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I'm taking the position - of assuming why the Hong Kong protests have accelerated from a single peaceful protest - into weeks of further protests, violence and destruction? U.S. War-hawks are fueling the protests, hoping to create division between China and Hong Kong.

Pence tells Hong Kong protesters in China speech: 'We stand with you'
FILE PHOTO: U.S. Vice President Mike Pence attends a news conference at the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, October 17, 2019. REUTERS/Huseyin Aldemir/File Photo

Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday accused China of curtailing "rights and liberties" in Hong Kong in a wide-ranging critique of Beijing's behavior but also insisted that the United States does not seek confrontation or to "de-couple" from its main economic rival.

Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters rally for Catalan separatists
Pro-democracy demonstrators hold Esteladas (Catalan separatist flag) and flashlights during a protest in Hong Kong’s Chater Garden to show their solidarity with the Catalonian independence movement in Spain, in Hong Kong, China, October 24, 2019. REUTERS/Ammar Awad
Hundreds of Hong Kong protesters, some waving Catalan flags and banners urging "a fight for freedom together", rallied in support of a separate Catalonia on Thursday, broaching an issue that is anathema to Hong Kong's rulers in Beijing.

China has 'heavy heart' after 39 found dead in a truck in Britain
FILE PHOTO: Police move the lorry container where bodies were discovered, in Grays, Essex, Britain October 23, 2019.  REUTERS/Peter Nicholls/File Photo
The Chinese embassy in London said on Thursday it had a heavy heart after reports that police had found 39 Chinese nationals dead in a truck.

UK police say 39 people found dead in truck near London were Chinese

FILE PHOTO: Police are seen at the scene where bodies were discovered in a lorry container, in Grays, Essex, Britain October 23, 2019.  REUTERS/Hannah McKay/File Photo
All the 39 people found dead in a truck to the east of London are believed to be Chinese, British police said on Thursday, adding that raids had been carried out at three properties in Northern Ireland.

Ireland to investigate if truck where bodies found passed through country

Police is seen at the scene where bodies were discovered in a lorry container, in Grays, Essex, Britain October 23, 2019.  REUTERS/Peter Nicholls
Irish authorities will carry out any investigations necessary if it is established that the truck in which the bodies of 39 people were found near London on Wednesday passed through Ireland, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar sa

China confirms reports that 39 dead in truck in U.K. are Chinese: Global Times
FILE PHOTO: Police move the lorry container where bodies were discovered, in Grays, Essex, Britain October 23, 2019.  REUTERS/Hannah McKay/File Photo
China's foreign ministry has confirmed reports
that 39 people found dead in the back of a truck near London were Chinese, the Global Times said in a tweet on Wednesday.

Driver arrested after 39 found dead in truck near London
Police is seen at the scene where bodies were discovered in a lorry container, in Grays, Essex, Britain October 23, 2019.  REUTERS/Peter Nicholls
British police found the bodies of 39 people inside a truck at an industrial estate near London on Wednesday and said they had arrested the driver on suspicion of murder.

UK police believe trailer found with 39 bodies traveled from Belgium
Police are seen at the scene where bodies were discovered in a lorry container, in Grays, Essex, Britain October 23, 2019.  REUTERS/Hannah McKay
British police said they believed the trailer from a truck found on Wednesday containing the bodies of 39 people had traveled from Zeebrugge, Belgium, into the port of Purfleet in eastern England.

Bulgaria has no link to truck death incident in UK: PM Borissov

FILE PHOTO: Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borissov leaves a European Union leaders summit in Brussels, Belgium July 1, 2019. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir/File Photo
The people found dead in a truck in Britain could not have boarded the vehicle in Bulgaria because it had not entered the country since its registration there in 2017, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said on Wednesday.

Added note: The UK must be a transit point in the smuggling trade?

Police find nine people alive in back of truck in Kent, England: Sky News
Police in Kent, southeast England, found nine people alive in the back of a truck on the M20 motorway on Wednesday, Sky News reported.

Fire at steel mill in China's Hebei province kills seven
A fire at a steel producer in northern China's Hebei province has killed seven people, provincial authorities said on Thursday.

China says U.S. 'weaponizing' visas after space event no show
FILE PHOTO - Hua Chunying, spokeswoman of China's Foreign Ministry, speaks at a regular news conference in Beijing, China, January 6, 2016. REUTERS/Jason Lee
The United States is "weaponizing" visas, having failed to grant them in time or at all for Chinese space officials for an international event in Washington, China's Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday, in the latest escalation of tensions between the two countries.


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Posting this here to document an interesting view on China's operations in Africa. It does look like all the 'help' doesn't come for free, however, the outcome is not set in stone. In a spirit of mutual efforts, the video alludes to the chinese expecting the local african governments to get their acts together in order to repay their loans. Sadly, the video doesn't touch on the interest arrangements of said loans as this I believe tends to be the main killer (together with corruption from the region)

In any case, interesting view

To get away from the african-centric posts, here is another interesting take on China and Russia's relationship around the arctic region. It would seem the two are bound by mutual interests but this doesn't negate having areas of friction and distrust.



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The disinformation is working overtime, and promoting fear mongering.

