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2D devilish horse looked to me much creepier, than its 3D counterpart. And when i focus exclusively on the upper part of its torso, head and neck, i translate image as a mythical dragon rather than a horse. Usually appearance of a dragon is accompanied by some calamity like a thundersorm, huge fire. And the fiercest weapon of a dragon is fire. Well, usually dragon is more than one-headed, like 3 or 7 or 12... If I remember correctly, Marciniak wrote about dragos that these creatures are our nearest neighbors however we are unable to perceive them.

Glowing red eyes are also puzzling - 'welcome to hell' Leviafan's features??

If momentarily put aside 'horseness' of this creature and focus on its eyes, this creature would resemble as some paranormal UFO weirdo just happening to chasing around here.

Science tells us that nocturnal animals don’t have self-luminous eyes. They often have eyes that are reflective, in order to help them see in the dark, but they don’t glow. So the premise of this article is that seeing glowing red eyes on an out-of-place, or highly weird animal, or entity, is most likely a sign of it being something paranormal. Some researchers also marry up sightings of such creatures with UFO events, but I’m not convinced about that idea. One of the most well known creatures to have been reported as having glowing red eyes occur in the Black Dog tales. These Black Dogs have appeared right across the UK, in much of Europe, and in the USA and Canada. It is, naturally, known by different names in different parts of the UK.

Scotland: In Gaelic it is known as “Choin Dubh,” “Cu Sith,” or fairy dog. The last name is more common, and its colour is normally green, although sometimes it can be white. Another local name is the Muckle Black Tyke

Their description is said to be that of a very large dog, far larger than any normal dog, which is usually black in colour, although they have been seen as grey, white, and yellow. The coat is normally shaggy, but sometimes said to be smooth, bristly, and gleaming, the mouth to be slavering, with fetid breath and fangs for teeth. Sometimes a grinning expression has been noted, and the sound of growling, barking, or even speaking, laughing or screaming. There are also a few rare sightings of two-headed, or even totally headless, dogs. And, naturally, they mostly have glowing red eyes. Usually they vanish into thin air, sink into the ground, or disappear with a flash or an explosion, and there have also been some reports of them shape-shifting.

On Exmoor, in Somerset, there has long been a tale of what the locals call a Devil Dog. This beast disappears very slowly, leaving just a pair of glowing red eyes.
Meanwhile in Lothian, Scotland, there is a story of a Black Dog that appeared and disappeared. It was said to have been accompanied by a high-pitched screeching sound and, as we’ve come to expect, it had glowing red eyes.
Over on the Isle of Mann a legendary Black Dog is said to roam around the lonely roads. The animal is considered to be a herald of misfortune and death, and its appearance is often linked to electrical storms, and even to the lights of UFOs. Naturally, this one too has glowing red eyes.

The Mothman event is very well documented on the Internet, and in many books. The best of which, in my opinion, is John Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies – although I wasn’t that impressed with the film version of the book.
John Keel also mentions The Mothman in another of his books: The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings. Keel himself investigated many of these curious sightings, and tells us that in nearly all of them the “most outstanding feature seemed to be its glowing red eyes.” He goes on to state that: “Self-luminous eyes usually suggest a paraphysical entity rather than a real animal. About half of the witnesses appeared to be people with latent or active psychic abilities, prone to having accurate premonitions, prophetic dreams, extra-sensory perception (ESP), etc.” And he notes that, although few of the witnesses could describe what The Mothman’s face looked like, they were all far more frightened of those glowing red eyes than by the size of the entity itself.

Another red-eyed monster can also be found in West Virginia, this time in Flatwoods. Again the story is very well known, and can be found all over the Internet. The Flatwoods Monster event happened in the latter part of 1952 when a burning UFO reportedly crashed. The sighting of a monster with glowing red eyes followed this.

Elsewhere in the USA a strange creature that some call Batsquatch comes from Mount St. Helens. Apparently is has leathery wings, purple skin, and blood-red eyes, with a head that resembles a cross between an ape and a bat. Back in 1673 a missionary was exploring the Mississippi River, in Illinois, when he came across what he believed to be the Devil. What he found were such lifelike petroglyphs that they truly frightened him. The drawings were of a creature with deer-like horns, a hideous expression, a man-like face, a scaly body with a very long posterior appendage that ended in a fish’s tail, and red eyes. The local Native American Indians called it Piasa – meaning the bird that devours men. Their legend is very ancient, and it tells of what is now called a Thunderbird. The bird swoops down with a thundering sound, and a rush of wind, and carries people away. Many tribes have these Thunderbird myths, and numerous petroglyphs of them were found along the Mississippi.
Immediately after being found Pucheta reported that he had been approached by 2 small men with glowing red eyes which apparently communicated by using telepathy and gave him orders, he attempted to get away from the entities but not could not remember anything after that and did not know how he ended up where he was found.

