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Yes Joe, this is definitely a problem, and thank you for bringing this up. Faked Crop Circles are abundant in newer CC’s. The only real way to determine this is to have close up pictures of crop laydown. Then you could see the effects of the bending over or breakage. I look at what I can for imagery on CC’s and I do my best to identify them accordingly. My conclusion is that there were less forgeries in these earlier years. Not to state that I have not modeled a forgery, I probably have. And I will probably do some in the future. Even the C’s stated that these forgeries were possibly driven by outside forces, STS most likely, and might be helpful. Moreover, I have had a couple of CC’s that were hokey or janky (good description there) and I did not value them enough to model and review. One of note had faceted edges of a centre that was obvious to me that it was formed by a plywood sheet, looked like a 20 sided polygon.

Of note: I look for living or dead crop laydown first. Then if there are close-up images of the crop and determine breakage or bent stalks. Next is crop laydown, like a weave or patterning which so far is not done by 3D STS individuals (I am sure that they are thinking about how to fake these features during this period). I have to use intuition most of the time and this can lead me to modeling STS CC’s.

I have already made the ruling to not do anything that resembles a product logo or a character image (like the one’s with the Orion STS alien depictions).

Technically speaking, my model interpretations and reviews are not even close to being 100% accurate, I never expected them to be. I would state that my modeling is maybe 15-50% accurate and my reviews are just thoughts of a wandering mind and I would only rate them with a 10-25% accuracy, they are just my interpretations from a mechanical standpoint with life lessons added. This means that the work that I do for CC’s is mostly non-informational, but better than the idiots that make fake crop circles. I do plan to continue my efforts even with these personally defined ratings.

Mis-information is something that I looked at when I started this endeavor. Like the fake crop circles, I understood that all of what I create must be taken with a grain of salt. And that I would be assisting others to have some realization of what CC’s are and that I would also be part of the issue of this Mis-information. I am an Engineer for goodness sake, I do not like spreading mis-information, I usually have solid information to work with. So, it is my endeavor to spread as little of this mis-information as possible. And I cannot wait until 4D so I can review my 3D work and pick holes in it, with all of you. Thanks again Joe, Haiku …
And since we are on the topic of fake crop circles, I thought that I should discuss one and show the features that make me suspect it. This is one from east Oakley UK dated 07/07/1996.

First feature is that they aligned the CC with field lines, not just one but they used an almost perpendicular one also. And I state almost perpendicular as this is what it is. I have seen one field line used but never two at the same time. And if the CC did have a perpendicular line, it was perpendicular. This one is about five degree’s off perpendicular because of the field shape.

Now the next feature is the center line using the crop line. We saw one that I did for the 07/01/1994 punch bowl CC. It has a flattened area down the center of the field line that looks nothing like this one from east Oakley. Punch bowl was perfectly laid down in a single direction. Oakley has no consistency in the crop laydown as it goes in several directions other than straight. Very inconsistent with what we have seen so far.

Centre spiral crop laydown. In every centre we have seen, it is evident that the spiral goes from the outside edge to its center. The outer edge is very clean in crop laydown. There are no frayed edges from partially bent over stalks. You can see this in another CC is did from 06/20/1995 Gander Down. Now looking at Oakley here and a centre is shown quite clearly. It shows the spiral starting from the center of the centre and outward folding over direction of the crop laydown. The exterior edge of the centre is horrible. You can see several stalks that have been partially folded over. I suspect that this was done using a sheet of wood and flattening the section at one time. No spiral layover at all in the crop laydown. Another big mistake.

Straight lines are straight lines in STO CC’s. The crop laydown is in line with the line with no interruption of outside stalks. In Oakley here, look at this line. It is jagged, not straight at all. It looks like the sheet of wood was skewed each way every time it laid down the crop. This really is a fallacy of the 3D STS creators.

Now the big picture of the Oakley CC. It is not symmetric at all. The upper centre is not even round. The protrusions are coarsely added to the exterior of the centre, very ugly. The lower areas are poorly placed that add to the inconsistencies found in the CC. One side has straighter lines and the opposing side looks to be curved.

I am glad that I have found the spectrums of energies already. As this CC does not match any of the spectrums that I have documented. I am hoping that the spectrums of energies are my wild card (no, I did not call it my trump card, I have a problem with calling it that since Trump has been in office). All CC’s should relate to one of the energies and this one, Oakley, fails this test.

Now I am not going to go into this any further, I just wanted to point this one out to others, to what I see in it. The good news, I can use this horrible excuse of a CC as a template to identifying other CC’s that appear to be fake. So, this is good to have these resources that the 3D STS made to help my in identifying others. So, it is not all bad, Haiku …


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