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And using the official secrets act to cover their dirty policies

This is a great piece about the terminally brain-dead ex-UK politician Edwina Curry.

I switched on Good Morning Britain today, chiefly on the grounds of the ghastly Piers Morgan no longer being part of the mix. I’ve never seen the show before, but it did bring back memories of ‘sofa news’ over the years, in that everything has to be upbeat, smiley and such a jolly lark.

In keeping with this style, Edwina Curry appeared on a video link to discuss Covid vaccination certificates. Her general air was one of ‘isn’t it wonderful how we’ve vaccinated fifty million people so I can now go to the theatre and concerts with my proof of vaccination and be very certain that I won’t be standing next to somebody infectious and you know, the only real side-effect of this jab is that we’ve all got itchy feet hahahahahaha so lets get out there and take our freedom back’.

Anchor lady said ‘so you want compulsory vaccination then?’ to which a horrified Currie replied certainly not no good gracious me I just want the freedom to not stand next to selfish people who don’t want the jab.

The presenter didn’t ask whether she was therefore in favour of leper colonies, which was sad because that’s exactly what I’d have done. However, with the viewers nodding enthusiastically at home to the wise words of Edwina the Eagle, a second person with frizzy hair, chubby face and eyes that reminded me of Susan Boyle popped up in another video frame to woffle on about Russian fascism and Mrs Thatcher would never have allowed this.

Anchor bimbo reminded this anonymous lady that Covid19 “is a deadly disease” (cut to the Eaglet nodding furiously) and so what would she do? This evoked muttering followed by a quick interruption from the interrogator (cut to Currie shaking her head with a patronising smile) and then whammo, onto cat stuck in tree somewhere near East Grinstead.

Utterly absent from the slot (or indeed Edwina Currie’s breezy illogic) was the following counter argument:

  • The vaccine isn’t a vaccine and is by dint of its certification-level neither safe nor unsafe
  • Currie has thus taken an unnecessary risk in “having the jab” just so she can go out “to hear Bob Marley”. (Marley died thirty years ago, but this didn’t seem to curb Currie’s bright-eyed expectation)
  • She has taken an unnecessary risk because (a) 99.9858% will not die of Covid infection whereas (b) the number of blood-clot deaths after Astrazeneca injections have already caused Merkel to ban it in Germany for under 55s and (c) Cytokinic reaction to mutant or other viruses may kill her down the line…as it did all the monkeys tested by Oxford Recovery in the US
  • Like most sawdust-headed politicians, Our Edwina hasn’t given much thought to the long term consequences of lost herd immunity. (About the same amount, in fact, as she gave to the act of s******g John Major)
  • She is supporting compulsory vaccination by stealth for utterly selfish reasons, and dismissing the obvious libertarian case here. That neither of the lightweight anchors took her to task on this obvious fact represents yet one more indelible stain on mass-media journalism.
Edwina has long been a joke in the UK. Now she is a dangerously misinformed joke who hasn't done her research. (As for John Major...well that is a horse of a different colour). :whistle:


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I followed a link from a SOTT comment earlier, to a youtube account that played portions of the film 'The Invasion', 2007 along with commentary that highlights the 'zombie, zoned out, emotionless' aspect' of those who have had the shot in the film, as well as Coronacraziness. He touched on a lot, it's worth a watch

Funny that you mention the above..a few days ago (so before I saw your post) I watched a clip on YouTube of that very scene from the movie ‘The Invasion’ that’s referenced in the above video you linked to (the scene with the CDC director talking to the pharmaceutical reps about the rushed 'vaccine’). Prior to watching the clip from the movie that day, I had been thinking of that movie and how the push to vaccinate in it is eerily similar to some of the stuff that’s going on now with the vaccination campaign.
In the video that you linked to above, I believe the video commentator at one point mentions something about scenes like this being a form of predictive programming..Not sure I'd call it that myself but the similarities are eerie nonetheless.


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Not sure if this has been mentioned, but there's a new term "long haulers" which describes people who allegedly contracted this virus and came down with a large number of long-lasting symptoms. They're getting a bit of flack on SM from those with a clue about the manipulations around this virus, but I wonder if they're actually being honest rather than hysterical.

Maybe this ties into what the Cs said about the original intent of the original strain of the virus - to make people more controllable - and these cases are people who contracted this strain and did not mutate it within their own bodies. After all, the only way I can think of that any designed virus could realistically make people 'more controllable' would be by compromising their health in these more subtle, but nevertheless significant, ways
I am sharing an essay written by Lissa Rankin, MD, who left her job in conventional medicine in 2007.