A pair of glowing red eyes spotted recently on FOX’s Prison Break, Kitchen Nightmares, and K-Ville. Interesting!
I was in Munich a few years ago and saw Franz Marc's painting of The Blue Horse. The painters Franz Marc and Vassily Kandisky were associated with a group known as the "Blue Riders."
Franz Marc was killed a few years later in the carnage of World
War I.

Art Corner said:
The Blue Rider (Der Blaue Reiter) was a group of artists fundamental to the rise of Expressionism in the beginning of the 20th century. Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc and others founded the group after Kandinsky’s painting Last Judgment was rejected from an exhibition.

The name Blue Rider was derived from Marc’s enthusiasm for horses, and from Kandinsky’s love of the color blue. For Kandinsky, blue is the color of spirituality - “the darker the blue, the more it awakens human desire for the eternal.”

Within the group, the artists shared a common desire to express spiritual thoughts through their art. They believed in the forthcoming of abstract art; the relation of visual art and music; the symbolism of color; and an insightful approach to painting.

This important artist group was short lived and lasted only until the outbreak of World War I in 1914. Franz Marc was killed in combat. Wassily Kandinsky was forced to move back to Russia because of his Russian citizenship. There were also differences in opinions within the group. As a result, The blue Rider lasted only three years from 1911 to 1914.

Although this group of Russian and German artists didn’t last very long, their works and ideas are a pivotal point in the modern art era. Kandinsky and Marc oil paintings convey many of the beliefs of The Blue Rider group. They opened the door for abstract artists to convey their inner soul on bear canvas.
Is the artist transmitting messages from another realm?

Prometheus gave man two gifts, the gift of fire and the gift
of prophecy, or so it says in Prometheus Bound by Aesculus.
nemo said:
I wouldn`t read too much into Jiminiz (1940 - 2006) works. After having a quick look at his other stuff I actually think they`re intriguing.
He seems to have had some mexican folk art background which explains some of the gaudishness and the grand guignol-esk aspects of his work.
It`s a completely different matter though why the DA crowd would want to have exactly this -indeed creepy- sculpture?
Wish I could read the transcripts of the briefing with the commissioners!
I would second that as well.

There is a difference between getting a commission from someone and actually working for yourself, although usually they normally would commission you because they are interested in what you're doing.

It's sometimes misleading to try to understand the use of certain symbols in artistic's works without knowing the artist himself osit.
From what I read, the mustang could be a symbol of pride from his mexican-american heritage but that's open to discussion.

The horse is also a bit less scary in broad daylight :

After reading through this thread it's particularly disturbing to me that the 'Democratic' National Convention will be held so near to the third largest airport in the world with god knows what laying beneath it. The murals were truly disturbing.

I don't know if this has anything to do with anything but it may bear mentioning that a solar energy program will be completed at the DIA before the Convention, reportedly able to generate 3.5 million kilowatt hours per year. So whatever, if anything, that's underneath the DIA will have an energy source independent of the local power grid.

Re: Denver Airport - IDF soldier / Denver airport mural commando


Original IDF soldier image: _

It always struck me as interesting how much the Commando in the Denver airport mural's mask looked like and Israeli issued gas mask.

in the 'belly' of the entity there seems to be a 'technological' version of the corn plant to the right. looks a bit like some hydroponic setup. and the entity is 'seeding' the child and the plant on a barren planet...

reminds me of that white robot in WALL-E which also kept a plant in its belly...
it's strange how, even after being confronted with such solid information regarding how devious the 'people in charge' are and what is in store for the future - people are still happy to turn a blind eye to it and say "i guess they just needed two airports...its obvioulsy just a back up" you could laugh, but, thats a quote from a friend of mine when I got him to watch the 2 part video on You Tube :)
Denver airport has a new addition....

