Any volunteers to help research some channeled material?

I started researching this one. Should post the report - at least the initial parts in a couple days.
- Doloros Cannon: hypnotherapist and author of series of books, who is seeking "any" knowledge through the subconsciousness as the all-knowing cosmic intelligence/super computer. In the above 2, her patients happened to tell with detail on the coming two Earth things under her hypnosis. These pieces of information by Cannon are more tremendously interesting. One book, at least, is: Convoluted Universe (2005).
My first assignment is a lightworker cdr Lyur Golden Fleet (AKA Jean Michel Surmely, curently residing in Iowa, an author of 5 "they rush to rescue poor us" bestsellers) and is an offshot of Ashtar Command Communications
and is linked to "911 truth" site http:/)/
feel like a patologoanatom openin the corpse... will be back soon
Mike, I think you've got an interesting one. This person is certainly a researcher of some kind, but I have no idea what track she's on. Any researcher can be independent (unbiased or with a mind to promote an idea), could be a useful idiot being fed disinfo unknowingly, or could be on a discreet payroll. Let us know if there are any such hints.
planetaryascension looks like damage control to QFS, if I ever saw one. Will be back shortly with a report
Ya'll also run a quick search on the forum here for any of these people/groups just to see if anybody has posted any interesting info here already that can be used as a starting clue.
Sorry, Shane, i should have checked this thread before volunteering with Evers!! She is 'a bag full of fun'!
I'll take the second on the list
AdPop said:
Dave Gregg/Michael Teachings: (http:/)/
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Michael and Shepherd Hoodwin. What artistic names!
Channelings of Shepherd with a Hood that wins, might lead flock of sheepies straight to a butcher Macellaio to serve our gods with tails as the main course!
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