She is addressing the Covid "Long Hauler" issue, so I have added it to this Thread.
Moderators please move it if there is an alternate thread.

A bit about Lissa:
Lissa began experimenting in her integrative medicine practice with what really helps resolve symptoms in people with chronic illness who have failed to improve with either conventional medicine or alternative medicine.

All roads led to the same conclusion: People who are not responding to other treatments often have untreated, unhealed trauma, and treating that trauma can sometimes lead to seemingly miraculous radical remissions.

Is Long Covid A Trauma Symptom?

When I read the statistics that say 1/3 of people who recover from Covid wind up with psychological and/or neurological symptoms, and when we realize that 10-20% of Covid survivors wind up with long Covid, I think it's valid to consider whether long Covid could be a trauma symptom that might respond positively to trauma treatment as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

We already know that pathogens can incite a physiological event that can trigger autoimmune-like responses. Post-viral illnesses are nothing new, although they reveal a massive blind spot in the way conventional medicine approaches such symptoms.

From what I've read about long Covid, it behaves like an autoimmune disease, almost like chronic Lyme, which is also incited by infection with a pathogen but whose symptoms can linger after the infection has been treated.

From my trauma-informed point of view, autoimmune disease is often a response to situational, developmental, or collective trauma, a point of view mirrored by family practice doctor Gabor Mate, MD in When The Body Says No.

This is not to suggest that long Covid is solely a psychological/ psychiatric disease, in that it's not "all in your head."
It is infection with the virus itself that acts as the inciting trigger, and the damage done to the body is real.

But it may not be the virus itself causing long Covid symptoms, as Covid tests are negative in long Covid patients.

The virus is gone- or perhaps it's more accurate to say that it's hiding- but an immune system hyperactively stimulated by the physiology of the long physiological distress caused by trauma may do the rest.

Is this because of the trauma of having Covid itself?
Certainly, getting infected with a potentially lethal virus during a global pandemic and then surviving that virus is a trauma worthy of treating, in and of itself.

But I have a hunch that those who suffer long Covid symptoms had presetting untreated trauma and or unrecognized chronic stress before becoming infected with Covid.

Add to preexisting trauma the psychological and physiological stress of having Covid, especially if people were isolated, terrified, and alone in the ICU, and this will amplify and re-traumatize preexisting trauma.

As a doctor and somewhat of an expert on trauma and its impact on the physical body, I'd be interested in seeing an assessment of childhood trauma scales (situational and/or developmental) of long Covid patients.

My suspicion is that their preexisting trauma burdens may be high, which puts their immune systems at risk of overzealously activating after Covid infection.

Especially considering the collective traumas many Covid patients will have endured, such as systemic racism, colonization of the Indigenous, the stress of preexisting chronic illness, the social isolation and loneliness common among the elderly, and the impact of poverty and financial injustice on the nervous system, it would make sense that the population of Covid survivors would be at higher risk of the long term sequelae of long Covid, if it is indeed related to trauma.

As Somatic Experiencing founder and trauma therapist Peter Levine, PhD said, "Trauma is perhaps the most avoided, ignored, belittled, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering."

If this hypothesis is true, then effective trauma healing work may be a necessary and highly effective part of any comprehensive and holistic treatment plan for long Covid, one that should not be overlooked or treated solely with medication.

I'm not suggesting trauma healing should be the ONLY treatment; conventional medicine has treatments likely to help as well.
I'm just saying we should not treat just the symptoms without also treating what may have predisposed the patient to long term sequelae in the first place.

We already know from the study of rheumatoid arthritis patients and their positive response to Internal Family Systems (IFS) trauma treatment that trauma healing can improve some symptoms of that particular autoimmune disease.

And anecdotally, as I discovered from a decade of researching Sacred Medicine, conditions like chronic Lyme, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and dysautonomia respond positively to trauma treatment when other medical treatments often fail.

Will treating trauma cure long Covid?

We don't know yet, but given the prevalence of long Covid and the public health crisis its impact is having, it's worthy of further scientific study.
Methods of effectively treating complex trauma include Internal Family Systems (IFS), Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), and Somatic Experiencing, among others.

