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Hey guys!

I have a couple of questions to ask about channeling and just curious about how I should approach it. I am not going to attempt it now because I still have to work on myself a little more (have been making good progress) and I want to have more knowledge and experience when it comes to spirituality. I do not know a lot of people that would be willing to try channeling using a board so I was wondering if it is possible to do it alone? I understand that it is probably not a good idea because of the energy but I'm just wondering. Also does it matter what type of board is used? I'm sorry if that is a silly question but I would just like to be prepared when the time is right and I am more knowledgeable in the area. I'm seeing boards in places like Walmart and target and wondering if those can be used for the work. I understand that, that is not the only way to approach channeling but I have read from the sessions that with the board there is a little bit more layers of protection ( I could be wrong). Also, should the sessions be done in a dark or dimmed room or can it be done with the lights on?

I really appreciate the help and the guidance from everyone here! Thank you :)


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I have a couple of questions to ask about channeling and just curious about how I should approach it. I am not going to attempt it now because I still have to work on myself a little more (have been making good progress) and I want to have more knowledge and experience when it comes to spirituality. I do not know a lot of people that would be willing to try channeling using a board so I was wondering if it is possible to do it alone?
Look at it this way. Why do you have to "channel" when you could be doing it already without being aware of it by connecting yourself to this group, connecting yourself with all the information on this website, reading the transcripts and striving to understand them in proper context, connecting yourself to all the books that is advised to read, your participation on this website with your observations, reading others observations, contemplating on the meaning and signatures behind things and so on. With all this going on then if there is any "channeling" going on you are doing it without being aware of it because any information flowing into your consciousness and awareness from your efforts to know and to BE will come on it's own and will fit in within proper context to everything you are doing (that is mentioned above) with your critical mind leading the way.


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I would be very careful in even thinking about channeling. Before Laura did any channeling, she read every book she could get her hands on about channeling (30+ I believe it is) so that she understood it thoroughly. As strategic enclosure suggested, watching those videos done by Laura is important.

As for using a board, Laura decided, after reading all of those books, that the board was safer as an entity couldn't take her over. Also, channeling by oneself is not a good idea. It's better to have others around.

Please note, it is very easy to attract attachments and evil creatures/entities through channeling. That's why it's not a good idea to do this unless you have experience with these types of things - Laura was a practicing hypnotherapist for quite a while before the channeling idea came to her. She even did an exorcism so she had a feel for these things.

I'd think very hard about why channeling is appealing to you! Dealing with creatures from other realms is not a smart thing to do if you are not ready for it. A couple pieces of advice from others on this:

From The Sufi Path of Knowledge by Chittick, Ibn al ‘Arabi says:

Nowadays most people interested in the spirituality of the East desire the "experience," though they may call what they are after "intimate communion with God." Those familiar with the standards and norms of spiritual experience set down by disciplined paths are usually appalled at the way Westerners seize upon any apparition from the domain outside of normal consciousness as a manifestation of the "spiritual." In fact there are innumerable realms in the unseen world, some of them far more dangerous than the worst jungles of the visible world. No person familiar with the teachings of Sufism would dare lay himself open to such forces...
And this about the Beautiful Lady:

From Laura's book Wave 1:

She puts the robe around me and then my mind separates from my body. I can look back and see it lying there. Then we go up through the ceiling, pop out the roof, and fly into space. One night the Lady took me back in time. We were in a foreign country and the people wore old-fashioned clothes. The Lady took on the appearance of a beautiful woman in a blue robe. She performed miracles for them..."

Suddenly Ann's face turned ashen and she asked to be excused. Her scream of pain was heard from the bathroom where she had taken refuge. When Ann came out, she was sniffling and holding her abdomen. The Lady had savagely attacked her for revealing that down through history, creatures like the Lady have taken the form of saints. They then use the gullibility of humankind to misguide and misinform people so that they believe they are seeing miracles performed. Ann begged the newsman to delete that portion of the interview." (Osborn, 1982)
If you haven't read Laura Knight-Jadczyk's books, you may want to. There is a lot of knowledge in her books. She does a LOT of research for her books; and makes them readable to all. You can read the Wave Series for free starting here.


