many an app for your phone that will scan RFID and NFS tags. There are demonstrations showing that a thief would only need to walk past your wallet with a concealed scanner to get your data. So metallic or shielded wallets may be useful, but it seems aluminum foil works too. Do we need a tinfoil hat smiley? :P
Both my spouse & I just received new Capital One cards w/ the chip - supposedly for improved security. Interestingly, his card had the old # but mine has a completely new # - I guess they want to be sure what each of us is doing! I also recently found that my Meijer card was obsolete even tho the expiration date wasn't & had to get a new card that came w/ a PIN # which surprised me as the old card could not be used at ATMs. Don't know if it's chipped.

I was unaware of the Oct. deadline for rolling out these cards or even that they were mandated. And Microsoft keeps pushing to acquire Windows 10, but I've seen articles saying that the automatic updates are converting older versions such as 7 & 8 to be like 10.

Oh, the joys of a dystopian world!
I think they (the Bankers) are sneakily doing the chip card replacement as well-my card was NOT about to expire but I received an e-mail stating that "some suspicious activity may or may not have been associated with your account so we are closing your old card and sending a new one" to "protect" you -this from Bank America-and low and behold the "new" card arrived with a nice shiny chip in it, which my old card did NOT they are forcing people to use these cards, and no choice given-they simply claim something "may" have been associated with the card /account-but no details are offered as to "what" that activity was or when
Since I just received my new Meijer card, I hadn't done anything more than open the paperwork it came in & haven't activated it as yet. Only now am I seeing that it doesn't even say Meijer anymore, but is a MasterCard. Both it & my new Capital One card have a silver shape w/ a hologram type image - is that where the chip is supposed to be?

Well, supposedly all our cars are enabled for tracking our whereabouts & they can be remotely controlled as well. Cash for Clunkers was the method to rid the country of as many unaffected cars as possible. I held onto my old Buick Century for as long as possible, but now have a 2007 Suburu w/ the new technology built in. :(
JEEP said:
Both it & my new Capital One card have a silver shape w/ a hologram type image - is that where the chip is supposed to be?

Yeah mine has a silver segmented chip, but no hologram. You can supposedly see the circuit if you shine a bright flashlight on the front and look at the back while in the dark. I tried with an LED light and it didn't reveal much. May need a stronger flashlight. But I think it is where that silver rectangle is. Just be careful not to shine the flashlight into your eyes if you do that.
From Investment Watch: The Coming NWO? “Cardless Cash” Eliminates ATM Cards & PIN Numbers

Is this a sign of what else is coming? Soon, access to cash without an ATM card could be found on your smartphone app. Many banks are now offering customers the ability to withdraw money from a branch ATM without using their card or PIN number.

From CBS News:

With more people using mobile banking apps, adding an option to withdraw money can give customers more privacy and convenience. The new systems were also designed to help avoid theft from skimming machines attached to card readers, which steal passwords and data.

“I like the app,” Bart Johnson, a customer of Wintrust Bank in Chicago, told CBS News. “If I don’t have my wallet or debit card on me, but I do have my phone, which I always have, I go right to the ATM, put it up to the ATM and get my money.”

The option is called “cardless cash.” Using the bank’s smartphone app, customers can set up a withdrawal in advance through their phones. The app provides a QR code for the transaction, which customer can then scan at the ATM to receive their requested cash. No card or passwords are entered into the machines.

But there are other security concerns with using smartphones instead of ATM cards — mainly the risk of storing bank information and passwords in the cloud.

“What if you lose that phone? If somebody wants in the phone bad enough, it just takes time.” Louis McHugh, a computer systems manager at the Illinois Institute of Technology, told CBS News. “As we’ve seen with some of the recent security breaches, how secure is the cloud, really?”

But banks contend they’ve put in place adequate protection from hackers.

Wintrust Bank said stealing the account information and passwords from the cloud wouldn’t be enough for hackers to get money from an account because the transaction is linked to a specific, registered mobile phone.

This would seem to be moving us away from a cashless society as it enables one to get cash more easily. But then, maybe it's just a stepping stone of using a smartphone that eventually becomes using your hand w/ an implanted chip? Or just trying to move everyone into using smartphones w/ their negative EM properties? Far as I know, credit/ATM cards don't cause cancer.
Another downside to smartphones:

More people have died by taking selfies this year than by shark attacks

"It seems that taking a selfie is actually quite a dangerous endeavor, and many people have died while doing so.

There have been twelve recorded selfie deaths in 2015 so far, compared to eight people dying because of shark attacks. Most of the selfie-related deaths have been due to falling. The next most common is when people are trying to take a selfie, and they're hit by a moving vehicle.

Selfie deaths are incredibly common

Selfie deaths have become so rife in Russia that the government released a guide detailing how not to die while taking a picture of yourself. In the guide, it is advised that selfie takers don't balance on dangerous surfaces or pose with loaded weapons, among other tips. (You gotta luv Russia)

The Russian Selfie Guide

Yellowstone National Park has also been plagued by the problem, issuing a warning about taking selfies with bison after five people were gored.

Another man was close to losing a hand after posing with a rattlesnake, and more than one person has died snapping themselves with loaded guns.

These are just a few examples. There is a comprehensive list on Wikipedia of all the known selfie-related deaths and injuries, and it includes 19 separate incidents since 2014.

Most of the people involved were between 18 and 22 years old, and the accidents ranged from a man being electrocuted while climbing on a train to a pilot crashing a light aircraft, killing himself and a passenger, and multiple instances of people dying while posing with guns."

Hmmm - are those EM effects cancelling out common sense?
JEEP said:
Hmmm - are those EM effects cancelling out common sense?
Self-absorption / lack of spatial awareness at the cost of everything else (not paying strict attention to objective reality right and left) is? They only see what they want to see—themselves. Symbolic?
I find it interesting that you are only starting to get chip cards now. We've had full integration of them for a couple years here. Even passports have chips in them. :evil:
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