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I have transcribed you in English, my last publication of my text on laboratories in bacteriological warfare, this is the first part, it relates in particular to Georgia
this subject being of capital and thorny importance, I am obliged to place a large number of appendices. In advance, please excuse me
If after the Second World War, were aware of the deadly nature of the war and the disasters they committed, it was also the time when the man became aware of the dangerousness of the scientific advances placed in the hands of the army with the atomic bomb then the bomb H. . It will also be remembered that it was after the Second World War the discovery of scientists working for the 3rd Reich that horrified the world, whose name Josef Mengele was the symbol. Unfortunately in what follows we can not regret that the story was not retained and that we are far from all these principles, two scientists including one belonging to the US military has recreated the Spanish flu from a corps of 1918, under the pretext of "research" and in the name of this "research" recreated one of the worst scourges that humanity suffered, since the Spanish flu killed between 50 and 100 million men and women ( *). Military bacteriological laboratories often engaged non-specialists or young students; how can these labs work? Where are they located? Who finances? and for what purpose?
Let's start with Georgia
September 11 (the odds are striking) in front of the journalists, former Georgian State Security Minister Igor Giorgadze published reports on the Richard Lugan laboratory near the Georgian capital Tbilisi, the BTRIC (1) in this official report, the former minister asks President Trump to open an official investigation into this laboratory (2). Indeed this laboratory has synthesized a molecule against hepatitis C Solvadi, launched by the American pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences and which resulted in the death of several civilians. (3) (4), 30 patients died; including 24 the same day, about 30 during the month of April 2016 and in August of the same year, no autopsy was performed at the time, the Russian media have counted 73 people died by this drug (5) (6). Recall the date of creation; if this laboratory was officially inaugurated in 2011 by former President Mikheil Saakashvili and US Senator Richard Lugan, the former US Secretary of Defense, this laboratory is part of a long list that we will detail (all the information which will follow will be grouped in index, which will give the idea of how the United States could settle in the satellites of the ex-USSR (**). . Note that the Russian TV news Rossia 1, (see map) published this in his diary. This map is very important for the future. But let's start with the Georgian laboratory, it came from a project called "Public health project" or "central laboratory of animal health", which at the time could be surprising is that this project came from the USAMRIID, Fort Detrick (7) or $ 100 million will be invested but following infrastructure problems, it was renamed "Central Reference Laboratory" (a term that will be taken over for a laboratory in Kharkov), then it is renamed NDCDC, In particular, he works with Type 2 labs primarily on botulism, plague, smallpox, tularemia, tick-borne encephalitis, brucellosis, viral haemorrhagic fevers (Crimea-Congo, haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, and H1N1 (called avian flu) (8) Under the impulse of Senators Sam Nunn and Richard Lugar two US Senators (*), in collaboration with DARTA founded in 1998 the laboratory will be level 3 in 2013. 2004 and at the same time and until 2007 develop the so-called African swine plague, this plague especially affects pigs, wild boars whose bearer is the tick, This will be the first time this plague will affect this country and it will then contaminate Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia until 2012 (9); that same year Russia puts an end to the contract of the CTRU. The laboratory is located between the Tbilisi International Airport and near the Vaziani military base, which is regularly used by NATO soldiers for joint training with the Georgian military, former United States Ambassador John Bass will state that its geographical position was important, indeed this Georgian base and in direct connection with Iran and Russia (see map). In an interview, US journalist Jeffrey Silverman, a former Saakchvilie adviser, said: "Do you remember that a few years ago people were dying of swine flu in Georgia and in the south of Russia? It was not an accident. And this may not be just a story of using biological weapons, but also toxic gases. We conducted an investigation and discovered that there was a delivery of poison gas sent to Turkey, the gas was then used in Syria. "(10) (4) In 2014, this center had received special plants for breeding of insects to allow a project called "sand fly", in this optics it is primarily a flagship project which consists of transporting by drone infected insects deadly viruses and, passing on the territory of the enemy, dispersing its contents The entomologist Joshua Bash (see photos) who is leading the project, and working for the USAMRU-G, works to study the salivary glands of sand flies, this fly carries dangerous parasites in their saliva that can be transmitted to humans by sting, the study also concerns tropical ticks in Georgia. In 2016, 21590 ticks were collected under the name "Evaluation of seroprevalence (11) (12) and genetic diversity of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus and antivirus of Georgia", in 2014 the US Patent Office had endorsed an aerial mosquito release system. When the system was developed several incidents appeared in 2016-2017, as the explosion of cases of the H1N1 virus, called avian influenza, including Georgia, Armenia, Russia (13) (14) (15) (16). H1N1 first appeared in Mexico and then in the United States, if scientists initially accused the pig industry over time researchers differed between them, there is no link between humans and pork, see WHO reports (17) (18) (19) but most cases are from human infections; nevertheless it is necessary to know that from a "genetic" point of view, pork has a lot to do with man, hence its use in certain sectors of medicine. The virus is harder in southern winter areas like Chile or Mexico and further south. Nevertheless one can seriously question the explosion of this virus in Eastern countries, said that China suspected a maneuver from the United States in the outbreak of H1N1 when it was targeted (20).
A long laboratory chain
In 2004 signed an agreement, this laboratory will count many companies under various names, we will see that these contractors have an active part in several countries but also and it becomes more interesting, all supervised by D.T.R.A (21), which is present in 25 (or even map) (22) countries that under all these labels are trying to pass for agencies that try to reduce the risks associated with diseases and other deadly viruses. The construction specialist for this type of laboratory is given to CH2M Hill, where it received $ 341.5 million in DTRA contracts under the Pentagon program for bio-laboratories in Georgia. by the Walter Reed Army Institute, the Batelle (23) (24) the company Metabiota, its subcontractor, has signed a contract worth $ 18.4 million these agencies all depend on the US military as well as private companies that are not responsible to the congress and can circumvent the law for lack of direct control, but they work on behalf of the US government under diplomatic cover without direct control of the host country, all of these members have diplomatic immunity, so they can do whatever they want with respect to transportation, having much more dangerous content, some laboratories under agreement signed with Georgia in 2002 are reserved only for US members and banned from Georgians, contracts signed with the National Center for Disease and control Public Health of the Republic of Georgian (25) for a period of 3 years allowed the US Army to obtain a collection of bio-agents mortal to study them, such a device can study Anthrax, tularemia, brucella, plague. It should also be noted that the Elliava (Georian Ellava Institute of Bacteriophage, Microbiology and Virology) (26)(27), which is the Georgian scientific part of it, is very interesting because all the funds allocated come especially from all US and Western military agencies. NCDC works with the CTRU as well as with the CDC and the latter also works with the CTRU and is also funded by NATO (28), as well as DTRA and other Western organizations.
pharmaceutical multinational Gilead Sciences of which Ronald Rumsefeld is one of the main
Gilead Sciences, Inc.

