Donald Trump wins 2016 US presidential election

Laura said:
You know, it strikes me that if this over-cooked opposition to the seating of the lawfully elected president continues, driven by Soros and the Clinton gang, it could very well lead to the NECESSITY of Trump imposing Martial Law. And then, of course, all bets are off.

It sort of reminds me of the way the US has gone after Russia again and again, with endless patient responses, and turning the other cheek and all that, and then boom! Russia takes back Crimea, sends support to Assad, warns Turkey about a coup, and is now speaking out a lot more plainly about US wrongdoing.

Anyway, I thought about the fact that very early in the election thread, I pointed out that all the "signs" were there of a sort of Hitler type to be voted in (keeping in mind that Hitler WAS voted in). But, of course, it all looks nice on the surface except for the cabinet picks here and there. And Trump says all the right things. But then, so did Hitler. And certainly, I do not think for a moment that Hillary and the gang did not have in mind a Hitlerian type of maneuver either.

So, the Cs said everything was leading to a re-run of Nazi Germany only on a global scale. One way that could happen would be for Trump and Putin to both be assassinated, lighting the fires of global war and revolution. Obviously, the various players don't really want that full blown, but they can't see what they don't want to see; they all think that everything is under their control, or can be handled. But what if it can't? What if they go too far in their hubris?

That would then pretty much destroy a lot of people and stuff and leave the planet in a state to be taken over by a "savior". (Right now we have two "saviors", Putin and Trump, which don't fulfill the requirements for a global Nazi Germany scenario.)

Then, I thought about what the Cs had said about people being mind-programmed to "go off all at once".

17 August 1996
Q: (T) OK, the question is, is the fellow that just shot three professors in San Diego, I think it was, the University, before they read his thesis, because he was afraid they would throw his thesis away, and make it look bad, and flunk him. Was he a Greenbaum subject?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Why did they turn him 'on' at that point?

A: Not correct concept. What if: those programmed in the so called "Greenbaum" projects are preprogrammed to "go off" all at once, and some "malfunction," and go off early?

Q: (L) Oh!!! Can you tell us at approximately what time they're programmed to go off? Because it is a program...

A: Nope.

It sort of looks to me like this might be happening right now.

If I would take it in one entirety I would say that Trump and Putin are manifestation of approach of the wave and pursuance of our part of the universe, planet in the direction of balance. C's said about process of cleansing which is desirable in more cosmic point of view, but in our reality it can be economic crisis, civil war.

When came out conversation about Trump and Hillary, we were saying that Trump can mean more turbulance in the USA, and Hillary outside USA. What if we would adopt it to the more cosmic terms. Before Trump karma got those people over the world and in the middle east who in the past could be the part of the Nazi Germany as example.

And now karma can come to the USA and get those people in the US, through of civil war or something like. When Hillary would be, instead Trump, then more atrocities will happen outside USA, what is not desirable as the universe may perceive it.

Trump, Hillary, Putin or somebody else, it looks like that we aren't control of anything and universe regulate things by itself, to keeping itself in balance.

For now, when the planet isn't under ice at half, then it is not worthy to start global conflict. But if for example, half of the USA would be under the ice, then it will be hopelessness situation, and there will be no reason to keep people in peace and alive. That greenbaum program may be created for such circumstance like ice age, in order to, push people to fight each other. The example may be civil war between two fractions in the USA. Instead help each other.

In the session, there is said that some "go off early". Maybe it means that those are people who read the signals about divided population and tensioned situation in the country and they subconscious, because of no ideal programming, accidentally get it as the time to fighting other people, as it would be time for this after big attack of the ice age or some other big crisis.

As it comes to the PTB and Trump and Putin. I think that PTB will be use every opportunity to destabilise the situation in USA and Russia by good known attacks or other activities under false flags to lie away reputation of Trump and Putin and their people.
Laura said:
I think that much of what has already happened in the past 40 days is enough to give me chills. Just seeing the naked face of the "progressives" and warmongers, the attempts to undermine Trump and defame Putin... geeze, how much more do we need? It's already freaking unprecedented behavior. I don't know what else could possibly happen that could make it any more chilling other than a direct attempt on Trump's life. Geeze.

And, of course, meanwhile, people are being "chilled" all over the planet with earth changes and climate change.

Yeah, I've felt that way too, just watching the whole show, and seeing practically everybody buying into the lies - well the programming is complete and that is absolutely bone chilling!
Maybe, just maybe there are a few dudes out there who are not so blind to all that is happening. We are sometimes a bit elitist? I don't know but as Abraham Lincoln said: said:
You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

This video with 2 guys one from Essex in the UK and an average looking guy in California have what I found to be a not so bad awareness of what is happening with Trump and a lot of other issues. Not as intellectual as Jordan Peterson or Mahatma Gandhi but I found it to be refreshing.

Warning language may be slightly offensive in spots.
Interesting that after his appearance on RT, the assault happens in Tiburon Calif.

Neocons threatening Trump’s presidency – Michael Savage
Published on Mar 16, 2017
Conservative talk radio show host and author Michael Savage joins Larry King with his prediction for the GOP healthcare bill. Savage also explains why he believes House Speaker Paul Ryan and neoconservatives are the greatest threat to Donald Trump's presidency, and why, he says, Steve Bannon 'misled' the president.