Techniques like EMDR or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can also be used for trauma symptom relief and can be helpful when added to other complete psychotherapies, such as IFS, AIT, Somatic Experiencing, and Jungian psychotherapy, but in my opinion, should not be considered complete trauma treatment on their own, as they may not get to the root of the earliest iteration of a current trauma symptom.

It is my hope, as an advocate of healing during a great public health crisis, that the medical system not make the mistake it usually does- neglecting and ignoring the impact of trauma on the origin of and treatment of physical disease.

To treat long Covid, we must at least take a complete trauma history (including developmental trauma, which is harder to screen for) and ensure that long Covid patients who carry a high trauma burden get the effective treatment they need- ideally without expecting them to pay out of pocket for trauma treatment.

Until we offer this kind of truly holistic and trauma-informed treatment, we are failing to tend to our most vulnerable and need to take a hard look at our values, not only in the medical system, but as a culture.

If you or someone you love is one of those long Covid patients, please know that many people in my inner circle, including When The Body Says No author Gabor Mate, MD, IFS founder Richard Schwartz, PhD, Harvard psychiatrist and author of CURED Jeffrey Rediger, MD, AIT founder Asha Clinton, PhD, the Somatic Experiencing team, and others on the cutting edge of the link between trauma and disease are comparing notes and working together to heartstorm solutions to this massive public health crisis.

In the non-profit I am spearheading, Heal At Last, we are also aware that creating affordable, accessible, safe, scalable, effective, community-based trauma treatment and spiritual healing are desperately needed right now, especially for long Covid survivors, but also for others with chronic illnesses that conventional medicine doesn't know how to treat. We are working on it.
We care about you.
You matter.
Your suffering matters.
We carry you in our hearts and are so sorry for what you're going through.


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Funny that you mention the above..a few days ago (so before I saw your post) I watched a clip on YouTube of that very scene from the movie ‘The Invasion’ that’s referenced in the above video you linked to (the scene with the CDC director talking to the pharmaceutical reps about the rushed 'vaccine’). Prior to watching the clip from the movie that day, I had been thinking of that movie and how the push to vaccinate in it is eerily similar to some of the stuff that’s going on now with the vaccination campaign.
In the video that you linked to above, I believe the video commentator at one point mentions something about scenes like this being a form of predictive programming..Not sure I'd call it that myself but the similarities are eerie nonetheless.

Speaking of re-programming DNA

as it was referred to in the aforementioned video, which speaks about scenes in the Hollywood movie “The Invasion”

Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute under Ali Mirazimi, is developing a DNA based covid “vaccine” which endorces the use of electricity in order to force the content into the cell core, into our DNA.

Same Ali Mirazimi of course went out in the media the media the other day, that despite you got covid vaccinations (I assume any of them), you still have to keep social distance and wear masks....

Neat, huh ?

Now we know where that horse is going...

Karolinska Institute

the wannabe pearl of international Nobel medical science, is a very funky place. My second husband worked there, was a neuroscientist... and we had many long discussions after work. It is all about politics, money, prestige, greed, vendetta. And some really nasty scandals, like surgeon Paolo Macchiarini scandal, with a lot of death left behind. A prestige project by Karolinska Institute

There are good/brilliant people working there too, of course.

Yet, i often had a strange taste in my mouth listening to the internal intrigues and politics going on there (2010-14), how it in some people brought out the worst, it seemed.

And of course, Karolinska also had to built the most expensive hospital in the world (!) and will in total cost the taxpayers in total 6+ Billion euro (!).

In Hamburg, Germany, they built a state of the art hospital for 1/10th of the cost.

When the luxurious New Karolinska was opened in Stockholm - it barely functioned for a very long time. Whole sections had to be closed. And in total - there are fewer beds than there were in the older version.



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I nominate this guy for most Brainwashed Idiot of the Year.


Wow. Just WOW. Is that guy for real ?!?

A sad or angry icon didn’t do it for me this time. What an absolutely strange twitter entry.

Well, they say, you can sell anything with murderous advertising.

The efforts of pushing publicity, revolving the covid “vaccines”, is murderous. Has this ever been done in the past about vaccines? I do not remember that

And given that this is a medical product... it reminds me of selling snake oil via ads a la 1910.


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Quick tests are now mandatory in NRW schools

In North Rhine-Westphalia , children and young people have to go back to schools in an alternating model from Monday (April 19) . Then face-to-face lessons take place again - with compulsory testing for everyone. There has been enormous resistance to the tests recently, with many parents criticizing the self-test procedure. School Minister Yvonne Gebauer (FDP) has explained what applies to students and parents who refuse the mandatory Corona test.