la D.T.R.A(Defense Threat reduction Agency)
l' USAMRU-G (Plus connus sur le vocable USAMRU-K )
D.O.D The United States Department of Defense
LE CDC (Centers for Disease Control)
la Walter Reed Army Institute

BTRIC Building Technologies research And Integration Center
CH2M Hill
Spanish flu virus in laboratory (*)
LUGAR-GEORGIE HILL-id-246934.html (1) (2) (3)
(4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26)
file:///C:/Users/anita/Pictures/institu%20georgien%20lien.pdf (27) (28)


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Very nice website, Susy7. :perfect: I especially liked the map that you included - that gives a nice visual to the reader, of the locations of the biochemical labs.

The article, itself - is very well written and you have included links, for further study and documentation. Good work!

I look forward - to any additional information on the biochemical labs and bacteriological warfare, that you have gathered. It's a subject that needs to be deeply investigated and the information brought out in the open. All the secret funding is one of the problems.


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Very nice website, Susy7. :perfect: I especially liked the map that you included - that gives a nice visual to the reader, of the locations of the biochemical labs.

The article, itself - is very well written and you have included links, for further study and documentation. Good work!

I look forward - to any additional information on the biochemical labs and bacteriological warfare, that you have gathered. It's a subject that needs to be deeply investigated and the information brought out in the open. All the secret funding is one of the problems.
Thank you, thank you very much, the second part will deal with Ukraine as well as Central Asia.


