Coronavirus Pandemic: Apocalypse Now! Or exaggerated scare story?


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I found out that most of the deceased people in Covid hospitals have died from complications like heavy breathing, Strokes, and blood clots in their lungs or brain.
I also found that the Macedonian government as a good puppy is using the medicine „Veklury (remdesivir)“ for treating the patients in covid hospitals by following protocols that they must follow. Once somebody enters the Covid hospital they can only live that place in a plastic bag.
This medicine is probably very dangerous and it is probably the main culprit for the deaths of many people who were hospitalized there.
I find out some information about that drug

As I heard while talking with local people where I live the bolded symptoms were the symptoms that most people developed after hospitalization. Prior to that, they were hospitalized with flu-like symptoms or without any symptom, only based on a positive PCR test.

You can add here flu vaccines and you can have a pretty clear image of what is going on in these covid camps. People are killed.
This is unbelievable. All people and medical stuff included in this mass genocide must be taken responsible for this.

This is very sad.

I hope justice comes but I fear this is all being done "officially" and so their are likely no legal consequences unless the population know the truth and rise up. Sadly with secrecy and accusations of disinformation, they can hide the truth quite convincingly.

Bill Gates is likely very happy at the success of this operation. Soon he hopes to have the planet to himself with his chosen few ruling over brain-dead-bio-semi-conscious-semi-aware-robots i.e. the remnants of the majority of humanity.
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I think I saw this latest video by Dave Cullen posted somewhere here but now I can't find it. So, sorry if this is a repost.

In any case, I thought that what he presents here makes it highly probable that the next manufactured crisis will, indeed, be...wait for it...Cyber-COVID ! The internet, computers and as a consequence the power grids will be severely damaged by this new (computer) virus, and they will just have to shut everything down, perhaps for months. And after blaming it all – as usual – on the population and their carelessness with computers and the internet, new very tight restrictions will be imposed on internet usage. And voilá, there goes the last effective channel for getting alternative information on world events.

The name sounds funny and the scenario far fetched but since those at the wheel are sick and deranged and own all the media, I'm sure they have no problem to make this happen and to sell this concept to the people. And, as you see in the video, they have already started preparing people's mind for this. The question is, is there anything we can do to prepare for this shutdown, to mitigate the effects?


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The internet, computers and as a consequence the power grids will be severely damaged by this new (computer) virus, and they will just have to shut everything down, perhaps for months.

I expect there will be blackouts but no deliberate shutdowns for months.

Their control structure is dependent on internet structures so that they can know what we are intending or thinking.
There would be bartering (or use of cash if there still is any) instead of online payments, their beloved e-cars would be rendered useless (and so would be their campaign the sell them to us), the bureaucracy would lose track of us and not least the brainwashing of the media would be stopped cold.


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During this month's lockdown in the UK, I decided to watch Chernobyl the Netflix miniseries.

One thing that definitely stood out was how the Soviet state was so able to shape perception of reality to such an extent that people literally commited themselves to their own deaths without any protest or question. A whole nuclear reactor blew up and the guys in the control room at the nuclear station got convinced by their boss that what had happened hadn't in fact happened. The residents of the city despite literally seeing this thing blow the hell up right in front of their faces still remained for a number of days UNTIL the state told them to leave.

Looking at the covid-19 situation, it's becoming apparent that the west is metamorphosing into a Soviet type region where the state is taking on the role of being the ultimate arbiter of basic reality.

It's interesting watching this take place because the average person doesn't think it's taking place. The reason why they don't think such a thing is taking place is because this is the West and such things don't happen here in the west... Correction, such things CAN'T happen here in the west because the west is the highest possible degree of human civilization and human freedom. It's this line of thinking that I think has made your average western citizen blind to what is happening, to what they themselves are participating in by accepting all the pronouncements from the state regarding masks, fake news, anti vaxxers, testing, lockdowns etc.