One of the announced strict rules is the mandatory test in face-to-face classes. If the children and adolescents come to class or to educational support, they have to undergo a corona test in school twice this week . That creates security, emphasized Yvonne Gebauer.

Compulsory test at schools in North Rhine-Westphalia: Citizen test is also possible - no face-to-face lessons if refused​

A self-test procedure is used for testing in schools in North Rhine-Westphalia . This had caused criticism from parents even before the school ministry's decision - with a view to handling, data protection and fear of exposure. "Parents who do not agree to having their child tested at school have the option of submitting a negative citizen test for the child that is not older than 48 hours to the school," explained Yvonne Gebauer.

But what happens to students and parents who completely refuse a corona test? The NRW school minister made a clear announcement: “If you don't get tested, you can't take part in face-to-face lessons.” Children and young people would then also not be entitled to additional distance lessons if their classmates were studying in school.

According to Gebauer, compulsory testing is expedient - and therefore reasonable. The ministry knows that the current test procedure is not equally suitable for all age groups and is working to ensure that the corona tests can be carried out in a more age-appropriate and child-friendly manner in the future.

Return to schools in North Rhine-Westphalia with compulsory testing: Yvonne Gebauer with an urgent appeal to parents​

The NRW School Minister made an explicit appeal to the parents : “Let your child take part in the tests in the schools!” She also asked that children should be left at home if there were signs of infection and not sent to school. If another family member shows symptoms , a family test should take place as soon as possible.

"Regular tests ensure that infections are discovered and chains of infection can be broken and, at best, even avoided," Gebauer once again underlined her argument for compulsory corona testing in schools .

According to earlier information from the NRW school ministry, 10 to 20 percent of students - 250,000 to 500,000 children and young people - do not want to test themselves in school.

We (parents) also got an official email from the school, saying also that:
"Testverweigerer werden vom Präsenzbetrieb ausgeschlossen. Diese Schülerinnen und Schüler haben keinen Anspruch auf ein individuelles Angebot des Distanzunterrichts."
"Test refusals are excluded from attendance . These students are not entitled to an individual offer of distance learning."

Attending school is mandatory for all children by German law. Law also canceled homeschooling years ago.
If you don´t send your child to school without valid doctors attest, you are fined and prosecuted, in some countries in DE also you can go to jail.
Now you have to comply with tests as well, which is an invasion to human body and therefore against German law on human rights. But obviously, "Infection Protection Act" is doing it´s job - it trumps all other human right´s laws.

According to this statistics, there are 2,5 mil pupils and students in NRW in year 20/21.
The article above states that 250 000 - 500 000 children and students didn´t want to be tested, so if we take 500 000 number that is 20% of the children that don´t want to be tested.
I don´t think that is very high percentage of the population critic to corona and measures.


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Australian Lawyer Serene Teffaha who threw her hat in the ring to start fighting the nonsense last year on a number of fronts and beginning with the Melbourne Towers lockdown has had her lawyers licence revoked. Victoria's Legal Services Board has appointed another law firm to manage litigation and take over the operational responsibilities of Teffaha's firm, Advocate Me.

Prior to this latest development, Teffaha had lodged Whistleblower complaints with the Legal Services Board when she came under personal attack for her work.

Watchdog cancels licence of lawyer leading tower lockdown lawsuit

A lawyer who filed a class action lawsuit over the mandatory coronavirus lockdown of nine public housing towers in Melbourne has had her licence cancelled by the state’s Legal Services Board.

The board confirmed it had cancelled the licence of solicitor Serene Teffaha, saying the Melbourne lawyer no longer has a practising certificate and cannot engage in legal practice.

Ms Teffaha has vowed to fight the decision.

Hall & Wilcox partner Jacob Uljans has been appointed by the board to manage the litigation and has taken over the operational responsibilities for Ms Teffaha’s Preston law firm, Advocate Me, the board said.

Mr Uljans’ appointment is for six months.

On Monday The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the watchdog had written to Ms Teffaha in March to provide her with a “notice of proposed cancellation of practising certificate”.

The notice was sent at about the same time that Ms Teffaha filed the class action on behalf of thousands of public housing tenants subjected to the hard lockdown that confined them to their homes in July 2020.

The board has not said what led to the cancellation of Ms Teffaha’s licence.