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سلسلة المختبرات البكتريولوجية: أوكرانيا بعد جورجيا
Let's continue our investigation of these bacteriological warfare laboratories, we will work on the known concept, that of "cause and effect". Indeed throughout the survey undertaken it is striking to see recurring coincidences is, that is to say: 1 previously signed agreements between countries and agencies called "sanitary" American, let's talk about two specific situations: Ukraine a country in which not a laboratory is grouped, but at least 5 of these laboratories which is perfectly unjustifiable for this country country (see map1), from a geographical point of view, these 4 laboratories are located both near Russia as well as on the black sea, the city of Lviev in case of Ukrainian split would return to Poland which we know is totally subject to NATO, Moldova has a Russian base, and the Black Sea is one of the strategic seas for Russia. But if we look at the Dnieper basin with its tributaries (see map 2), we find that they are all for Kherson, Vinnitsa, Kiev, Zaporozhye, Lviev where all these laboratories are located, the 71-kilometer long Kharkov River passes through downtown Kharkov; where is also one of these labs, taking into account this additional data while knowing that the division of Ukraine between East and West is located along the Dnieper, one wonders if these facilities do not look like more to "lines" in front.
But above all ; ask about a strange request from the United States (1)
In October 2017, it was asked Russia to provide genes typically from ethnic groups of the USSR (Putin said) (2) (3), this request was directly and this to Justly qualified by the president and his advisers of "attempted bacteriological warfare". Russia responded abruptly that there were no typical "Russian" or other genes, since for centuries these countries have mixed with each other. Russia in 2016, during the H1N1 epidemic had already expressed on bacteriological weapons laboratories at its borders, because Russia was affected by this flu. (4) This request as crazy as it is n ' yet does not look aberrative for its designers of course. It would be remembered that at the end of apartheid, Mandela at that time had established a tribunal of reconciliation, this is how we find the famous "doctor" Wouter Basson (see map 3) who was one of the first to work on a bacteriological weapon that would affect only the genes black Africans (he also boasted). In his televised speeches he speaks of a country "but" with which he would have had good relations, we know that the country "but" in question was Israel, and so always according to his words; these weapons were destroyed many researchers put in doubt these confessions. (You can find these interviews in English subtitles French, see (*)).
It was through the reading of many articles and the official document data as well as the numerous incidents listed that we could locate and map the safe places and some of the installation of these laboratories. Let us start with Odessa (Merchnikov), which officially presents itself as a research institute against the plague. Kharkov (underline the protest of the population) (5), Lviev which presents itself as center of epidemiological research, Kiev ,, Vinnytsia-Uzhhorod (624 km away), Kherson ....
Following the first victory of the color revolution that brought to power the candidate of the Westerners; Viktor Yushchenko in 2005, an American aid plan was signed with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health named "Biological Threat Reduction Program" (6). From 2008 until 2013 (7); but renewed until 2018; Black and Veatch has entered into contracts with DTRA and BTRIC worth $ 215.6 million for the construction and operation of a bio-laboratory in Ukraine (8) (9); it will be the same in Cameroon, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Ethiopia, Vietnam and Armenia. The real question is why these programs are supervised by the US military instead of specialized agencies for everyone. (10), in Odessa Black and veatch specializing in construction of these labs has been working since 1994, which means that following the fall of the USSR the Americans will take possession of the former Soviet territories (11) the company Metabiota subcontractor has signed a $ 18.4 million contract with DTRA (12).
First period 2009 Let's go looking for the H1N1 flu
In the western region of Ukraine, in particular the city of Lviv and Ternopil, which are less than 150 km apart, have been hit by the H1N1. This pandemic that strikes the whole of Ukraine (13) (14), is a very vague period, indeed as this wave of death was seen like "scourge" of H1N1 flu, as some scientists pointed out that the politicians mixed everything and its opposite saying that it was not the flu but cases of lung diseases. (15) (16).
