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I was sitting around company one evening a few weeks ago and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was on... This was right after Jan 5th 2006 when Dick Cheney had a press conference in support of Bushs self imposed spying politics. I turn my attention and he says in this clip in these more or less same words "I agree with Bush's tactics. If we had implemented these procedures years prior then the 2 highjakers that crashed into the Pentagon could have been captured".
Now... knowing the facts that we do about the potential (and utterly obvious in my perspective) truth about a plane crashing into the Pentagon, I cannot find a single definitive, or accurate article in reference to this press conference on Jan 5th 2006 by Dick Cheney. If you have any information, I would love you to share.
It hit me with utter disbelief that the Vice President of the United States comes to the public with such statements that have no firm validity and as citizens of the United States we have grown into deep complacency. I would like to put together a packet with this video of Cheney as well as concrete evidence against any plane related incident at the Pentagon on 9/11, a memo, and send it off to every major publishing house in the world. We have to start educating the people, raising awareness at every level.
Apologies for my excitement and fervor! I stumbled upon this site researching another topic and I have just found an oasis! Please let me know your thoughts. ...And webmasters, or Great Minds behind this creation... If you read this and know of anything, Please, let me know or look into this yourself. I think we have some concrete material here.
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It seems Rummy and Cheney are intent on revealing the truth about the Pentagon strike. First Rumsfeld's missile blunder, and now Cheney with "2 hijackers" (read 911: ultimate truth for more on this one). Also, if Wayne Madsen's source is reliable, read his report from Jan. 15:

"A U.S. Army Pentagon employee confirmed that the Army was also subject to an anti-leak policy around the time of 9-11. After the 9-11 events, employees were strictly prohibited from discussing aspects of the crash of American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon and the confiscation by the FBI of security video tapes from the Pentagon and surrounding facilities."

But no, I have to agree with the Pied Piper of Swindon: Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. :lol:
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