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pinkredpurple said:
Laura said:
Why are you confused? The Cs did not confirm global warming.

well didn't you or someone else ask them "which part of global warming is man-made?" and didn't they answer "4%"? so doesn't that imply that there IS global warming and that only 4% of it is man-made according to them?

Hi pinkredpurple, when I saw your post yesterday I noticed that you omited an important part of the question asked in the session which would answer your question IMO, which is: "what we’re seeing today as". As a nonnative English speaker I made the same interpretation as Shijing and anart when I first read the session transcript.


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the main point being that 'global warming' is a thorny subject with much confusion - that is intentional from the 'powers that be' (PTB) point of view.

Glad you took a look at the linked article, prp, and that it cleared up any confusion. To elaborate a little, it seems that global 'climate change' (as it has now been rebranded!) is certainly an urgent issue that needs to be looked at, and which there is much propaganda about which clouds the issue. There is much hiding and distortion of the real data. Certain parts of the earth are heating (I think?), other parts are cooling, weather systems are becoming more chaotic, the changing stellar environment also seems to be a driving factor, and indications are that an ice-age is one possible outcome. The PTB certainly seem to be aware that there are changes coming, and also seem to be doing everything possible to hide whatever they know about it. The more data we can find out, the clearer the picture will become, but it requires a wide-ranging context of a lot of subjects to really start to make sense of it.

The subject of man made climate change also seems to be a major deflection (ie, to stop people from thinking about it) away from the more urgent side of man-made pollution which is creating a toxic and uninhabitable planet, vis-à-vis everything from chemical (including pharmaceutical) to biological (including GMOs) to radioactive (including depleted uranium) contamination.


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I don't think that "belligerant" is quite the thing here. I think that we are just accustomed to a particular way of discussing - more like a Socratic dialogue - that is not the usual way.

In this case, I asked the question that I asked to try to get a clearer question from pinkedpurple so that I could understand exactly what s/he was getting at in order to best answer. Now I see that the confusion had to do with him/her not realizing that "global warming" is just a precursor to ice age conditions (as the historical record shows).

We have to remember that not everybody who arrives on the forum here has been with us all through the research, nor has read all the material we have, and may not even have read all the articles we have published. So, it is natural for them to ask such questions.


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Hi pinkredpurple,

One other thing about that session. At that time (something to take into consideration when reading the sessions) it was warming up. Since then, I think it started in 1998, things have been cooling down here on the Big Blue Marble (BBM). There has been no real global warming for quite some time. There are only political and corporate (basically the same thing) people trying to make some big bucks off of the carbon tax they are trying to get approved. It's always for money and power.

There are some really good articles on SOTT to read to get you up to speed to see what is really going on. I don't know if this helps, but I thought I'd throw it out there. :)


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thank you Vulcan59 for the the updated material (transcripts) , it refreshed and learned something new :)
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