yes, I thought about the whole Denver thing right away when seeing the news reports about this new sculpture. Gads, you can't make this stuff up! Demon horse, indeed. Is it meant to be one of the horses of the Apocalypse? IN any case, a bad sign all around.
In the discussion about the Denver paintings, the Cassiopaeans advised to take notice of free mason symbolism, and the capstone is a clear signature. With this year starting by a genocide, as shown in the paintings, I looked for calendars and I noticed that the Free mason use the actual Gregorian calendar to which they add 4000 :
So according to this addition we are in the year 6009, which looks like 69, the astrological sign of Gemini.
I then looked to the story of Castor (the domptor of horses) and Pollux (the boxers), sons of Zeus, brothers of Helena of Troy, and despite that the actual astrological looks like one of two persons struggling :
_ I found nothing very interresting.
Dompting the horses may relate to the Magog history? Anyway, it seems to me that these celestial horsemen are related to war, and maybe these people want to sign what they prepare to humanity by this demon-horse of war, maybe a synthesis of the four horses of the apocalypse?
Off track? :/
Seems to me, TPTB are trying hard to implement the (manifesto) scripted
in Revelations to John? I.e. to try and control the outcomes by changing
the past, to influence the present, in order to change the future according
to the aims of the STS?

The symbolism are all there: predictions of earthquakes, famine, pestilence, war,
all perhaps with the aim of manipulating/influencing the mental/emotional/physical
centers of sleeping masses into believing `with their ears/eyes/hearts', and submitting
their will to their (self-serving) `master(s)/"God"? Perhaps. Perhaps the Denver incident
is there to act a `trigger' and not only that, I think Denver is a "connecting" HUB of most
air travel concentrating a large amount of people? I remember when I travelled from Portland,
OR to Disney World (Florida), we had to stop in Denver first, and then take a connecting
flight to FDW. Coincidence? Hm, perhaps.

Just out of curiosity, I took a look at:
NameHorseRiderPowerOriginal Greek Description
ConquestWhiteCarries a bow (old Latin translation is standard, not the weapon).Carries a Crown(Judgments)ίππος λευκός (híppos leukós), [The] White Horse
WarRedCarries a swordTo take peace from the earth, and let men kill one another (slaughter[1])ίππος πυρρός (híppos purrós), [The] Flame-red Horse
FamineBlackCarries a balance (weighing scale)Famine, drought, disease. (Death[1])ίππος μέλας (híppos mélas), [The] Black Horse
DeathPale Green(or Sage)Death, followed by Hades (Pluto).Over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.ίππος χλωρός, θάνατος (híppos khlōrós, thánatos), [The] Pale Green Horse, [named] Death

But... the horse itself is not red, but cobalt-(navy-blue) - just the
eyes alone, are red... A deliberate twist? hm.

found two more Denver Airport image sets on flickr


FWIW to me it seems to be the 'pale' horse and 'celestial horsemen' a poetic description of comets.
rrraven said:
FWIW to me it seems to be the 'pale' horse  and 'celestial horsemen' a poetic description of comets.

I've picked up five guests that have flown into DIA since the demon horse was erected and one of them even mentioned that the glowing red eyes and bizarre mane look like a comet and its tail.  The others compared it to a dragon, a devil horse, a vision from Hell, and one just stared at it with her mouth open, then saying, "I can't believe that, I just can't believe - I mean, no one at home will believe this, unless they see it". 

It really is bizarre and ominous looking - and very large and impossible to miss.  Of course, compared to the murals inside the airport, it's quite 'normal' and harmless looking.   The whole airport is just beyond bizarre - and one of those places that its best to get into and out of as quickly as one can.
dant said:
Seems to me, TPTB are trying hard to implement the (manifesto) scripted
in Revelations to John?
NameHorseRiderPowerOriginal Greek Description
ConquestWhiteCarries a bow (old Latin translation is standard, not the weapon).Carries a Crown(Judgments)ίππος λευκός (híppos leukós), [The] White Horse
WarRedCarries a swordTo take peace from the earth, and let men kill one another (slaughter[1])ίππος πυρρός (híppos purrós), [The] Flame-red Horse
FamineBlackCarries a balance (weighing scale)Famine, drought, disease. (Death[1])ίππος μέλας (híppos mélas), [The] Black Horse
DeathPale Green(or Sage)Death, followed by Hades (Pluto).Over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.ίππος χλωρός, θάνατος (híppos khlōrós, thánatos), [The] Pale Green Horse, [named] Death

Here's another one for you, dant...  ( much less sinister looking, though...)  ;)
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