Dune (2020)

Bought the movie and watched it with friends yesterday. Enjoyment and entertainment factor did not disappoint.

Great scenery, great visual effects, great music (as exspected after watching Hans Zimmer being interviewed on the making of the film music- sounds as if this has been a dream of his that he'd given to the universe a long time ago and when it finally arrived he gave it everything; even went so far as creating new instruments)!!
As for the story:
Much too much is missing, imo. The real fascination of the immensely complex universe of worlds Herbert has weaved cannot take hold.
I even imagine that without knowlwdge of the books only an entertaining, visually perfect experience can be gained.
After 2,5 hours (that felt like only 1,5 hours) there remains a great emptiness and a horrible cliffhanger for all who don't know the story.
For part 2 not being due before 2023 that's a huge frustration.

But in my slight frustration I just digged up a 3 hour version of David Lynch's Dune from 1984:

Dune: The Complete Saga‘s creator Michael Warren, on the film version he has created:

Off into an evening of 'Dune' retreat. :cool2:

Watch: DUNE (1984): 3 Hour Version - Theater & Extended Cut + Deleted Scenes | FilmBook

This version of David Lynch’s Dune (1984) integrates footage from the original Theatrical Cut, the Extended TV Cut, and deleted scenes to make the most complete version of the film as of 2012. I have done this as a labor of love to give fans of this under-appreciated gem an alternative version to the two flawed cuts currently available on the DVD.
I only acted as a fan editor and did not originate the content of this movie. MCA Universal and its associated parent companies own all rights to this material. They have released a beautiful Blu-Ray and DVD of David Lynch’s classic movie, which I highly recommend you buy to demonstrate to the studio that there is market for this movie to be fully restored one day, ideally with a new master cut of the film to restore as much of the story as possible with the utmost attention to detail that I could never hope to match in this good-spirited fan effort.
Viewers will notice the footage from David Lynch’s Theatrical Cut is expertly edited, color corrected, and sound designed better than the far poorer extended TV Cut, which was originally created without the director’s authorization or oversight when the movie was prepared to air as a reconstructed mini-series for television in the late 1980’s.
Watched the film twice over the Christmas holiday.
I absolutely loved the film and I'm a little sad we have to wait so long for part 2. Who knows might not even get there. :huh:
I thought the film was a good start to the series and looking forward how they build on the introduction to Paul and his development.
I bought the first film which I also enjoyed though it feels a bit rushed. I do love my sci fi.
Thought the actor who played Paul in the new version was a good. He is believable and I'm looking forward to what they do with his character. Will he be a Messiah we love. Well let's hope I make it to 2023 to find out. 😁
If you love cringy humor, watching the 1985 Dino de Laurentis version is a laugh riot. Although the visual vision of it was surprisingly not bad. My daughter and I watched it together amid squeals and shrieks of “OMG Worst “Paul” EVERRR!” “Sting?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! Etc.
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