A 23-year-old protester and Polytechnic University alumni told CNN that they didn't have a plan and were just waiting to see how the police would react. "If we don't come out, no one will come out and protect our freedoms. Polytechnic University is my home," he said.
On Sunday the government announced that all schools would be shut again on Monday as protests were expected to continue across the city.

"Catapultes, flèches enflammées" : A Hong Kong, le mouvement se durcit
"Catapults, fire arrows": In Hong Kong, the movement hardens

FRANCE 24 Nov 15, 2019

#Chinese Embassy says after two #Australian MPs were denied entry into China.
6:11 AM · Nov 17, 2019 CGTNOfficial
"Chinese people do not welcome those who make unwarranted attacks, wantonly exert pressure on China, challenge China's sovereignty, disrespect China's dignity and undermine mutual trust,"
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I thought this was interesting. The fascists from Ukraine are 'tourists' in Hong Kong. Not so surprising as they had the same sponsors. One could compare these professional 'activists' with professional mercenaries. It is their profession and they do what their paymasters wants them to do.

Why Are Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Joining the Hong Kong Protests?

22:47 02.12.2019
Prominent Ukrainian neo-Nazi figures have been spotted in the Hong Kong protests just weeks after hosting an “academy of street protest” in Kiev.
Leaders of far-right Ukrainian groups that rose to prominence in the 2014 coup d’etat they helped orchestrate, including the Azov Battalion and Right Sektor, have recently traveled to Hong Kong to participate in the anti-Beijing protests there. It’s unclear why the groups, sporting the apparel of a far-right hooligan group called “Honor” or “Gonor,” have gone to Hong Kong, but the fact that both the 2014 Ukrainian coup and the present protests in Hong Kong have enjoyed extensive support from the CIA-spawned National Endowment for Democracy may give a clue.
“Hong Kong welcomed us as relatives,” Serhii Filimonov wrote on Facebook Saturday, sharing a video of himself and other Ukrainian far-right figures in the semi-autonomous Chinese city. Filimonov once headed the Kiev branch of the Azov Civilian Corps, a support group for the ultra-nationalist Azov Battalion that’s thinly veiled as a civilian NGO.
“Fight for freedom stand with Hong Kong!!” said another post by Filimonov, showing them posing, masked, alongside Hong Kong protesters.
Figures in the video as well as photos posted the following day include Ihor Maliar, an Azov Battalion veteran who sports a “victory or Valhalla” tattoo across his neck, and Serhii Sternenko, who headed the Odessa section of Right Sektor when it torched the Trade Unions House on May 2, 2014, killing 42 people and injuring hundreds in the street violence before and after. Sternenko also helped found the “People's Lustration” fascist gang, which harassed, beat up and humiliated former officials of the Ukrainian government in the months following the 2014 Euromaidan coup.

Screenshot of a Facebook post by Serhii Filimonov showing "Gonor" members in Hong Kong
Several of the men wear paraphernalia of the far-right “Honor” or “Gonor” so-called youth group founded by Filimonov in 2015, sporting a stylized version of the “trident,” a symbol with ancient meaning in Ukraine adopted by ultra-nationalists, as three daggers. Several also have neo-Nazi tattoos, such as swastikas.

The men also posed in front of the wrecked Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where an intense two-week showdown between police and protesters saw more than 1,000 students detained and thousands of weapons seized, including petrol bombs and explosives.

Serhii Filimonov post showing Ukrainian far-right figures posing in front of Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Early last month, Filimonov, Sternenko and Maliar spoke at an “academy of street protest” in Kiev, the posters of which featured a molotov cocktail emblazoned with the “Gonor” logo.

Poster for an "academy of street protest" featuring lectures by several Ukrainian far-right figures
A Ukrainian Facebook page that came to the defense of the Gonor crew and their trip Monday afternoon seems to bridge the gap between the two movements. Calling itself the “Free Hong Kong Center,” the page posts about the supposed strong links between the Hong Kong and 2014 Ukraine protests, complete with the words “umbrella” and “dignity” on their banner, referencing what demonstrators in Hong Kong called their 2014 protests, seen as a precursor to the present unrest, and by far-right Ukrainians to the 2014 coup.
The Center came to the defense of Gonor on Monday, posting that they are “simple activists” now and “are not connected to any Azov movements any more.”
“They assured us they are really against nazism and another kind of alt-right ideology,” they posted, dismissing the neo-Nazi imagery as traditional Ukrainian symbols.

Facebook post by "Free Hong Kong Center" defending "Gonor" members' visit to Hong Kong
It’s not clear exactly what these “simple activists” were doing in Hong Kong. However, it’s worth noting the extensive groundwork laid for both the 2014 uprising in Ukraine and the 2019 protests in Hong Kong via the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).
In the three years before the 2014 coup, the CIA-backed NED sunk $14 million into regime change efforts in Ukraine, and the NED has been cultivating anti-Beijing attitudes in Hong Kong since the mid-1990s, before the territory was returned to Chinese rule by the British Empire.
Whether Filimonov and associates are there at the NED’s behest or as simply a bit of protest tourism is anybody’s guess.
By Morgan Artyukhina
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