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I have to agree with Nienna on all points regarding channeling, especially working alone on the board or even automatic writing. I am commenting because of having had first hand experience doing this long ago with a negative result that ended up being very scary. At the time, I was dazzled by the New Age ideas and sometimes naively jumped into this and that without discernment or a proper respect with who or what I could be dealing with.

It began with some attempts at using the board with another person in which the communication turned out to be excellent and felt safe. The message received was in response to a question I had regarding a concern I had at the time, which, when I look back..was pretty much a selfish one with no real merit. The answer was..."Let go of all things". I was impressed! Well, a bit later, I discovered I could use the board and get responses by myself. It quickly became an ego trip as not everyone could do this. I ended up attracting who??? By allowing an entity unknown to me to enter my space, I was almost taken over and began to channel by automatic writing constantly until nearly exhausted. I wrote and wrote....all alone in my room...draining my energy to a point where things became scary. I did not participate in my life, eat or drink enough for my health, became weaker and weaker until I nearly fainted at some point. The information received was just feeding my ego and building up my importance in the New Age category. It was all just very stupid and I am embarrassed that I could be so foolish. However, I did learn a lesson about myself and I also learned a respect for the absolute need for discernment and protection of one's vehicle. I learned that it is not all warm and fuzzy light and love out there and I had better pay attention and learn more before trusting.

I ended up going to a teacher I knew for help. We worked together on strongly demanding the entities leave. Thank goodness, it worked. I wonder..was it my own subconscious or an entity? It really doesn't matter as the experience is not one I want to repeat. I will never advise anyone to do this alone either, after my experience. I hope this helps anyone who may be contemplating messing around without safeguards such as more protection and knowledge in place.


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Hey @Ghazi18

My approach to channeling is: "Why risk being exposed to danger when I can, in a sense, "channeling" my higher self through my willpower."

I mean: if you know the material on the forum, you probably found information about system 2, elephant's rider, self-remembering, etc.

All this relates to the conscious part of ourselves. We can behave on programs written in our subconscious or behave depending on conscious awareness; it involves the struggle to observe self and the struggle to get rid of thoughts and emotions; feelings accumulated somewhere in the body - you can consciously find them and pushing them out (what can be an attachment - entity). Sometimes you fall, but at other time you can witness your true self rising within you.

And most importantly, it assumes that you are aware of what is happening inside and outside you, you are aware of the thoughts, emotional states, and feeling in your body. And when you struggle to influence yourself, in a sense you "channeling" your best version of yourself, being resistant to entities and energy that try to influence you from within, because your consciousness is actively working.

And you can start now, it is completely safe and gives fantastic effects. What about the real channeling with the spirit boards? Of course, I am not talking about it. But what about making a few steps before? And then you will choose: is it your real will, your conscious decision to have channeling or just an illusion existed derived by some little "i" or influence of other entity or energy which is not part of you.


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There's a thread about channeling without proper preparations and what came of it (33 pages):

Experiment with the spirit board -lies coming through it & how to recognize them

It starts with the remark: This is an example how not to use spirit board! Read it to your benefit.

As Laura has said many times: a smart person learns from his/her own mistakes, a genius also learns from the mistakes of others (or similar words to that effect). ;-)


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Hi Ghazi 18,
I truly understand the desire to channel--to me it feels like a quest for quality knowledge in order to share with others. I've been reading Laura's work since 2011 and basically have read all her books and I have read the transcripts multiple times. I have also watched the videos that she and the team have made about the spirit board at least a few times. Besides the absolutely invaluable knowledge that I have gained from her work and the people who support and contribute to this quest, I have been introduced to shamanic healing by interning with a shamanic healer whose healing practice I consider impeccable. I've seen entities attached to people and seen her release entities. I did what I could to help the process along. I myself have experienced entity attachments which is how I found out how powerful her healing is and how miserable having an entity attached to oneself. When I heard her name (Leontine) from someone who led a psychic circle and that she was holding a year-long class a few weekends a month that would be an intro to shamanism, I immediately signed up. One weekend we were studying entity attachment and my practice partner got the vision of a large black snake inhabiting my body and that I needed a major healing.

