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I think your best chance is to take into consideration what each of them is interested in and then look for something of value within that range. For your daughter maybe something about paranormal phenomena and research, best if it's balanced, not too heavy but not too naïve/misinforming either. Or maybe Raymond Moody (near-death experience)? Orwell? Mythology (Greek, Celtic, Norse)?

If reading is a problem, how about trying audiobooks?


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I assume Harry Potter Books have been read by your children? It shows how the Evil is working ... and I liked it vey much . . .
My doughter (13) is just in that phase - Harry Potter is something she picked by herself, folowed by Lord of the Rings of course...
Jules Verne yes, oh boy - that was great discovery ! She is in readers club anyway - the gets exellent books from her teacher.
But we also talk about everything here, she knows basics and understand most of it.
She loves history but doesn't know that much english so I could offer her Lauras Secret history yet..
She read Bringers of a down and at the moment has Jordan Peterson 12 rules .
Told me that she wants more psychology and cognitive science books !
I preordered for both of us dr Nicole LePera 'How to do the work' and Petersons 12 more rules...
after that I'll continue with books advised here. Thanks everyone for great proposals :cool:


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Comic books is a good way to enter the world of reading. there are many excellent comic books,historical, adventure, drama, novels made as comic, etc. And I am sure the libraries in France have plain of them.
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