We were entitled to Ukrainian citizens returning from the United States through Paris and who would have been the trigger (17) without any other passengers are entitled! All this makes us think of the first report on AIDS, or the leader was a homosexual steward who transmitted the disease to 3/4 of the planet, then passing to the green apes of Africa of course! At the time, we had a ban on international transport for pork, again a complete blur straight out of the hat of ... But a certainty all the same, a command of Tamiflu from the American multinational Gilead Science has well done. For Tamiflu (18).
Yet between 2010 and 2011, an investigation is conducted by a government commission led by the Ukrainian Minister of Defense; Anataly IIyakha on Vinnitsa, Lviv, Odessa laboratories and resulted in violations of safety standards on the part of Black and Veatch, besides this investigation was confirmed by Deputy Prime Minister Khoroshkovsky in 2012, which will reveal that in addition Black and Veatch are followers of financial fraud (19) despite these reports the US administration to "impose" the government to let go, so in 2015 Black and Veatch was able to continue these activities without problem. Besides the DTRA, Black and Veatch in Ukraine also mention the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA founded by Eisenhower in 1958 to counter technological advances in the USSR (20), including Tony Tether (21) (22), a former adviser to Ronald Reagan who will strive to regain in Ukraine after the annexation of Crimea to Russia (23) (24), DARPA is distinguished by these technological innovations, whether bacteriological or alleged studies on genes (25) (26)
Second wave of the H1N1 flu and the appearance of the measles as well as the B3 virus in Odessa
the second return of the H1N1, to which we will witness the great reinforcement and even higher mortality (27) (28) (29). Between 2015 and 2016 the H1N1 flu will affect Ukraine and all of its borders to Russia (30), Armenia, Georgia. Note that unlike the case of 2009, this flu will mutate into different types H5N1 (31). The 2009 type starts in Lviev, and the regions of Odessa and Kherson will be less affected, that of 2015 and 2016 will begin in the south of Odessa-Kiev to extend to lviev (32). In March 2016, 364 people died of influenza in Ukraine (81.3% of cases were caused by influenza A (H1N1) .In 2018 cases of measles spread in Ukraine including Odessa (33), another phenomenon more worrying and this will affect Odessa again, the appearance of influenza virus type B3, excluding this type of influenza is present only in Africa but also in China (34) (35).
Crimean fever-Congo: the multi continental ebola
If the word "Ebola" and "Magdeburg" give shivers to the whole population, that of Crimea-Congo little known if not unknown but yet just as dangerous as his "brother" African, it touches everything as much the Middle East as the countries of the East and Africa. It is in 2008 that Crimea-Congo reappears.
Afghanistan: the strange priorities of the CDC
Recall that the CDC is run by both the US military and "civilians" (36)
In 2008, the CDC announced the opening of the AIDS prevention center in Afghanistan (37), except in 2007 and 2008 Afghanistan had an HIV rate of less than 0.1% compared to the rest of the world (see map 4 and map 5), coincidentally doing well, WHO announces a resurgence of Crimean-Congo fever (38) in the area where the CDC opened its center against AIDS. This recrudescence will continue in the region and affect other countries, a perfectly identical map will be given by the CDC both in 2008 and 2017, for the same area but for Crimean-Congo fever (39) ....
If Ukraine and Georgia were detailed, it is unfortunately the same thing in the countries of Central Asia, as well as in the Middle East, you can consult the list of the countries where are installed such laboratories (**) If governments have left in place to set up such laboratories, it is up to the civil society to question itself and to ensure that there is more transparency, so I have to honestly ask myself this question. question and allow you the same question: under cover of work of "charity" why the US military is behind that "?
Why is the US Air Force collecting samples of Russian DNA? (1)
Russians' DNA 'taken by foreign agents' (2)
Russian biological samples ‘collected for research’ – US Air Force (3) (4) (5) (6) 2013 (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (33) (34) (35) (36) (37) (38) (39)
At the Russian border


