Dimensional Jumping


Dagobah Resident
I was reading this session from 4 July, 2020 when this part scrolled up:

(Artemis) Do you want to ask about the phenomenon you heard when we were charging the crystals?

(L) Oh yeah! We finished charging a whole new batch of crystals. When we started out, we were all in a very bad voice. Andromeda and I were still recovering from all that virus business that affected our lungs and throats, and it took us a number of days to even start to be able to breathe properly and sound normal. But then at certain points once we had gotten our mojo back, there were times when we were singing and I would hear other voices joining in. Was I actually hearing other voices?

A: Yes

Q: (L) What were those voices?

A: 4D STO support for charging magnification.

Q: (L) Were those voices that I was hearing coming from our throats, or from the air around us?

A: Your voices enhanced.

... and it triggered a memory.

Dimensional Jumping Art_1.jpg

I made this picture back in c.1992. It's pencil crayon on 18" x 26" heavy paper. I call it "Dimensional Jumping" and it shows these doors that lead to different places floating around in space in front of a few planets, a bright, blue star, and a dark nebula thing in the upper right-hand corner that's beginning to fade rather badly. I remember one day I was colouring along and was really "in the flow" when I paused and then stopped. I knew I had heard music! Only it wasn't music that I heard with my ears but rather in the centre of my head. It sounded like a choir singing! I don't know if there was a direct link between the choir and the image itself, but I think the choir and my "in the flow" focus were connected. I remember thinking just how bizarre that was and has stayed with me ever since. Anyway, it turned out that I entered this picture in the local county fair (in the "good old days" when towns and counties still had fairs because they were about FUN and not MONEY), and to my astonishment it won best of show that year! I think it won because of it's concept rather than artistic quality 'cause there were waaaaaayyyyyy better paintings there. I felt really good... and I missed the whole thing because I was at Air Cadet camp all summer. :nuts:
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