I went to see Leontine for a healing and she released the entity. She made me realize that I made myself extremely vulnerable to entity attachment because I was giving my energy away to my patients as my role prescribing psych meds as a psychiatric nurse practitioner by being overly empathetic and wanting to "save" people from their suffering (a role which I have since left for a variety of reasons). I was also not eating enough or exercising.

I remember working with a woman whose brother (whom she lived with) recently died and I felt something jump into my body. I got attached again from a psychotic patient who I desperately wanted to help but she would not take medications. Leontine removed this entity as well. Thankfully, I haven't had an entity since!

So I've been around the block with entities. I eventually left the job prescribing psychiatric meds within a year after spending tens of thousands getting a degree/certified in it. That was difficult yet ultimately liberating.

This past year I've felt like that I've had enough knowledge to channel using a small spirit board invented by someone named Linda Deir. It's small enough for personal use. I do use it myself but haven't gotten anything worthwhile except for some personal info about the health of some family members that have proved helpful. Linda Deir also has an online channeling group on Facebook which is helpful but the members are not familiar with the Cassiopaean work and, therefore, I see them as being "in the dark" about a lot metaphysically.

What I long for but have been hesitant about pursuing, is putting myself out on the forum as someone with this desire as it seems the usual response from the forum is that "you should not attempt." I can see where people are coming from, but also see that a group of people with knowledge, desire and some psychic aptitude/sensitivity could be helpful in our mission to unite and oppose the machinations of 4D STS. I wonder if it would strengthen the group as a whole and take some pressure off of Laura. It would also come with some serious attacks as well, which, frankly, really scare me when I think about the level of attack that Laura has endured. I'm also thinking that Laura may get attacked yet again if there was an off-shoot group practicing channeling, perhaps being mentored by her. That also scares me too. Just by reading the posts regarding charging the crystals, that sounded like an ordeal for her. However, judging by the level of attack, perhaps the crystals are helping people get "tuned" to the vibration of 6th D STO. I certainly feel the power of my crystals.

Well I've thrown my intentions out there. Channeling the other night, I got the message that I need to get many good questions out there and create a body of work that could be critiqued privately by Laura if she is willing. Would rather not do this alone. Would rather not have a "Frank" as a fellow channeling partner, however.

What keeps inspiring me is--and I can't find the session--is that others "may" be joining Laura in channeling 6D STO.


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What I long for but have been hesitant about pursuing, is putting myself out on the forum as someone with this desire as it seems the usual response from the forum is that "you should not attempt." I can see where people are coming from, but also see that a group of people with knowledge, desire and some psychic aptitude/sensitivity could be helpful in our mission to unite and oppose the machinations of 4D STS. I wonder if it would strengthen the group as a whole and take some pressure off of Laura.
Okay, you see, this type of thinking really puts me off. I would ask myself, if I were thinking this is, why do I really want to do this? Could it be there is something not-so-nice putting these thoughts into my head for various reasons? Would I be doing this because it makes me feel special and closer to looking like Laura? Has Laura actually asked for my (or anyone's) help in this way?

Then, there is the research part of it. How much research for how long has actually been done?

We caution people to not take channeling lightly because there is a reason for it! I'm sure that the predator's mind can come up with all types of reasons why what we caution is something to not listen to. And, that, in itself, should be reason enough not to attempt it.



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Hi candasiri,

I second what Nienna said.

You say, you are familiar with this Work. Are you aware of this thread?
Spirit Release Therapy - A Retrospective You might want to (re)read the entire thread.

I've recently been made aware that there are some people associated with this forum who have involved themselves in some sort of SRT, possibly combining it with Reiki, and also claiming to identify "alternate personalities" within themselves, AKA Dissociative Identity Disorder. This is a bit alarming for a number of reasons. Let me try to list some of my observations and experiences and conclusions which I hope will act as a "word to the wise."

Remember, a smart man learns from his mistakes, a genius learns from the mistakes of others. In the field called SRT, there wasn't a lot of material to learn from in the early days. William Baldwin's book was the main compendium out there, and he had studied older sources, finding only bits and pieces. So, when I encountered it, it seemed like a great new thing, so to say, another tool in the kit for "fighting evil".