Padawan Learner
Here are the two maps of Afghanistan, that of 2008, noticed that of the CDC which has installed a laboratory to prevent AIDS, the WHO meanwhile speaks of an upsurge of Crimean-Congo fever ("Intercontinental Ebola" )



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I have been searching the Ukraine thread (for a report (s) that was Posted) of several Ukrainian military personnel that became ill and were hospitalized and some who died of a mysterious virus. Their Camp was located near a NATO biological lab. I am still searching for that report but I came across this information which might help with your listed references?

Reference link in this August 28, 2017 thread on Ukraine -
Civil War in Ukraine: Western Empire vs Russia

August 27, 2917 - Confirmation On U.S. Secret Biological Chemical Labs In Ukraine, Possible UN Security Council Meeting Due To Outbreaks Of Strange Diseases ~ CyberBerkut
Confirmation On U.S. Secret Biological Chemical Labs In Ukraine, Possible UN Security Council Meeting Due To Outbreaks Of Strange Diseases ~ CyberBerkut

Hackers said that in Ukraine there is a network of biological laboratories operating under the control of the US special services.

Hackers from the group “CyberBerkut” said that in Ukraine there is a network of biological laboratories operating under the control of the US special services. According to their information, since 2009, 15 such scientific centers have been created with the money of Washington, where work is supposedly being done to create and approbate biological weapons. This is evidenced by outbreaks of atypical diseases for Ukraine.

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee Yury Shvytkin is sure that the information disclosed needs to be carefully checked.

“This information can not be ignored in any case. It is necessary to verify this information, as they can serve as an occasion for the proceedings in the UN Security Council. If they are confirmed, this proves the interaction of the United States with Ukraine in the development of biological weapons, which can be used against the civilian population of any country, “he explained in a conversation with SNSN.

The Ukrainian hacker group, CyberBerkut, has published materials of the investigation, in which a network of biological laboratories of American special services is discovered in Ukraine.

‘The CyberBerkut continues to monitor the secret activities of US special services and non-governmental organizations in Ukraine. Recently, in the Internet, there have been actively discussed outbreaks of diseases rare for our country. Many Ukrainians believe that the cause of their emergence is secret experiments with pathogenic microorganisms, conducted in American biological laboratories in different cities of the country,’ reports the CyberBerkut.​

It is stated that since 2009, in the territory of Ukraine, 15 such objects have been created for American money. All of them were equipped allegedly ‘to reduce biological threats’.

However, since then, the hackers say, these threats have grown several times - in recent years, Ukraine has been shaken by epidemics of rare diseases.

It is stated that they could have been caused by leaks from the laboratories, but this is unlikely; on the contrary, the hackers believe that they have been caused by deliberate actions of Americans.

‘The infections were most likely deliberate and a part of the testing of combat viruses modifications in order to test and improve them,’ the hackers believe.​
The Cyberberkut claims that the group has managed to disclose ‘the organizational structure of the military-biological activities of American special services in Ukraine’. In particular, the laboratories are officially under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, but since August 1, 2016, the department has been headed by ‘Ulyana Suprun, a US citizen and Maidan activist’.

‘In fact, the secret work with biological material is carried out under the auspices of the Pentagon,’ the authors state.

In the matter of coordination of secret biological experiments, Ukraine is represented by a number of non-governmental organizations, the hacker group noted. The Ukrainian Scientific and Technological Center (STCU) and the NGO International Institute for HIV, AIDS and Tuberculosis (IHATI) are mentioned. However, these institutions are called by the hackers ‘just looking Ukrainian’, in fact, they ‘are engaged in the distribution of American money and the financing of secret programs’.

This is also indicated by the fact that the IHATI, for example, is headed by Eliot Perlman, a former military doctor and a virus specialist who allegedly was sent to Ukraine by the US Intelligence Department of the US Defense ministry back in 1991.

Ukraine, according to the National Medical Chamber, is leading in Europe and the world in spreading socially dangerous and dangerous infections, such as HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C. The forms of tuberculosis, which are insensitive to drugs, are becoming more prevalent in the country. Also in recent years, an epidemic of measles has erupted, and last year, in Izmail, there was an outbreak of an unknown intestinal infection, etc.

August 25, 2017 - Hacker group says US biological labs active in Ukraine
Hacker group says US biological labs active in Ukraine

© REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

Back-dated June 11, 2015 - Moscow concerned over US medico-biological labs placement at Russian borders
Moscow concerned over US medico-biological labs placement at Russian borders

The Foreign Ministry said the "Richard G. Lugar Public Health Research Centre" in Georgia is a medical research division of the US Army.

