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I spend several hours a day reading SOTT and do try to keep up with every article. Missed just a couple lately. Usually as I read I underline with my finger sentences of importance or sentences that truly remind me that there is REAL suffering going on all around the world. I also tend to point the righteous finger of shame at names that seem particularly heinous and responsible for said suffering. :) My computer screen is pretty smudged up with fingerprints and even dents where I have jabbed the screen a bit too hard after reading something completely infuriating.

It would be great if you could help me to channel my theatrics into something a bit more productive for the group like learning how to become an editor for SOTT or even simply collecting articles and submitting them. Is there someone I should talk to, write to or badger?

Thanks for the opportunity. Thanks for your courage, love, kindness and humor through the years. And, most especially, thanks for at least making sure I'm not a complete walking moron. :)

Best, Pegasus


Jedi Master
Thanks Puckster! The Puckman!

Just finished reading the article about the 79 year old man who was punched in the face by some clod in a parking lot. Made me cry when his daughter talked about how humiliated her father was. I don't know about other people but here's kind of what goes through my mind when I read these articles and that is emotionally I want some part of me to go there and be by his bedside and make sure he's o.k., another part of me wants to comfort the daughter, stroke her hair, and another part is wishing it were a psychic sleuth and could immediately collar the thug/perpetrator of that psychopathic loutish behavior and turn him over to the proper authorities tout suite.

Joe, Kniall, SOTT and EE have positively changed the way I read about and experience any subject. Today when I read there is more fire to it. Crackle. I'm not a disinterested bystander. I know that even though I may be seated at my chair in my room that my consciousness and conscience cannot be constrained by my actual physical location. In other words, I'm not helpless or powerless.

I'm Pegasus. Hear me roar. Scratch that. Neigh. But neigh very loudly and vociferously. :)
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