Experiencing different religions

Until now i experienced different religions. These are: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Taoism. Each are unique and different. Though i haven't converted to another religion, God provided me the psychology of each.

Christianity: It's like living in the middle age Europe. There are 3 gods in the sky (according to mainstream one). The best thing that represents it is Enigma's Sadeness. Not too much restriction.

Islam: It's like living in a middle age Arabia. The weather is sunny and hot. There is a fire and fear in your soul. True Monotheism. Big repression. Anyway with Sufism, all changes. Drink and eat anything you like. No pressure and repression.

Buddhism: An amazing feeling and psychology. It's as if a medicine is given to your soul and you feel free of spiritual pain. There is a force in the universe which guides and helps us. Like the Central Sun. If you study deeply, it can be Pantheism. I forgot to say, it's like living in the middle age China or Japan.

Taoism: Another Eastern one which is interesting. Peaceful and with least restriction. True Pantheism. Feeling like living a Single Universe which is also god. Soul feels true peace and free from aggressiveness.

The latter are both God inspired pristine religions. Free from fear and repression. Their spirituality are amazing. Especially that of Buddhism. They are also unchanged which are unlike Abrahamic ones. Though not the ultimate, provide interesting cosmology and a way to reach Creator.
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