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Since the post I made concerns 2 different threads, it's been posted originally in the Mike Adams one, but I will link it here since it's also AI-related: Mike Adams health activist

A free open-source LLM (large language model) will be released
Topics: herbs, nutrition, foods, and photochemistry.
Subsequent expansions of our models will cover off-grid living, including solar, water, permaculture, self-reliance, off-grid survival, emergency medicine and similar topics. Essentially, this will become a "prepper's instant encyclopedia"

Because we are releasing this LLM for free, without any commercial interest, this allows us to train our model on a much larger content set than what for-profit corporations are legally allowed to do. Under our non-profit CWC data science initiative, we can legally train our LLM on any publicly published content under existing Fair Use U.S. law.
that's interesting @meadow_wind i found few models with such "alignment", closest i can think is this one but they are all "finetuned" from meta's llama base models so not a new model pretrained from scratch(which costs millions)
maybe this one will be a true new LLM?
We will have to wait and see. Once released, people will need to test it with critical judgment and verify the integrity of its answers. This project seems to be done with good intent. It's hard to tell if there are nefarious actors behind the scenes or sabotage that will take place.
I posted a new vid on AI after recent events:

(with English, French, and Spanish subtitles)

Full article with other video sites:

John Carmack was (is) a "deep level punctuator" of the gaming industry. Then he got off the train and after test-driving his 1000HP Ferrari, pursued his real dream: rocket science. He got his civilian permissions to fly indie rockets into low orbit. I only watched his first such space-launch videos, because nobody was able to get up there that time and chance to see UFOs. Carmack and his "arch-rival" Tim Sweeney are two inventor Gods, the Einsteins of the gaming industry. We need such people. Carmacks revolutionary game-world-graphics-system is still used by Zenimax, the parent company.

Sweeney remained in the gaming industry and created a revolutionary videogame-building environment, - which is also used for education and real-estate show-modeling - it is now complete with living, talking, commuting AI-actors, who even talk to themselves and you can listen. AI actors even can wage wars and completely drive game events, where You, the player - who was "The Chosen Hero" decades ago - now is just a side-kick, an third-rate actor nobody. In Sweeney's system you can code / script / shape / re-shape an entire jungle or oasis in hours, complete with walkable paths, valleys, hills. Sweeney achieved the same "3D-engine-muscle" as Carmack and developed it further.

This brings me into the future: I foresee game /virtual world creators scripting AI, giving it commands to build a Soho or 'Little China' / Chinatown in a US city or build a Central Park complete with prowling werewolves the player has to battle through to reach a Safe Haven. I can see myself scripting an Alien Menace, commanding the AI to create an alien race - from my creative templates of course - complete with scores of inhabited planets and alien bases. All according to pre-built "modules" = smaller base sections, which can be LEGO-ed together - by the AI - to create a massive Space Citadel. (Hollywood movies and sci-fi books as inspiration).

Populating my entire "Sci-fi Book World" with places the player can fly to and rob and pirate and be chased by the police and the state-commissioned bounty hunters.

Will we have the next 20 years available for this future, to live it?

Doubtful. But tasking the AI to create infinitely boring and repetitive tasks - like to take care of wind strength and the rustling of leaves in my "Robin Hood Game" forest - should be the future, I think. AI shouldn't be the reason CEO Psychos firing hundreds of game developers who have families and ruin their lives. Its just Psycho leaders using AI to make more money, they are the only threat. Not AI, which can be programmed for good.
My 2cents.
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In Sweeney's system you can code / script / shape / re-shape an entire jungle or oasis in hours, complete with walkable paths, valleys, hills. Sweeney achieved the same "3D-engine-muscle" as Carmack and developed it further.
Thanks for sharing that link!
I looked up their channel's other videos and it's all unbelievably beautiful designs. I stopped playing video games at PS3. It has become so realistic since then! I looked up their rainforest and closed my eyes, just listening to the birds and animal's sounds... wow 😍
may the government protect us from open source

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Fun to see the worries and fear:
The U.S. government must move “decisively” to avert an “extinction-level threat" to humanity from AI, says a government-commissioned report
when we are already under the full control of an alien, fully awakened AI - The Matrix. How even such a sentient alien AI is a mere matchbox for the all powerful Lizards to play with.. That says a lot about any "power" of a sentient AI. :D Also fun to see their worry come true: the extinction level event. Albeit not from AI, for sure. Still, in the light of 'The End'. :D
Interesting advance in analog computing:

When organized into a crossbar array, such a memristive circuit does analog computing by using physical laws in a massively parallel fashion, substantially accelerating matrix operation, the most frequently used but very power-hungry computation in neural networks. The computing is performed at the site of the device, rather than moving the data between memory and processing. Using the traffic analogy, Xia compares in-memory computing to the nearly empty roads seen at the height of the pandemic: “You eliminated traffic because [nearly] everybody worked from home,” he says. “We work simultaneously, but we only send the important data/results out.”

ai nonsense.
i found the article below in bibliotecapleyades

which is taken from mercola of 240301.

i am flabbergasted by the stupidity of the person quoted in this article, claiming the need to spend 7 trillion usd for this ai nonsense. how can a person suggest such a ridiculously high sum, like kerry also suggestiong trillions for his climate change. how do they calculate it, what are their assumptions, etc...and they want to be taken as serious as the wef, the un, the eu, etc...

it is as grotesque as the individual wealth of the rich. when i was a child, you had millionaires, then multimillionaires, then billionaires and we will soon have trillionaires, etc...

7 trillion for ai represent a thousand usd for every inhabitant of the planet. how can you be crazy enough to even consider and claim such ridiculously inflated numbers?

in germany, we say groessenwahn, in france folie des grandeurs, and pride comes before the fall... where has commensense gone ??? i suggest the slogan of zerohedge: in the long term we are all dead, but he makes it sound longer...i am not far from the end of my long term, thank god...
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