The lawyer had been seeking clients for a range of class action that covered people affected by various COVID-19 measures, including any form of detention, mandatory vaccination, business closure, isolation in residential aged care, cross-border rules and contact tracing.

On Monday, Ms Teffaha said losing her licence would not affect the class action, and that she had written a whistleblower complaint against the legal watchdog for what she considered to be the targeting of her litigation.

Ms Teffaha said she had never had any clients complain about her.

She has at different times offered criticism on social media of government programs and institutions, including a dispute with members of the judiciary. She said her previous activism included advocating for survivors of child sexual abuse and family violence, government transparency and whistleblowers.

On Thursday, Ms Teffaha labelled the board’s decision as “unlawful” and said her clients “do not accept any government regulator intervention”.

Ms Teffaha said the decision disregarded the whistleblower complaints placed against the board by herself and her clients.

She has vowed to fight the decision.

Court documents filed by Ms Teffaha name two prominent Victorian Health Department officials – Annaliese van Diemen and Finn Romanes – as well as Police Commissioner Shane Patton and the state as defendants.

The class action claims to represent all 3000 people subjected to the compulsory lockdown.

The lawsuit, fronted by plaintiff Idris Hassan, alleges the detention of people in the towers was unlawful and beyond the powers conferred under state government legislation to manage the pandemic.

Mr Hassan said he has no concerns about the litigation proceeding.

Members are seeking damages for false imprisonment, battery, assault, negligence, aggravated and exemplary damages and costs, as well as declarations that the state government and police actions were unlawful.

Ms Teffaha rose to prominence as a member of anti-lockdown campaigns.

A senior member of the Family Court of Australia, deputy principal registrar Virginia Wilson, sent a letter to the Victorian Legal Services Board in January about Ms Teffaha’s conduct in a family law case when Justice Kirsty Marion Macmillan took the unusual step of restraining Ms Teffaha from representing her own client.
Deputy Chief Magistrate of the Queensland Magistrates Court Anthony Gett referred Ms Teffaha to the Legal Services Commission in Queensland during a hearing in open court.
In January, Ms Teffaha said the Family Court had “many corruption issues”, which prompted condemnation from the Australian Bar Association and the Law Council. They said her comments were “baseless, inappropriate and undermining” of the criminal justice system and warned there was no place for the claims.
Ms Teffaha accused the judges of perverting the course of justice.

Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass found the government’s decision to immediately lock down the towers violated the human rights of tenants, who were not given a chance to prepare for restrictions, while the rest of the state was given a chance to prepare for restrictions.

Dr van Diemen, who was the most senior public health official on the day of the decision, told Ms Glass she was “quite terrified ... that we would see within a week many hundreds of [COVID-19] cases”, but that delaying a day would not have made “a hugely significant difference”.

Chair of the Victorian Bar Class Actions Section, Lachlan Armstrong, QC, said that the class action would likely continue but that there might be some complications.

“I’m pretty confident it hasn’t happened before,” Mr Armstong said.

“Ordinarily the client’s action would continue. The clients would need to find a new lawyer to run the case. In a large class action that might not be straightforward.”

The class action has not yet been listed for a hearing date.

At this time, there has been no reason given for Teffaha's licence being cancelled and Teffaha claims that she has not had any complaints from her clients.


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Just listened to James Delingpods interview with Dr Mike Yeadon. He is at the point of “this is a good day to die”...
He said “I’m not stopping because there is nothing in this world for me, my children and grandchildren.....”
His clear headed interpretation of what’s going on in the world is good to hear because it means we are not alone.


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New stuff from whatreallyhappened:

Blood clots as prevalent with Pfizer and Moderna vaccine as with AstraZeneca's: study

Published: April 15, 2021

A study by Oxford University found the number of people who receive blood clots after getting vaccinated with a coronavirus vaccine are about the same for those who get Pfizer PFE, 2.57% and Moderna MRNA, 6.84% vaccines as they are for the AstraZeneca AZN, -0.20% vaccine that was produced with the university's help. According to the study, 4 in 1 million people experience cerebral venous thrombosis after getting the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, versus 5 in 1 million people for the AstraZeneca vaccine. The risk of getting CVT is much higher for those who get COVID-19 -- 39 in a million patients -- than it is for those who get vaccinated. AstraZeneca's vaccine use has been halted or limited in many countries on blood clot concerns.
Good comments to the above including this one:

"I think you need to be a bit more discerning before you simply accept what you read. First this is a 'study by Oxford University'! Do you see a potential conflict of interest there? Secondly if you check the FDA site on vaccine applications you'll find however that the blood clots in the mRNA vaccines are primarily in those over 65 years of age with co-morbid conditions and not generally CVST in type."

