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caught this on my dashcam whilst driving home from work this evening at 5:38PM (GMT). ignore the timestamp on the video, I haven't disabled daylight saving time.

on camera, the object appears hollow, almost like a corona. but to my naked eye, it was a solid ball, very bright, with a green trail.

I was stunned!

anybody know what this could have been?

I'm guessing it was the meteor-fireball that a number of people on X reported seeing. Sightings were reported from Scotland to the midlands, and further south, and the time, as well as even the green description, also match.

Yesterday, when someone in my X feed reported seeing it, i did a search, and found the following video, but there are others.

It may have also been reported on the AMS website (because that's where i reported a sighting a few years back - but i don't know, i haven't checked):

Btw, good catch! And thanks for sharing the footage.

At this precise moment Halley's Comet is at aphelion, the farthest point in its orbit beyond Neptune. A moment suspended in space and it is already returning to us. Next appearance in our skies: the year 2061

12P/Pons-Brooks luminosity transition luminosity at 30” aperture (until 12/07)
total luminosity

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