Constant pain while sitting


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Hello Guys:
I have the same problem, I didn't know what was it called till now, I work 8 hours in a sitting position, and I did not have this problem before, I started to feel the pain increasing for the last year or so, I work out 4 times a week for at least and hour, but even so it still burns and I feel like the inside on my left leg gets swollen or something after working out, I have tried to stretch it and sometimes it helps a bit , but not always the pain remains, I usually sleep with a pillow between my legs other wise I would feel the pain even stoner.
these are my two cents FWIW.


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Maybe seeing an Applied Kinesiology practitioner is worth a try? Some of them give free consultations. The Sott article gives links to a couple sites to search for a nearby practitioner.

SOTT Exclusive: What is Applied Kinesiology and what can it do for you?
There are some organizations to reference when searching for a good practitioner. Those are: The International College of Applied Kinesiology - USA, CPK Association (they don't have an online search function to locate practitioners, so contact them for practitioner locations), and SORSI - Sacro Occipital Research Society International.
The Health & Wellness Show: What is Applied Kinesiology and what can it do for you?
Fri, 03 Jun 2016


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Hi Aragorn. I've used a kneeling chair at work for several years now. I can't sit in regular office chairs any longer - 10 minutes, tops, if I do have to sit in one. Until you discover the cause(s) of your pain, perhaps one would help you for now?

Our weight that normally sits right on the low spine is restributed away from your low back. I don't have perfect knees but it doesn't affect them as you might think.

image showing folks sitting in them (for those unfamiliar with these chairs. :))

Plus, they're great for posture. :)


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Aragorn said:
For little over a year now, I've been experiencing pain while sitting. Sometimes it has gotten a bit better, but it has never completely been absent. If I sit, no matter how hard or soft the surface is, for more than 5min, I'll get this burning and throbbing pain in my buttocks and lower back, and the pain also radiates to my legs, all the way to the soles of my feet.
Hi Aragon,

Do you have any anger/rage that you are going through or have been going through recently and that you are trying to hide/negate or whatever else?


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Hi Aragon.I suggest to try acupunture in that area.I think is going to help you a lot,and add to your diet minerals and vitamins as Gaby advice you.Take care :hug2:


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Intuitively I think about nerves inflammation or reaction. Acupuncture for sure, but you have to find a skilled acupuncturist.


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It just occurred to me, that I've resolved this problem to 99% and I never shared the thing that finally helped me. To put it simple...avoiding eating eggs!

It could of course be a combination of things, and probably is, but the relation to eggs seems to be the strongest one. I started ca 2 years ago by cutting out butter, thus going 100% milk free (I hadn't had other milk products for years before that), and that seemed to help a tiny bit. But I still kept eating eggs with my bacon in the morning. I was 'clinging' to eggs, since they're such a good package of nutrients. On a couple of times, I quit the eggs for a week or so, but I didn't notice any difference. It was only when I avoided eggs for more than a month, that I noticed a clear improvement. That's like 1,5 years ago.

Then, I went on very tight ketogenic diet, and later on a complete carnivore for a couple of months, and that resolved the problem almost completely. I've been doing also HIIT training and yoga, and those are good additions, but since I know that those activities didn't help before ditching the eggs, I don't see them as the 'main helpers' with the problem.

It's interesting how these food sensitivities can be so localized. Besides the pain in the buttocks while sitting, I didn't notice that much pain in other places...perhaps some neck stiffness and a need to 'crack' the neck constantly (now that's gone, too!). What kinda alerted me to the idea, was when JP was talking about how the carnivore diet had helped him with his pelvic pain, that he thought would never go away.

So, anyone having similar issues...quite eggs for a month and see if it helps! :-)
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