Bug when pasting URLs and text into SOTT comments


The Living Force

I'm working on a comment to this article, but discovered to my surprise that I can't paste the text I've been working on in a text editor in the comment field.

In Firefox it simply fails, in Chrome the text briefly flashes in the text box then disappears. Pasting a link to a SOTT article seems to work fine in Chrome, while in Firefox blank space appears where the big "article icon" should go.

[Edit before finishing:]
I think I figured out the problem: I had a link back to the article at the beginning of my text in the text editor in case I couldn't finish writing it now. I used ctrl-a before copying, so I was accidentally trying to pastet he URL with the text. I'm guessing the SOTT comment window it is not understanding that the URL does not include all the other text I'm pasting, so it is failing its attempt to create a "smart link" from the URL or whatever you would call it, and "eating" the pasted text in the process.

It works fine if I paste text and URLs separately, but even just a linebreak pasted with the URL (just after it) causes the paste to fail.
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