Before the fall


The Force is Strong With This One
There was a time before the fall
When mankind knew elation
In harmony with land and sea
And nature's celebration
Conversing between densities
Where lies did not impinge
Potentials were intensities
And doubt did not infringe
Connected to the breath of life
Inhaled without pollution
Survival not of appetite
Just 'being' the solution
They did not age with burden
But with gratitude and heart
Maintaining equilibrium
Together, not apart
But from the skies a barge appeared
Veiled in the mists of time
At first sight human kind was hailed
In a cloak thought most divine
A door was opened to their path
Should they want to venture through
Not knowing on the other side
Was a trap not pure or true
The choice was made collectively
And free will was obeyed
At the cost of curiosity
The rotten deal was made
Manipulation was ignored
For desirous temptation
The Lizzie's now became our lord's
And we felt their alienation
Genetics twisted and contorted
Given minds of green and grey
Limitations on our openness
DNA strands burned away
Division quickly filled the void
With separation from ourselves
Becoming half reptilian
In our lonely private hell
We were now a feeding frenzy
For our power hungry masters
Who rigged the game of history
And engineered disasters
So goodbye to the Golden Age
And hello Doctor Doom
Peeking through the bars of time
At the phases of the Moon
But never was the story lost
Of how this came to be
A memory of the distant past
Survives if we but see
The seeker reads the story back
And the cycles all re-run
The chapters have come round again
Nothing new under the Sun
For it's the story of our lives
That the courageous must confront
Of what we were and who we are
The hardest truth's are blunt
The comfort is to hide away
And make no challenge of belief
To go along with what they say
And be happy with your grief
The fall exists in everyone who has to make the choice
Do you stay quiet, do you play dumb?
Or do you use your voice?
An aptitude for super powers
Is the grail that you must find
Where balance will provide the keys
For the body, soul and mind
The journey is in everything
And it was triggered by the fall
Take solace in all you have learned
For that knowledge conquers all
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