The west is literally turning into a SOVIET STYLE region where the state is taking on the role of being the ultimate arbiter of REALITY, facts be damned! And the majority are accepting this reality, in fact championing it! Also we have this new form socialism that is creeping into the west with the 'Great Reset".

The Stasi is slowly but surely forming in the UK

Screenshot (there's a spooky video in the tweet itself)



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Yes I do hope Dr Hodkinson hit a nerve, it certainly seems as though he has.

I think it may be time to boycot YT.
There are other alternatives :-

Others are here :-
I never managed to get Bitchute to work. All I got is this blank page with some red bars each time I clicked on a video.
My only guess is it may be resolved by updating my OS (currently Ubuntu 16.04 lts...)

Vimeo banned paid per view for now "world-famous-French-documentary-hold-up".

A lot of French youtubers I follow are going on odysee.

Several problems with this one for me:
°Only high quality videos (as far as I can see) which is annoying when you have not a lot of bandwidth.
°When I am cut from the net (which for some reason is happening a lot lately - then I have to unplug the internet cable and replug it) instead of freezing the video they go to the next one.
°they don't seem to have the playlist option that youtube have and that I find very practical.


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Hello H2O

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I am quite behind in this thread, so if this has been posted already, my apologies.

A while back, (before Covid), I read the entire Allies of Humanity book series. According to the transcripts, they are a 4D STO source that was channeled. and I remember these passages:

(The Allies of Humanity, Book Three)


Anything that a foreign race seeks to do in this world must have significant human assistance. This is because of the biological barrier that this world presents to the universe and to those races who have evolved in sterile environments, who are not adapted to be in biological, terrestrial environments such as this. Because worlds such as this are very rare, there are very few races in the universe who have this adaptation. That is why the native races must be cultivated and genetically aligned with the intervening races. It is a time-consuming process, but the results are believed to be worth it by those who are engaging in such activities.

------------------------------------------------------- must understand that those races who are competing for access to this world do not want to destroy the human family, for they need you as their liaisons to work in this world. They are unable to live within this world, unable to live in its environment, unable to face the biological hazard of its countless organisms. Races that have evolved in sterile environments cannot live in worlds such as yours without immense hazard and without the great risk of contaminating not only themselves, but also their home worlds with foreign biological agents, to which they have no immunity and which their medicines have not yet evolved to counteract.


It is perhaps surprising for you to realize that an advanced technological race would have difficulty adapting to your world, believing that their science and medical technology would have overcome the difficulties involved here. But, alas, so great are these difficulties that there is no race who has evolved in sterile or near sterile environments that could easily withstand the biological agents that exist here. Even the illnesses of your animals could affect them. So great is this hazard that in recent history few races have attempted colonization of this world.

So now these passages that I read pre-covid seem to take on more meaning. Could all this madness around covid and the mask wearing and such, be put in place pave the way for an intervention, and a way for these alien types to have more freedom to walk among us?



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FDA grants emergency use authorization for experimental Regeneron Covid-19 cocktail given to Trump

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved monoclonal antibody therapies developed by Regeneron to be used on Covid-19 patients, including children and at-risk elderly, to help them avoid hospitalization.

The emergency green light was given for casirivimab and imdevimab, two monoclonal antibodies developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, to be administered to children above the age of 12 and adults, including those over 65 with underlying health conditions, as part of a therapy to stop their condition from worsening.

Justifying the move, the FDA cited clinical trials of coronavirus patients which indicated the antibodies reduced hospitalizations and ER visits from patients “at high risk for disease progression” within the span of 28 days after they took the cocktail as compared to a placebo.

The authorization issued on Saturday stipulates that the experimental drug can be used only to treat “mild to moderate Covid-19” and is not cleared to be administered in hospital settings.

“Casirivimab and imdevimab are not authorized for patients who are hospitalized due to COVID-19 or require oxygen therapy due to COVID-19,” the FDA said, noting that "the safety and effectiveness of this investigational therapy... continues to be evaluated."