Off I went into the fray with more arrogance than wisdom; I'm lucky I survived; I almost didn't.

The take-home message I finally understood was that, in a sense, SRT is a violation of free will. If a person gets "attached" it is usually because there is a frequency match between the individual - or some part of the individual - and the attaching entity, whether "dead dude" or elemental or demonic. If the entity is persuaded to leave, that doesn't change the individual's frequency; the only thing that can change the frequency is work on the self, by the self. That's the bottom line. And when a person thinks that "oh, it's easy, just do SRT and presto, problem solved!" they are much less inclined to do the very hard and painful work on the self. In a sense, you could say that the attaching entity is causing them the pain they COULD experience by choice, only with better ultimate results, i.e. changing their frequency, direction, and even reality.

So, essentially, when a person does SRT for another, they are violating the ultimate will of that individual to learn and grow and that has reciprocal effects on the person doing the SRT. It is as though you have placed some of your own essence/being into the place of the entity and thereafter, you are "in harness" with that individual. And if that individual is not doing work on themselves to change their frequency, then you can get pulled down with them. You probably won't match exactly, but enough damage can be done to bring about physical illness or other types of organic breakdown of your own system.

Now, all of the above is not to say that some individuals do not have a "gift" for doing SRT, shamanically, so to say. But the price they pay is usually pretty high if you follow their life trajectories, and according to what I have described above. They cannot, in any way, be considered "normal", and it is possible that their "talent" is a consequence of some past life influence, positive or negative. It could even be considered a "curse" that they must endure for a lifetime, however short it is, in order to pay for some serious lapse in other times and places. What could be worse than to be fated to have chunks of your energy taken away and stuffed in the psychic wounds of individuals who don't have the will or desire to do their own work? And after you clean them up and get them all "bandaged", they go out and play in the dirt again and again (as they will and do)?

Some thought should be given to DID, also. What if a so-called "entity" is simply a part of a fragmented personality? What are you doing but amputating parts of an individual if you seek to dismiss that part? And what goes in its place? Part of you, again, and you become fragmented yourself.

In general, the Work as Gurdjieff conceived it was designed to assist people in overcoming their mild dissociations which we can better understand by reading Martha Stout's book "The Myth of Sanity". The book is about more severe cases that may be very resistant to healing, but my point is that she does talk about the more ordinary dissociations to which everyone is heir at one time or another.

If a person's dissociated selves are mild and ordinary, there is a good possibility that they can "become one" within themselves via work on the self as we have developed it here utilizing many sources and guided by the Cs. A person who has more severe dissociation, as in actual DID, are most likely not suitable to do the Work, and cannot do it. Again, perhaps they are dealing with a karmic burden, an "infantile" spirit, or whatever; bottom line is, they just can't do the work and the most they can hope for is to try to achieve a modicum of normality as in striving to become a good obyvatal but possibly even that is out of reach. But striving is good as that is a form of working on the self.

Our policy here is that, if we encounter such individuals, we try to give them support and some guidance, but we know, realistically, that they cannot do the Work and, when the rubber hits the road, they will probably disintegrate even more. But, in the meantime, we do the best we can to help and guide even if we realize that no results - or very little - can be expected.

Now, as to the idea that one can use Reiki sessions as "SRT opportunities", well, considering all of the above, I think most of you will realize what a very bad idea that is. First of all, if a number of people are standing around with their hands on an individual and some one of the group is attempting to do SRT, it simply spreads around the responsibility for creating the "gap" that must be filled; so who is going to give a chunk of themselves to replace what is removed? Even worse, is it possible that there are gaps in other members of such a group that will create a fine new home for an entity that finds itself in discomfort? Yes, Reiki is supposed to protect against receiving back negative energies from a person being treated, but that is predicated on the idea that nothing is being "stirred up", and the only intent is to pass the life force to the individual. As most of you have guessed, in our reality, intent has its limitations and if you are intending one thing one way, and then another thing another way, what's going to happen? You can't have it both ways.