Moscow is deeply concerned over the Pentagon’s activity to place its medico-biological laboratories near Russian borders, Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

"We regret to state that the United States, instead of making a constructive contribution to the world community’s efforts aimed at strengthening the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction, has long chosen the tactics of the spread of provocative conjectures and insinuations against other states on the issues related to the specified Convention," the ministry said in connection with the US State Department’s 2015 Report on Adherence to and Compliance With Arms Control, Nonproliferation, and Disarmament Agreements and Commitments.

The so-called "Richard G. Lugar Public Health Research Centre" in a suburb of Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, which is a high-level biosafety containment laboratory, is the most telling in this sense. "It has long been sheltering a medical research division of the US Ground Forces, which is a branch of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR)," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a commentary.

"The American and Georgian authorities have made efforts to conceal the true content and direction of activities of this military unit of the US Army, engaged in the study of particularly dangerous infectious diseases," the ministry said. "The Pentagon is trying to deploy similar camouflaged military medico-biological facilities also in other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)."

"This Pentagon’s activity in the spheres directly related to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BWC) is conducted against the background of obvious disinterest of the US administration in the strengthening of this Convention as a collective security instrument," the ministry said. "It is known that the United States in 2001 unilaterally disrupted multilateral negotiations in Geneva aimed at working out the BWC verification mechanism and since then has been obstructing their resumption in every possible way." "Decades of the international community’s efforts to strengthen the Convention have been wasted."

Reference link in this August 28, 2013 thread - Bubonic plague scare hits Kyrgyzstan

August 27, 2013 - Why the U.S. Is Building a High-Tech Bubonic Plague Lab in Kazakhstan


Dr. Bakyt B. Atshabar, head of the institute that will manage the Central Reference Lab

Kazakhstan's new Central Reference Laboratory - on the outskirts of Almaty - When it opens in September 2015, the $102-million project laboratory is meant to serve as a Central Asian way station for a global war on dangerous disease. And as a project under that Pentagon program, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, the lab will be built, and some of its early operation funded, by American taxpayers.

Bakyt B. Atshabar, head of the 60-year-old institute that will run the new lab, the Kazakh Scientific Center of Quarantine and Zoonotic Diseases, is keenly aware of the dangers of weapons development: his father helped diagnose the effects of weapons tests on thousands of people who lived near the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site, in the north of the country.

But to him and other biologists in Almaty, the lab is less about defense strategy and more about developing scientific expertise. Currently the KSCQZD is focused on studying and preventing potentially lethal contagion, like the case of the teenager across the southern border in Kyrgyzstan, who died last week from bubonic plague after eating a barbecued marmot (he was likely bitten by a flea, doctors said).

The Almaty lab will be outfitted with safety features like double-door access zones and special containment hoods, enough to qualify it under U.S. Centers for Disease Control standards as a level 3 biosafety lab, or BSL-3 (the highest level is BSL-4). Only a fraction of the lab will be dedicated to lethal dieases and certified at BSL-3; most of the other labs at the 87,000 square foot building will be BSL-2, for the non-lethal variety.


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16.11.2018 - UN Finds No Proof Lab in Georgia conducts Illegal Tests - Georgia Control Centre
UN Finds No Proof Lab in Georgia Conducts Illegal Tests - Georgia Control Centre

The chief of the national disease control center in Georgia announced Friday that a UN inspection of a lab in Tbilisi suspected of bioweapon research found no proof of illegal activities.

International experts have concluded the inspection and found nothing illegal of the sort mentioned during the information campaign. The experts confirmed the lab met all international norms," NCDC director-general Amiran Gamkrelidze told reporters.

The verdict comes after a group of experts from 17 UN member states visited the US-funded Richard Lugar Center this week after the Russian military accused it of testing deadly biological weapons on unsuspecting civilians.

Last month, Russian Defense Ministry’s Maj. Gen. Igor Kirillov, in charge of radiation, chemical and biological protection, unveiled a batch of documents compiled by Georgia’s former state security chief Igor Giorgadze, which appeared to claim that 73 people had died in 2015-2016 after being administered an anti-Hepatitis C drug at the lab.
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