Regeneron became a household name in the US, and is likely to ring a bell even among those not familiar with the pharmaceutical industry and the latest progress in searching for the ultimate Covid-19 therapeutic, after it was touted by US President Donald Trump as a coronavirus cure.


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I was listening to the local news this morning on my way to work when the morning show host -- a very prominent media figure -- was complaining about the several people that were 'protesting' by refusing to wear a mask in a couple of retail stores over the weekend. He kept going on about how he's so disgusted with people who refuse to wear a mask, endangering other people's lives. But what really floored me is when he said that, in his mind, anyone who refuses to wear a mask in public is really a terrorist!

Well... here's one of those terrorists he was talking about:



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I never managed to get Bitchute to work. All I got is this blank page with some red bars each time I clicked on a video.
My only guess is it may be resolved by updating my OS (currently Ubuntu 16.04 lts...)

Vimeo banned paid per view for now "world-famous-French-documentary-hold-up".

A lot of French youtubers I follow are going on odysee.

Several problems with this one for me:
°Only high quality videos (as far as I can see) which is annoying when you have not a lot of bandwidth.
°When I am cut from the net (which for some reason is happening a lot lately - then I have to unplug the internet cable and replug it) instead of freezing the video they go to the next one.
°they don't seem to have the playlist option that youtube have and that I find very practical.
Hi Goemon_ my OS is Ubuntu 14.04 lts and I have no problem with Bitchute, nor with Odyssee, so maybe your problems don't come from your OS. This said I'm not a computer expert...


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'The Germans' Are Back!​

Break out the Wagner, folks … the Germans are back! No, not the warm, fuzzy, pussified, peace-loving, post-war Germans … the Germans! You know the ones I mean. The “I didn’t know where the trains were going” Germans. The “I was just following orders” Germans. The other Germans.

Yeah … those Germans.

In case you missed it, on November 18, the German parliament passed a law, the so-called “Infection Protection Act” (“Das Infektionsschutzgesetz” in German) formally granting the government the authority to issue whatever edicts it wants under the guise of protecting the public health. The government has been doing this anyway — ordering lockdowns, curfews, travel bans, banning demonstrations, raiding homes and businesses, ordering everyone to wear medical masks, harassing and arresting dissidents, etc. — but now it has been “legitimized” by the Bundestag, enshrined into law, and presumably stamped with one of those intricate official stamps that German bureaucrats like to stamp things with.

Now, this “Infection Protection Act,” which was rushed through the parliament, is not in any way comparable to the “Enabling Act of 1933,” which formally granted the government the authority to issue whatever edicts it wanted under the guise of remedying the distress of the people. Yes, I realize that sounds quite similar, but, according to the government and the German media, there is no absolutely equivalence whatsoever, and anyone who suggests there is is “a far-right AfD extremist,” “a neo-Nazi conspiracy theorist,” or “an anti-vax esotericist,” or whatever.

As the Protection Act was being legitimized (i.e., the current one, not the one in 1933), tens of thousands of anti-totalitarian protesters gathered in the streets, many of them carrying copies of the Grundgesetz (i.e., the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany), which the parliament had just abrogated. They were met by thousands of riot police, who declared the demonstration “illegal” (because many of the protesters were not wearing masks), beat up and arrestede hundreds of them, and then hosed down the rest with water cannons.

The German media — which are totally objective, and not at all like Goebbels’ Ministry of Propaganda in the Nazi era — dutifully reminded the German public that these protesters were all “Corona Deniers,” “far-right extremists,” “conspiracy theorists,” “anti-vaxxers,” “neo-Nazis,” and so on, so they probably got what they deserved. Also, a spokesperson for the Berlin police (who bear absolutely no resemblance to the Gestapo, or the Stasi, or any other notorious official-ideology-enforcing goons) pointed out that their water cannons were only being used to “irrigate” the protesters (i.e., not being aimed directly at them) because there were so many “Corona Denier” children in their ranks.

