Any volunteers to help research some channeled material?


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I have a list of dozens of channeling sites that could use some research. Are there any volunteers here to look at one or two and post a review in this forum?

It might be helpful (a service or resource for others) to build up a sort of index of these sites, their messages, and impressions of them. Maybe there'll be an interesting discovery that could benefit us all to look at. Maybe there are trends taking shape out there that we could identify and try to understand.

It really won't take much time to, at least, give it a try. :)

Some sites are so shallow that it takes only a few minutes to recognize reasonably its message, bounds, and audience. Others will reveal themselves fairly quickly as aligned with a particular "prophecy camp" such as "the ETs are coming to save us" or "the Earth changes are coming to kill us" or "the golden age of light is about to begin," etc. These may "reveal" varying degrees of "truth" or may hide quite a lot.

The ones that take a little longer are those that appear to contain compelling "harder-edged" truths mixed with "information" not previously encountered or with obvious rubbish.

If interested, please reply. I'll be happy to post a list (of sites from which to choose) and to itemize a few things to try to learn about each site.

put my 2 cents in the list, if more of us contribute with little, it well could make flapping wings of one more butterfly
Happy New Year to all and thanks for the great response. To simplify, I'll suggest a couple of sites or books for each person all at once, and list a bunch more that anyone can take on or for other people who might want to join in.

When posting your findings, please create a new Topic and start its name with "REVIEW:" Please post whatever you want, as much or as little as you want, in any format you like. Thanks.

First, here is the basic guideline of what's helpful to report on.

-- What is the channeling method (conscious, light trance, unconscious trance, automatic writing/typing, spirit board, pendulum, alone, with a group, etc.)?
-- What is the format? Is it question-and-answer from the channel or an audience, or is the channel simply taking dictation?
-- How long has the channel been doing it, how did they start, do they channel multiple entities?
-- Does the channel comment on the material, research it, etc.?
-- Does the channel sell the material or offer other products or services associated with their channeling ability?
-- Are there any other clues that indicate a relationship to or influence by other channels, groups, organizations, etc.?
Book Authors
-- Don't read it, of course, just look up the book on sites that sell it, see what the descriptions are, look for reviews on the web, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. Basically, find out all you can about the content.
-- Can you tell if they have a "major" publisher?
-- What are reviews of their books like? Are there reviews on sites that promote a certain point of view, theory, prophecy, etc."
-- Do they have a web site? What's on it?
-- Does the person appear to be a serious researcher or just a promoter of some point of view?
All Web Sites
-- Are there links on the site to other known people or groups? Who?
-- Does there appear to be an organization behind the site?

Most important:
-- What is the central message(s), if any? This will usually be repeated often.
-- Does the material agree in large part with the work of known others?
-- Does it suggest that you actually DO something (particularly with channeled messages)? What?
-- Are there comments on current or recent events?
-- Are there specific predictions of the future events (and are any kind of dates given)?

OK, here are your assignments. A whole truckload of New Age (probably) CoIntelPro!
No pressure at all. No deadlines. Have fun!
Some of these have links, some will need web searching. It's a good idea to search the web for references to the material on other sites anyway, as it may reveal associations with known quantities.

- (http:/)/
Who's Neville and what's the Neville Community?
- BOOK: Greetings from Home by Steve Rother (http:/)/

- (http:/)/
A site devoted to someone’s study of Ascension, who includes a section on judging channeled material
- BOOK: Change Your Encodements, Your DNA, Your Life!
by Amma channeled by Cathy Chapman

- (http:/)/
Spiritual School of Ascension
- BOOK: Kirael: The Great Shift through Kahu Fred Sterling
Basically anything you can find out about Kirael's message. Another book is: Kryon and Kirael: In Austria

- (http:/)/
Alien Shift
- BOOK: Ascension Series (Book 01): Complete Ascension Manual by Dr. Joshua Stone (http:/)/

- (http:/)/
Planetary Ascension
- (http:/)/
Spirit Heart Sanctuary

D Rusak
- (http:/)/
Quado and Carrie
Related sites: (http:/)/ and (http:/)/
- (http:/)/
Spirit Mythos

- (http:/)/
Golden Light Fleet
- (http:/)/
Heaven Letters

- BOOK: 9/11: The Unknown Reality of the World (2005) by the "returned" SETH channeled by Cas Smith with Mark Frost
- (http:/)/
Planetary Ascension

- (http:/)/
Pathway University
- AUTHOR: Robert Shapiro
Several Books by him: Explorer Race (Book 01): The Explorer Race
Explorer Race (Book 02): ETs and the Explorer Race
Yet another: Shamanic Secrets for Spiritual Mastery

*** END ***
There's plenty more for the taking if anyone is feeling ambitious:

- Archangel Michael: (http:/)/
- Dave Gregg/Michael Teachings: (http:/)/
- Alec Christos Gabbitas, channels Mary Magdalene, Lady Diana, maybe more
- Angelic Wise Ones: (http:/)/, check the newsletter page for channelings: (http:/)/
- Morning Messages, Peggy Black: (http:/)/
- Look up Dr. (Doctor) Peebles, an entity channeled by Summer Bacon and maybe others, too.
- A. Ray Elkins: channels the spiritual messengers of God (is this old stuff from the 70s?)Some group called Association of Universal Philosophy (http:/)/
related site: (http:/)/
and another maybe related: (http:/)/
- Orin and DaBen: (http:/)/
- Carolyn Evers channels Archangel Mikael: (http/)/:www.CarolynEvers. com
- Doloros Cannon: hypnotherapist and author of series of books, who is seeking "any" knowledge through the subconsciousness as the all-knowing cosmic intelligence/super computer. In the above 2, her patients happened to tell with detail on the coming two Earth things under her hypnosis. These pieces of information by Cannon are more tremendously interesting. One book, at least, is: Convoluted Universe (2005).

*** END ***
Thanks for the link. I picked up - Orin and DaBen: (http:/)/

Do you want a quick debriefing of the website in the forum and/or directly mailed to you ?
This sounds fun AdPop. I'm working on archangel micheal's conclave - this is lead by Carolyn Evers (who is further down on the list) so I'll cover her in my report too.

Axel said:
Do you want a quick debriefing of the website in the forum and/or directly mailed to you ?
AdPop mentioned the following which I think covers your question:

AdPop said:
When posting your findings, please create a new Topic and start its name with "REVIEW:" Please post whatever you want, as much or as little as you want, in any format you like. Thanks.
Great. Looking forward to everyone's contributions. I'll try to figure out a way to put them all together. Maybe this could lead to a CHANNEL WATCH web site.
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