Building straight fall conditioning


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As far as I can remember all the building falls I saw were vertical / perfectly straight.

On French TV channels, between the different TV shows, there were some advertisments and also some kind of short jingles shows made of a quick sequence of "strickening" pictures. The high picture change frequency was almost hypnotic.

The most frequent pictures were nuclear mushrooms, German wall destruction, Armstrong on the moon, buildings falls mixed with nature pictures (a wave, a moutain, a forest,...) and also sport images.

So when we watch the WTC towers falling straight like an "I", all seems perfectly normal since most of us have never seen anything except building straight fall.

I don't know if this conditioning was voluntary, however I notice :
* the frequent occurence of these straight building falls
* the (almost) hypnotical pace of pictures change
* the mix of "heavy meaning" pictures with "normal / natural" pictures


Interesting thought. . . I don't think that was deliberate, it's simply that most of the building collapses on North American TV are controlled demolitions. I can recall seeing a lot of footage, conversely, of earthquake collapses, etc, that occurred very much the way the WTC collapses *should* have occurred. . .

It may not have been deliberate, but I'm sure it didn't hurt. People are used to seeing it, true, and that definitely qualifies as a reinforcer.

The reason I posted this though, was because I was watching the Spielberg version of 'War of the Worlds' a while ago, and I couldn't help but rewind and replay a certain scene over and over. . .

During the scene in which the reporter is thelling the wooden actor (Tom Cruise) about the tripods, and you see a whole group of them marching through a city, a heat ray strikes a building which collapses into its own footprint at freefall speed. . .

Got me thinking. There may not have been a semi-deliberate concentration of that kind of footage before, but I'm pretty sure there has been since. I'm sure that a lot of people making films, etc, don't think about it for the same reason they don't question the freefall of the WTC towers, but that doesn't mean that others don't show those kinds of collapses, in fictional films as a result of conditions that wouldn't cause them, on purpose. . .

kinda long-winded, but that was my thought sitting there watching that part of the DVD over and over again. . .
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