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(CRW Am-EU) What temporary schedule is best for you?

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The Living Force
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We’re doing some decorating at home so I’ll not be able to attend the meeting today. Have a good time everyone. I’ll catch up for next week.

My wife got a call-out about an injured cat, and we were waiting for a wall to dry, so I made it after all. I’m glad I did because it was such an interesting meeting :-)


The Living Force
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Just a note for everyone that next week we will be covering the Yahweh section of chapter 2.
Tnx TC for the update!

Oh, I laughed out loud on this part of the book and this Yahweh guy is unbelievable; I even have a note for pages 71.-72. saying "A lot of Yahweh megalomaniac c***p" 🙈 with LOLs written next to Laura's comments. :-D

I hope I make it to the FPTM workshops, I miss you guys! :-)


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For more information about Mega-tsunamis, here is the thread on Randall Carlson and his body of work. Below is the video on Burckle Crater if anyone wants to watch it again:

The below picks up on the Burckle Crater (see this paper):

Burckle Abyssal Impact Crater: Did this Impact Produce a Global Deluge?
Dallas H. Abbott, Lloyd Burckle, and Perri Gerard-Little Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, Palisades, NY 10964 W. Bruce Masse Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM 87545 Dee Breger Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

This video feathers Graham Hancock's short views on Göbekli Tepe (there is fascinating read on Göbekli Tepe itself on the forum that people might be urged to read), and the Younger Dryas events, such as possibly Greenland's Hiawatha Crater - see a few of Firestone's words here. Bruce Masse is also speaking below on these events, including the possibility of Burckle Crater in the Indian Ocean - which above in this thread Randall Carlson also looks at.

Whatever the case, it is fair to say that both water and ice hide much that is not known, and air bursts and swarms were very likely to have accompanied any single looking comet strike researched.

There is a repeating initiating backstory in the video stemming from what Plato once discussed (largely dismissed by academics) emerging from our historical myths and telling's. Regarding myths, it is also interesting to read this thread (and book):

The Forgotten Exodus: The Into Africa Theory of Human Evolution



The Living Force
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Hi everyone,

Here’s the meeting ID for the Au-Asia-Am meeting. We will start in 40 minutes. :-)

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting
Meeting ID: 835 8687 7275
Passcode: 4nuFri

See you soon!
Thank you for the meeting and conversation. After the meeting, I decided to look up level playing field in the sessions, see this post. In one excerpt, 14 July, 1996, there is also mosaic consciousness which @Keit brought up.


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Just a note that there will not be a EU-AM Reading workshop this coming Sunday, 2nd October.

On Sunday 9th October we will start from the top of page 74 in the book (The apocalyptics certainly did their utmost...), and ambitiously intend to cover the sections The Ascension of Isaiah and James, Peter, John and Jude.
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