Sorry I never responded back to this. It’s a lot to take in but I am so grateful you took the time to lay it all out. CIRS is no joke. It’s like treating a brain injury.

I’m still working out all the supplements and formulating our diets to lower the inflammation, some days are better than others but I have no choice but to be diligent. I’ll report back with my progress.
However, I'm in the process of making an Excel-sheet with the various herbs and supplements, and what they do. But this will take some time to be finished. This list could perhaps, in addition of getting knowledgeable about these things (by reading these books), be useful.
Did you ever get around to completing this excel spreadsheet?
A little update on my son’s CIRS battle, things have improved significantly but I don’t believe we’re back to baseline quite yet. His extreme emotions have left, we are back to normal two year old tantrums. However, his word recall is still limited at times.

He was negative for strep and I cannot get his pediatrician to give me a referral to a PANS clinic for further testing for co-infections. So I am just going with my gut (and trying to heal his gut). Using mastic gum currently to eliminate any possibility of h. pylori since he has taken waaaaay too many antibiotics this year.

I think a large part of his health issues (other than antibiotic abuse) and mine have stemmed from never fully remediating the mold. We moved but we brought all of that crap with us and into another house that has it’s fair share of mold issues, not just an obvious leaky roof. It’s kind of ironic that I formerly worked in biohazard remediation and am dealing with the effects of mold now. I guess you never really see things until you’re on the outside.

Anyway, that’s my update and I wanted to share this article that may be more appropriate for the covid thread but it does pertain to CIRS. It’s full of super fascinating information about the spike proteins and her own story of vaccine shedding basically creating CIRS in her mom. She also just wrote a blog post about why she gave up her medical license in California. Including that just because it’s worth a read.

In addition to the above, she also told me that her whole body itches and she has difficulty breathing. I asked her if by any chance she was bitten by a bug, and apparently she assures me that about a month ago during her stay in London, she noticed an itching in her arm.
I only just noticed your post, Tristan, but have you looked into the damage caused by oxalates? Recently, Keyhole made a few videos and I think they are super helpful (itching could be a sign of damage caused by oxalates, if I understand it correctly.

And there is more where that came from. Even if there is something else going on with your friend it's always useful to recognise and get rid of plant toxins, if she is open to changing her diet.

ATM, I'm looking into it and see if it helps eliminate certain aches and pains that I have been having for a long time (off and on, which as Keyhole explained could be linked to oxalates as these symptoms can be cyclic). I hope this helps!

Added: deleted shortness of breath...

Added2: symptoms can be cyclic (instead of: are cyclic)
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