Damage control and profits come to mind as well as pushing for mRNA vax over the adenoviral vector vax.

So, just having COVID-19 alone increases one's chance of a CVT to 39 in 1 million whereas getting the vax decreases the chance to 4 or 5 in 1 million. Yes! Must get vax for this ridiculously low statistical chance of a CVT if I get COVID-19! :halo:

In other news:

Weimar Court Prohibits Mask-Wearing, Distancing Measures and Rapid Testing At Schools

A court in Weimar, Germany, has ruled that two schools should be prevented – with immediate effect – from forcing their pupils to wear masks, along with imposing social distancing measures and insisting on SARS-CoV-2 rapid tests, saying that “the state legislature regulating this area has gotten far removed from the facts, which has taken on seemingly historic proportions”. On mask-wearing, the court ruled that “the risk of infection is not only not reduced by wearing the mask, but is increased by [the widespread] incorrect handling of the mask”. The court also said “there is no evidence that compliance with distance regulations can reduce the risk of infection” and that “the regular compulsion to take a test puts the children under psychological pressure, because their ability to go to school is constantly put to the test”. The case was brought to court by a mother on child protection grounds.

There follows the text of an article published by 2020 News
on this ruling – translated from German to English by Google. We think it’s so good we are reproducing it in full.
Access the link to read the translated article in full. One can only hope that sanity is starting to break out. Since we know gaslighting/brainwashing is a huge component of the scamdemic, the following are relevant and may be of interest:



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Not news to us, but to the general public:

SCANDAL: Hospitals In Cuomo’s State Denied Lifesaving Drug To People Dying Of COVID After It Showed Amazing Promise

Courts in New York had to step in to order hospitals to administer a drug that likely saved the life of people dying of complications from COVID-19.

The drug called Ivermectin, a commonly used drug to treat parasitic infections, has been shown in 50 studies, 26 of them randomized controlled trials, to have an incredibly high rate of success in treating COVID and its inflammatory response in the immune system at all stages of the virus with no side effects.

John Swanson, 81, of Genesee County, New York, like so many elderly Americans, was given no legitimate preventive or early treatment options for this now very predictable inflammatory response to COVID-19. He wound up on a ventilator at the United Memorial Medical Center in Batavia and, according to the court affidavit, was “on death’s doorstep.” The Buffalo News reports that, according to attorney Ralph C. Lorigo, Swanson was given one dose of ivermectin and began breathing on his own, was then taken off the ventilator, and began to show great progress. However, the hospital, with no other legitimate treatment options to offer, refused to give him follow-up doses.

On April 2, state Supreme Court Justice Frederick J. Marshall ordered the hospital to administer the follow-up doses at the request of Swanson’s wife.

"As of late Friday afternoon, his attorneys described Swanson as “stable.”

“I definitely think the Ivermectin is helping him,” Sandra Swanson told The Buffalo News, but she said she is upset and frustrated that hospital officials would not allow her to visit with her husband.

“They held the phone to his ear, and I read him a long list of people who are praying for him every day, about 20 people,” she said. “But I need to see him.”"

There have been at least two other instances where New York judges had to force local hospitals to administer lifesaving treatment to those who appeared on their way to death.

It is shocking how 13 months into this pandemic, the medical profession has nothing to offer but a ventilator, keeping loved ones away from seeing the patient, and blocking the only known lifesaving treatments.

What is even more bewildering is the fact that the World Health Organization’s own data show that early-use ivermectin is even more effective, reducing mortality by 81%. Were every vulnerable person to use it preventively, one can only speculate that the results would be even better, because the key to fighting the inflammatory response is to pre-empt it from getting off the ground.

Despite proof showing the amazing efficacy of this cheap and safe drug, the NIH refuses to recommend its use. As late as January, health officials continued to say that “there are insufficient data to recommend either for or against the use of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19.” But three months later, why have they not aggressively studied ivermectin to at least confirm or refute the wealth of existing studies they evidently don’t want to rely upon?