I think the above is enough of a "word to the wise".

It's best to not meddle with things you do not fully understand because you be crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
Nienna already pointed out that for very good reasons nobody asked "to help Laura" .

You say: "Would rather not have a "Frank" as a fellow channeling partner, however."

Be aware that each of us, potentially could be a "Frank" and only long observation- being seen - by others/elders in this network -if you so wish- plus equally long and thorough work on self will bring out the essence. Don´t get me wrong, I don´t say, you are a "Frank" but you seem to come from a position of "knowing and helping without being asked" and this is not what Laura´s and this forums work is about.

If you are interested, for going deeper into being an "automatic helper" there is:
Show #18: Empathy Trap - Breaking Free From Psychopaths and Sociopaths


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I fully agree with Nienna's input. Laura has put in many years of hard and thorough research and went through a lot of suffering until the Channel opened as the results of all these efforts. I personally, would be rather hesitant about my own thinking if I would find it appealing to go the Channeling road, after having read the wave books carefully. The chances are pretty high that I would be overestimating myself quite immensely at best. It also seems like only pretty few people are truly gifted with the "Channeling Gene" so to say and have a natural inclination to be sensitive in that regard. Combining all this, the likelihood of receiving any kind of good results from an experiment like this is likely very low. In fact, it would probably be far more likely that not much more than word salad would come out of my efforts, ever. So I would say: Let's be grateful that people exist who can do a far better job that I could ever do in that regard. The proverb comes to mind:

A cobbler should stick to his last
You could also remember that the Universe is always and everywhere sending messages to ourselves already, if we care to notice them. We don't really need a Channel for that. From the smallest to the biggest things, there is always a message and lesson embedded in everything that happens in and around us. And that in itself is already enough messages to work on for many lifetimes. A learning and receiving of messages which probably never ends actually. An infinite sum of messages and opportunities right before our eyes at every turn.


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While still in the Christian ideology, I set out to read it, contemplate it, and do it myself. Which lead to growth, change and eventually leaving the doctrines. And some years later, after reading shamanism, this form and Laura’s’ work I thought it a good idea to attempt to connect to another level of awareness to assist in my daily life.

After listening to the advice/warnings of channeling, I decided that wasn’t for me. I don’t want to become “lunch”. Tried Spirit release therapy in an effort to evolve others. Was it working? …not so much. Then I decided to use the pendulum. Simple enough for one thoughtful, well-meaning guy to do…or so it seemed.

I spent time getting to know the pendulum, and it did indeed work. I asked lot of simple things and rechecked, double check used averages when necessary, and whala it was ready to ask better questions for life guidance. Then I thought I should do one more check before getting serious. I ask the question are you part of me, know me, have been involved with my life ect. Yes was the answer, ok. Are you malevolent? The answer was…”yes” Do you mean me harm?….”yes” Would you miss lead me…”yes” I double check and averaged in the same manner and apparently it was saying, it was just waiting to tear me to pieces.

I set the pendulum up on the shelf where it still sets today next to my 3 coins, I have ready to maybe try I Ching. It has been said many times, some people are just not equipped to work with such mediums. At least not alone. And those who do use them, are usually driven to it as a must do. Which I am not.

Most the general wisdom I need to navigate with I can easily get from reading, meditating or hammer thinking. Consistently following what I know to do is the hard part.

I imaging some people have something driving them or have a ‘gift’ like an unseen appendage attached to them that they need to sort out and hopefully use. But, I do not. At least not at this time.


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Hey guys I really appreciate the responses and the guidance!

I asked mainly out of curiosity and would never attempt it now, especially since I am what some circles call a "neophyte". I understand that you don't have to channel using that method to make the connection, the connection is always available its just based upon realizing it and doing certain exercises such as meditating for example. I know that Laura has put in a lot of work and that's a big part in what inspires me to stay and pursue this path. I know it'll take a long time studying and practicing but with that knowledge and awareness I could help others better and that is my goal.

Based on advice that you guys have given me, I will study more and will think about pursuing this method of channeling.

Thank You so much guys, I really appreciate the replies and I am very grateful of being a part of this :)
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