Cingular = Singular = Primeco (?)



Perhaps this has already been noticed & discussed, but it was new to me.

Some folks may recall this session:

961214 said:
OK, let me jump over to this other subject of the number 33 and the number 11. Is there anything beyond what was given on 11-11-95, that you could add at this time, about any of the mathematics or the use of these numbers?
A: Prime numbers are the dwellings of the mystics.
Q: (L) What do you mean, "prime numbers are the dwellings of the mystics?"
A: Self-explanatory, if you use the tools given you.
Q: (L) How can a number be a dwelling?
A: Figure of speech. [Planchette spirals several times, vigorously] And how interesting that we have a new "cell" phone company called: "Primeco."
Q: (L) And how does a cell phone company called "Primeco" relate to prime numbers being dwellings of mystics?
A: Not for us to answer. [Word association by group: encryption, cells of monks, prisons, prime number divisible by one or self]

Q: (L) Is encryption the key?
A: Oh, there is so much here. One example is: "Snake eyes" is not so good as 7,11, eh?
Q: (T) They are all prime numbers, too; seven and eleven. (L) What kinds of documents or writings... or what would be applicable...
A: No, Laura you are trying to focus, or limit the concept, my dear. Think of it, what is the Judaic Christian legend for the creation of a woman?
Q: (L) That woman was taken from the rib of Adam. That Eve was created from the rib of Adam.
A: Ever heard of a "prime rib?"
Q: [Groans] (T) I hate being in kindergarten and not knowing what the subject is. Ok, prime rib. We have a prime rib, so...
A: What happens in a "Primary."
Q: (L) An election. You narrow down the candidates. What happens in a primary?
A: Who gets "picked" to run?
Q: (L) Ok, keep on...
A: "Prime Directive?"
Q: (L) OK.
A: "Prime time?"
Q: (L) The first, the best... and...
A: Not point
Q: (L) I know that's not the point! Is what we're saying here, is that we can use these prime numbers to derive something out of something else?
A: We told you about the mystics.
Q: (T) They're using prime numbers to... (L) Oh, ok, I get it. So, mystics... the mystics, the mystical secrets... dwell in the prime numbers if used as a code.
A: Name the primary mystical organizations for key to clue system.
Q: (L) ...key to clue system?
A: Yes. [We named: Catholicism, Christianity, Judaism, Cabalism, Sufism, The Koran, Mysteries. Laura realized that she had just set aside the book "Understanding Mysticism," it was next to a book on Caballah on the bookcase in the room. Jesuits, Masons, Knights Templar,Rosicrucians]
Q: (L) All right. With our little list that we're making, are we on to something, or are we completely off track?
A: Yes, now check out those crop circles photos... any prime number combos there?
Q: (L) Do you mean in terms of dimension, or do you mean in composition?
A: Composition and dimensions... anything you can find. [Discussion: Sacred geometries, all sects listed use prime numbers. John 3:16-19, Corinthians 13. Genesis, Ch.2, verse 22 "rib taken from the man and made woman" - 2 is the only even prime number. Ch 3, v5..."your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as the gods." (Eating from the Tree of Knowledge)]
Q: (T) find a way of decoding it to get an answer, to get something, to get a message, to get something from it... (L) Are we thinking in any of the lines of something we ought to follow, or are we drifting?
A: All are lines you ought to follow. Now, look at the photos on the wall! [Referring to large photocopy of a number of crop circles we had pinned to the wall.]
Q: (L) OK, we're looking at them: point out something...
A: Count the large spheres in photo three.
Q: (L) There are seven.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And what does that photo represent?
A: Not yet.
Q: (T) OK, there are seven large circles; a large central one, and then six outer ones that are smaller. Each of the six smaller circles is connected to the larger circle by a shaft, or a line, or a conduit of some kind.
A: Add large and small spheres.
Q: (L) OK, there's seven. Add the large to the small and there's seven; add the little teeny ones, there's thirteen; and then even the little teeny-teeny, the little knobs on the ends, there would be six more, so that would be nineteen.
A: Yes...
Q: (T) So, that's another prime: nineteen is a prime number. (L) OK, they're prime numbers. And... (T) Are they... just as an offshoot here, do the six circles, the first set surrounding the large circle, are those the sixth density attached to the seventh density?
A: No comment.
Q: (T) OK now, and then, outside of that are smaller spheres, each one connected one to the next, in a line. We're looking at prime numbers here. What are we looking at? We've got a central one, six outer: large, six outside of that: smaller, six outside of that: tiny... Could, and I'm just thinking off the top of my head here, nothing cast in concrete, is this a representation of... a sphere, getting smaller and smaller... going that way. Or, coming in, this way. Or that way and this way. Like the infinity mirrors...
A: If you three dimensionalize.
Q: (L) It would be circles, like balls, like spheres. (T) Ohhh, it's an axis, an x-y-z axis! A three dimensional axis. Three-dimensionally, it would be like this [Holds up hand, forefinger pointed up, thumb pointed to himself, third finger at the horizontal] Larger, smaller, smaller... A three-dimensional axis. Are we going somewhere with this, or am I out in left field again?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) I'm going somewhere with this?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Ahhhh, I now see this as a three-dimensional object as opposed to a flat circle.
A: Do that to the others too.
Q: (L) OK, we're trying to three-dimensionalize them. Now, tell us where we're supposed to be going here... (J) Well, this first one is a spiral going out... Or a DNA molecule... (T) There's got to be more to it...
A: You do not have to figure this all out tonight, just some food for thought.
Q: (L) Is there anything else for...
A: Ark may be able to three-dimensionalize by computer program already.
Q: (L) Yes, well, let us get back to this. The crop circles, as I understand, are related to the code or the mystical prime numbers, the mystical dwellings, and that somehow, putting all of these things together, these different pieces of this puzzle, from so many different directions, will enable us to perceive, or learn, or conceive something that will enable us to do something. Is that correct?
A: Close.
Q: (L) Is there anything more that we could look at on this subject tonight, because right now, I just need to think about it. You get so much, and you have to digest it. (J) Food for thought!
A: Well, you have enough to play with for now, so goodbye. End of session. 
As I was sitting on a plane waiting to get to the boarding gate, I noticed the Cingular logo and recalled the session above with "Primeco". I don't think it is too much a stretch to see the phonetic connection of Cingular to Singular to Primeco.