On Feb. 15, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, the head of the World Health Organization’s technical response team to COVID-19, promised that within the “next six weeks or so” they would be coming out with guidance on use of ivermectin for COVID. She hinted at the fact that they felt some of the positive studies had too small a sample size and were looking to pool and synthesize the data. At the same forum, Dr. Sylvie Briand, director of the Pandemic and Epidemic Diseases Department at the World Health Organization, admitted that ivermectin induced “broad spectrum activity” against viruses and looked promising and that studies were ongoing.

Two months later, with panic abounding about variants despite all the vaccines, why is there still radio silence? Why was there such a rush to make experimental gene therapy approved as a vaccine under emergency use for hundreds of millions of people at the same time they drag their feet on a drug that has been proven safe for years?

Dr. Fauci is telling people that it’s still not OK for vaccinated Americans to eat and drink indoors. He and his colleagues in the various health agencies keep spreading fear about variants of the virus escaping the utility of the vaccine. According to a recent YouGov poll, 54% of those vaccinated in America say they still fear getting the virus. Why wouldn’t we tell everyone the good news that there is a safe, non-invasive drug they can take at the first sign of COVID (and even preemptively) that will almost certainly ward off serious or even mild illness without any unknown long-term effects like the vaccines?
"Why wouldn’t we tell everyone the good news that there is a safe, non-invasive drug they can take at the first sign of COVID (and even preemptively) that will almost certainly ward off serious or even mild illness without any unknown long-term effects like the vaccines?"

Yeah - we know why, but that's just conspiracy theory. All people hear is vaccines - virtually zero about Ivermectin. Interesting that it also kills parasites and what the Cs had to say about parasites - can't "graduate" if you have them.

Other links on this obviously MAGA site:


Ursus Minor

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100-year-old Chilean woman denied access to supermarket in Chile for lack of digital health pass

The elderly woman, who was there to buy her lunch food, said she did not know how to obtain the permit. The company continues to insist it cannot make exceptions.

Images and video footage of the incident sparked outrage after going viral. The store security guard who denied her entry insisted that he would lose his job if he let in the woman without her access pass. :shock:

At some point in time they will be coming for our lives telling us politely they would lose their jobs if they failed to take us out...


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Texas Youth Baseball Team Requires Kids to Get COVID Vaccine to Play in Tournament — But They’re Too Young to Even Qualify

A youth baseball team in Texas is requiring kids to get a COVID vaccine to play in a tournament that they have been preparing for since 2018 — but the players aren’t even old enough to qualify for it.

The Texas Drillers have been preparing to travel to the Baseball Hall of Fame and play in a tournament in New York for the last three years. The team has spent approximately $17,000 on flights, rental homes and equipment.

“It’s amazing,” Dillon Norris, a Texas Drillers player, said of the tournament. “It’s probably the best thing that happened to me this year. It would be pretty special, because I don’t know a lot of people who played up there.”

However, ABC 13 reports that Cooperstown Dreams Park, who is hosting the tournament, released a statement saying in order to participate, the 12-year-old athletes must show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination.

The statement reads:
“All participants, coaches and campers 12 years and older must be immunized. Immunization requirements: COVID-19 (campers under 12 years of age are exempt, but must provide a negative test upon arrival), diphtheria, haemophilus influenza type b, hepatitis b, measles, mumps, rubella, poliomyelitis, tetanus and varicella a/k/a chickenpox. Cooperstown Dreams Park is hopeful that the vaccines will be available a minimum of twenty-one days prior to any registration date. Cooperstown Dreams Park will, if necessary modify registration date by registration date until a vaccine is available for 12 year old's and older.
Registered visiting family members 12 years and older are required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination to gain entry. Visitors 11 years and younger must provide proof of a negative test result upon arrival. Unregistered visitors will not be permitted entry into Cooperstown Dreams Park. This season, we anticipate hundreds of communities will have the opportunity to experience Cooperstown Dreams Park, the Cooperstown area and the National Baseball Hall of Fame.”

Texas Drillers General Manager Paul Edmond told the station that he felt the rule was onerous.

“We felt like there are other options that we wanted for our kids if we wanted to play baseball, so we’re going to pursue those options,” Edmonds said.
There are currently no COVID vaccinations available or approved for children under 16.

It is currently legal for Cooperstown Dreams Park to only allow people who are vaccinated to participate, but that could change if the governor issues an order, ABC 13 noted.

They're even requiring a flu shot! How long before all kids' activities will require all these horrid vax?! I'm surprised they're allowed to play without masks!
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