Eclipsed Realities Or parallel Timelines?


The Living Force
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This is quite a fascinating topic and the experience related by @Redrock12's acquaintance as well as the story about Lerina Garcia Gordo has made me ponder, how would I react if I were to go through a similar experience where aspects of my life or dear ones would suddenly change from one day to the other?

Taking the example of Lerina, finding yourself working for a different boss and still being in a relationship with your ex is not an easy pill to swallow and can take a long time for someone not aware of the nature of our universe to get accustomed to, if ever. But even with some knowledge, it would still be a big shock as the external reference points to which you hold yourself onto aren't there anymore.

I am left wondering what would I do if one day I wake up to find myself living in a different house with different people or realising that I am not a member of this forum or worse, that this forum doesn't even exist! It sure gives a whole new meaning to the Cs remark that "it is not where you are, but who you are and what you see."
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