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I haven't seen here the input of this guy that goes by the tweeter name @Harvard2H :

He was one of the first to find out that Sarscov-2 a lab bioweapon.

he's now literally in a state of panic, because he believes the virus is about to soon reverse to full pathogenicity.
Bear with me , i don't fully understand this . far from it so i wil ljust post two of his a
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Twitter link
His subtrack article
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BUT his article is absolute gold!
I am experiencing awe and envy at the authors ability to string together politically incorrect words and scathing descriptive language to form brilliant, insulting rants towards the greedy, mad scientists in powerful positions.

His main thesis, is that the influenza pandemics over the last century have all been the result of chimeric mutations created in labs, for the purpose of increasing vaccine and drug sales.
How once these chimeric mutations are manipulated and created, and released into nature, biological attempts to deconstruct the unnatural manipulations, essentially makes them even more potent, and ultimately stronger, and doesn’t work out well.

From the end of the article:

“[…]since all the way back in 1977 when the first H1N1 LAV emerged to a mass global panic, a massive push was made to create and distribute vaccines against what was thought to be a potentially pandemic strain. But it turns out that one of the ways a LAV isn’t a natural virus, is that when you attempt to vaccinate against it, neurological side-effects appear to proliferate among the vaccinated population, as the virus blows through this attempt at protection.

Because unfortunately for all of us, this isn’t the first time we’ve all been down the horrific rabbit-hole of trying to rush out an incredibly profitable vaccine against an enigmatic mystery virus that’s really a military LAV that deattenuated faster than expected. A vaccine which not only provides weak and temporary protection - but also causes wide-spread side-effects because it turns out the pharmaceutical companies were lying about their vaccine studies, and knowingly risked the lives and livelihoods of tens of millions of Americans so they could make as much money as quickly as possible:
Thanks a lot Debra for the clearer explanations. His writing style is very good indeed.
There is also this one article worth the read i believe:
Golden Silkworms in Pandora's Box

Btw , on the infamous Spanish flu , there seems to be new alternative theories not necessary involving a virus (after the recent revelation that most deaths where due to bacterial pneumonia), involving post-war weakened immune system agressive treatments and experimental vaccines...
This Boston experiment on human to human transmission is ...fascinating
1918 Boston experiment
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