What else was odd was the Cingular logo -- I don't know how to post it here but you can go to to see it. I have always thought (to the extent I ever did think about it) that it was just an outline of a person.

While it can be taken that way, I think it can be taken a second way as well -- as a representation of the old "skull & crossbones", and that in fact it is closer to this skull & crossbones representation than a person.

The question then becomes what to do with this, and why Cingular have chosen this logo for their firm. Any thoughts?


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Hi alchemy,

Coincidence?? I wonder.

While you were writing this article and quoted the C's on prime numbers, I happen to more or less, around the same time, posted this.


Yes, interesting times indeed. Also check this out -- the post you were commenting on I posted back on 2/22 :


the all-encompassing egg

I have a newbie question, so be nice! :) I was wondering what this 'session' is that you have quoted from? Who or what is this and where can it be found? Thanks!


The sessions are the result of "channeling" work that Laura embarked on. It is explained at this site here:

If you haven't done so already, it would help you to understand if you read "The Wave", "Adventures" and the "Experiment" links.



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The cingular logo is made to represent an "asterix man" with arm outstretched. (that's what i read from a design page about the logo but can't find the link anymore now :|)

Is it a subtle hint at the Virtuvian man ? someone more expert in this field might have a clue if this is related or not.

I looked for the design agency who made it and I found out that these people did it :

They are pretty big shots in the graphic design industry with very famous client such as Coca-cola or Time Warner for example.

If you look at the Cingular page

It says : "When BellSouth and SBC Communications merged their 11 existing wireless properties in 2000, they asked VSA to develop their new company’s brand..."

Isn't 11 relevant somehow ?

While you're at it check out the Smashing Pumpkins cd cover and booklet they made :
Click on the various cover to check out the illustrations.

"The Smashing Pumpkins’ recording “Machina/the machines of God” marked the end of the band’s studio work. The band’s leader, Billy Corgan, engaged VSA’s designers to realize his aesthetic vision of the album as an ancient journal of alchemy."

or the whole booklet there : (6th album down the page, you can preview the whole booklet)

Another thing I noted is that US cellular logo (it's the page you're directed when looking for Primeco in google) and Cingular have the same logo design organisation.

I rotated the US cellular (on the left) 90

the all-encompassing egg

I'm not very knowledgeable about symbolism, but I do see the similarities between the two logos. It would be hard not to! Also, I can see how the Cingular logo could very well represent a skull and crossbones.
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