According to the government, the German media, the intelligentsia, and, basically, anyone in public life who wants to remain there, these “Corona Deniers” are becoming a problem. They are spreading baseless “conspiracy theories” that are threatening the public health and causing distress to the German people (e.g., that the vast majority of those infected suffer only mild to moderate flu symptoms or, more commonly, no symptoms at all, and that over 99.7% survive). They are walking around without medical-looking masks, which is making a mockery of the government and media’s efforts to convince the public that they are under attack by an apocalyptic plague. They are posting scientific facts on the Internet. They are staging these protests and otherwise challenging the government’s right to declare a “health emergency,” suspend the German constitution indefinitely, and rule society by decree and force.

Despite the German government and media’s efforts to demonize anyone not obediently parroting the official “New Normal” narrative as a “dangerous neo-Nazi Corona Denier,” the “Corona Denialism” movement is growing, not just in Germany, but all throughout Europe. Clearly, the time is coming for Germany to take stronger measures against this threat. The health of the Vater … uh, the nation, is at stake! Fortunately, this “Infection Protection Act” will provide the government with the authority it needs to conceive and carry out some kind of … well, you know, solution. Allowing these degenerate anti-social deviants to run around challenging the German government’s absolute power is not an option, not in a time of national health emergency! These “Nazi-sympathizing Corona Deniers” must be rooted out and dealt with, mercilessly!
I’m not privy to the details, of course, but, it being Germany, I imagine some sort of Special Task Force has been set up to efficiently deal with the “Corona Denier Problem.” Steps are clearly already being taken. Alternative media outlets are being deplatformed (because, according the media, they are “Querfront magazines”). In April, a well-known dissident lawyer was forcibly committed to a psychiatric ward (but the authorities and the media assured us that it had nothing to do with her dissident views, or with the lawsuits she was filing against the government; she just coincidentally became completely paranoid). Heavily-armed police are arresting YouTubers (although it isn’t clear exactly what for, as the authorities have released no details and the mainstream media is not reporting it).

In the run-up to the 29 August demonstration, at which the government granted some neo-Nazis de-facto permission to “storm the Reichstag,” so that the media could film it and discredit the real protest, one German politician went so far as to call for “Corona Deniers” to be deported … presumably on trains, somewhere to the east.

But seriously, I don’t mean to pick on the Germans. I love the Germans. I live in Germany. And they’re hardly the only ones implementing the new pathologized totalitarianism.

It’s just that, given their not-too-distant history, it is rather depressing, and more than a little frightening, to watch as Germany is once again transformed into a totalitarian state, where the police are hunting down the mask-less on the streets, raiding restaurants, bars, and people’s homes, where goose-stepping little Good German citizens are peering into the windows of Yoga studios to see if they are violating “social distancing rules,” where I can’t take a walk or shop for groceries without being surrounded by hostile, glaring, sometimes verbally-abusive Germans, who are infuriated that I’m not wearing a mask, and otherwise mindlessly following orders, and who robotically remind me, “Es ist Pflicht! Es ist Pflicht!”


Yes, I am fully aware that it is “Pflicht.” If I had any doubt as to whether it was “Pflicht,” the Berlin Senat cleared that up when they commissioned and ran this charming advert instructing me to -flick- myself if I don’t want to follow their “Corona orders” and profess my belief in their new Big Lie.

And OK, before the Literalist Society starts flooding me with outraged emails, no, I’m not calling these Germans “Nazis.” I am calling them “totalitarians.” Which, at this point, given everything we know, if you’re still pretending that this coronavirus in any way warrants the increasingly ridiculous “emergency measures” we are being subjected to, I’m sorry, but that is what you are.

You may not believe that is what you are … totalitarians never do, not until it is far too late.
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