No Surprise Michael Savage Was Assaulted For Supporting Trump
9:52 PM 03/19/2017 The Daily Caller
Popular conservative radio host Michael Savage was allegedly attacked this week while committing the horrific crime of dining while a Trump supporter.

The outspoken Savage was eating at a California restaurant when a patron allegedly noticed him, yelled at him and then assaulted him. The radio host’s assailant even kicked his accompanying poodle.

Savage himself blamed the “open season on prominent Trump supporters” for why he was left bloodied after trying to eat by himself and his poodle. “The fascist left has been empowered by their own false narrative that those who support borders, language and culture – my motto – are evil fascists!” he told Breitbart of his assault.

The conservative radio host intends on pursuing charges on the assault as a politically-motivated hate crime, which, considering American society right now, is probably not off the mark.

Skipping down Links within:

Savage appears to be only the latest victim of violence against Trump supporters — a phenomenon that first emerged during the primaries and has only escalated since The Donald won the election.

At first, the supporters who fell prey to these attacks were average joes who were only guilty of attending a Trump rally. Now it’s well-known figures like Savage who have to worry about getting punched in public.

This, unfortunately, shouldn’t come as a surprise with anti-Trump violence finding moral justification in our increasingly balkanized nation.

We first saw signs of this justification in the now-famous punch of white nationalist Richard Spencer in January. Mainstream liberal celebrities and pundits cheered on that assault, which led The New York Times to ask if it’s ok to punch a Nazi

Marin Independent Journal (Anti-Trump) 03/15/17, 5:12 PM PDT
Tiburon: Michael Savage says he was assaulted outside restaurant

Owners of the MIJ:Bay Area News Group
Ides Of Trump In Waimea (Mar. 15, 2017)

The Conspiracy Against President Trump
March 20, 2017: Listening today to the broadcast of testimony by FBI Director Comey and National Security Agency Director Admiral Michael Rogers before the House Intelligence Committee (an oxymoron) made it clear that the Democrats, Comey, and Rogers intend conflict with Russia.

The Republicans, for the most part, were interested to know how security leaks targeted at Trump Republicans came from meetings at which only the CIA Director, NSA Director, and FBI director were present. Of course, they did not get an answer, which shows how powerless congressional oversight committees are. Comey repeatedly said that he could not tell the committee anything, because it would confirm that a press leak was true. But, he said, speaking generally and of no specific leak, most leaks come from “someone who heard something” and passes it on to the media, which also explains the inaccuracy of some leaks. In other words, don’t blame us.

Jerry Brown steals Biden's thunder at anti-Trumpcare rally in Washington
Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Photo: Alex Wong, Getty Images Image 1 of 11
California Governor Jerry Brown speaks during an event on health care at the House East Front of the Capitol March 22, 2017 in Washington, DC. House Democrats held the event to mark the seventh anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

Meanwhile: From the Land of Reality-(Browns Epic Failure)
APNewsBreak: California may face 'significant risk' from dam Video

Trump team legally surveilled after election, communications unrelated to Russia ‒ House Intel chair
Published time: 22 Mar, 2017 17:28
Between Election Day and the Inauguration, President-elect Donald Trump and his team were caught up in “incidental surveillance” that was unrelated to Russia, House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes (R-California) has said.
Nunes was given “dozens of reports” that made “no mention of Russia,”
he told reporters Wednesday.
“This information was legally brought to me by sources who thought we should know it.”
The information was collected as part of a routine investigation, and is considered “incidental surveillance,” Nunes said
. The “normal, formal surveillance” provided “significant information” about Trump and his team during the transition period.
Re-watched some of the things Trump dared to bring up in the presidential debates yesterday. First: he dared to bring up a number of uncomfortable truths to the american people in several areas (and the rest of the mainstream world) and secondly he dared to directly confront Killary and her nefarious doings. In hindsight, I still have to say that this was very brave. At least he tried it and I commend him for this. That certainly wasn't easy! He certainly wouldn't have needed to put up with all of this at his age and with the wealth he already got, but he nonetheless did it and put himself in the line of fire (whether or not he knew what he was up against or not).

It really looks like Trump was the one who started "to reveal the man behind the curtain" (paraphrasing the C'S). It is kind of fascinating to re-watch it now:
Rhythmik said:
This speech where he roasts her is also worth a second viewing :lol:

Thanks for Posting that speech, Rhythmik. I think that Charity Dinner was around two weeks or so before we went to the Polls to elect a President?

I really never paid attention to Trump until he started running for President. I haven't had a TV in years and never had the opportunity to watch "the Apprentice" and all the hype of "the Donald" saying "You're fired!" I do consider Trump, a good public speaker and he's great on delivery and getting his point across. This speech was no different.

If you take in consideration, some of the information surfacing now in the Qanon Postings, and if valid, that Trump was made aware "of our true state of affairs" and all the main actors involved, when you view this speech - you can detect the subtle hints that he directed to HRC. The way HRC sat there and just smiled at Trump's remarks, you get the impression that she was so totally convinced that she already had the Presidency "in the bag" that she half ignored him, thinking that in two weeks - she would be the one telling "the Donald - that He was Fired!" Didn't turn out that way!
I wasn't sure which thread to put this one in. Tim Pool criticizing The Babylon Bee for printing real news, or something truthful. His justification is that he normally criticizes CNN for printing fake news, which he often describes as 'trash', so in turn, he must criticize The Babylon Bee when they print something truthful. Proves he has a sense of humor... :-D

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