Fires around the world

Historic WW II blimp hangars go up in flame.

Interestingly, there's a relevant Peggy Hall vid about this fire that was posted to comments to this article about the new Economist cover -

Economist cover - the world in 2024. Lots of details in this one

Full image:
- and as noted, the first comment linked to this youtube vid:


I'm only 14 min in, but the idea that DEWs are involved in these fires of unknown cause is clearly being suggested among other things. The LA freeway fire is also brought up (also DEW?) - and an article on the second one now (Gateway Pundit) that has 316 comments - and had to laugh at this one:
It's a mostly peaceful fire.

Also -
Who knew concrete highways were so flammable
- which also applies to the concrete historic Tustin Hangar!

Another Fire Breaks Out Underneath Los Angeles Freeway; Flames Spread From Homeless Encampment (VIDEO)
there's a relevant Peggy Hall vid about this fire
From comments, some relevant info regarding the Tustin Hanger:

The Tustin hangars were constructed of heavy timber trusses 300' wide and spaced 20 feet center to center, for a 1,000 feet, they were incredible buildings. ~ The Notre Dame Cathedral roof fire was also freakish, it is also was framed with heavy timbers, large timbers are naturally fire resistive because of their size. Some of the oldest buildings in Europe are heavy timber and have been standing a 1,000 years plus. ~ It's a shame the hangers are gone. I d∈w think this fire is suspicious. Thanks Peggy, I'm glad you brought this to our attention, you are so on the ball.

I live in Tustin by the hangars. There are two. One is not damaged. The one that burned had a collapsed roof and it was not clear what to do with it due to the asbestos and the land belonging to the Navy. So they both just stood there. Rumors have been flying that the Irvine Co wanted to develop townhouses like they have all around it. But, the land belongs to the Navy and what I heard is that the land is contaminated and could not be approved for housing. Most people want it to be a park and a museum. The fire is suspicious and no word yet as to what caused it. Schools in Tustin are closed due to the air quality. The fire is still smoldering as of today- Tuesday. We had Santa Ana winds last week. The Fire Dept let it burn itself out. Was to dangerous for them to fight it. Residents have been asked to keep windows closed. I drove by there yesterday and small whiffs of smoke are still coming out. Story still unfolding.

Regarding the LA freeway fire:

Several friends, who I know that live around there were sharing, the city was allowing someone to store the pallets and abandoned cars under overpasses.

And as Peggy pointed out in her vid, it was said there was also a large storage of left-over hand sanitizer under this overpass that contributed to the blaze! Can you believe that?!! So wood pallets, hand sanitizer, and abandoned cars can ignite to temps great enough to melt steel guardrails and compromise the structural integrity of concrete pillars! Who knew?!!
The fire department was slow to arrive as the area is full of street vendors.
The smoke was seen several km away.
Plastic products, shoes, flip-flops, stuffed animals. The fire has not been controlled.
A voracious fire consumes a shoe factory in the #Lagunilla, in the #Cuauhtémoc mayoralty, in the center of #CDMX.

So far no injuries have been reported.

AlMomento: Tepito shopkeepers help in the fight against a fire in a shoe warehouse.

After 4 hrs. of fire in Plaza Oasis #CentroHistórico #Lagunilla:

-50% of the fire was controlled.
-Middle part of the fire remains to be extinguished
-120 firefighters on site

From Polanco you can see the fire, watch out gang! They say it's the Lagunilla or Tepito, say it right #CDMX #Fire
🚨 #REPORTE | Shocking images of the view of the #fire occurred in the center of the Mexican capital, seen from the heights.

Red Alert Declared as Wildfires Threaten Populated Areas in Limache and Villa Alemana​

At least 370 hectares have been affected by the fires in both municipalities of the Valparaíso Region. The fire is close to populated sectors and has affected an area of at least 70 hectares in Limache, prompting the deployment of a technician, nine brigades, two helicopters, four planes, and a tanker truck from Conaf, in addition to personnel from the Limache Fire Department and the municipality.

Increasing Threat to Populated Areas​

Later, the development of the Patagual fire was also confirmed in Villa Alemana, which has consumed at least 300 hectares and is also located near populated sectors. The red alert has also been declared for the commune of Valparaíso due to a forest fire threatening an area of the Lago Peñuelas National Reserve.

Response to the Crisis​

The National Service for Disaster Prevention and Response, Senapred, declared a Red Alert for the province of Marga Marga, in the Valparaíso region, due to the development of two forest fires in the municipalities of Limache and Villa Alemana. Both emergencies are developing in areas close to populated sectors.


Chilean region of Valparaíso in emergency due to forest fires with more than 50 deaths

In Chile, 51 people have died as a result of the forest fires raging in the Valparaíso region. The Minister of the Interior added that the figure may increase because they have not yet been able to enter all the affected areas, and added that this is the emergency situation that has left more deaths after the 2010 earthquake.

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The forest fires in BC and Alberta last year went underground and continued to burn throughout the winter (even in -40 C) under the snow. Called 'zombie fires' (overwintering fires) they are predicted to make the forest fire 'season' really bad this year, which sucks because we get a lot of the smoke when the wind is right.

They are flameless smoulders that burn slowly below the surface, and are kept alive thanks to an organic soil called peat moss common in North America's boreal forest and to thick layers of snow that insulate them from the cold.

These fires are not unusual. In the past 10 years, British Columbia has, on average, seen five or six that continue to burn during the cold months, experts say.

But in January, the province saw an unprecedented peak of 106 active zombie fires
, raising concern among fire scientists about what these smoulders will mean for the upcoming wildfire season.

Most typically go out on their own before the spring, but 91 are still burning in BC, according to provincial data, and those that are not extinguished by March could reignite once the snow melts and they are exposed to air.

Because of this, scientists have linked them to early starts of wildfire seasons.

The neighbouring province of Alberta is also seeing a spike in these winter fires, with 57 burning as of early February - nearly 10 times more than the five-year average. [How about a 100 year average? Just asking.]
That calamitous wildfire season is one of the reasons why BC is now seeing such a high number of zombie fires, said Mike Flannigan, a professor and fire management expert at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC.

Most of them are fires that could not be put out fully by last autumn simply due to a lack of resources, he said.

By the end of [last] year, officials recorded a total of more than 2,200 wildfires in BC. [How many of those were started by Trudeauites? Just asking.]

Another reason, Prof Flannigan said, is the extreme drought that the province has been dealing with over the last two years.
Zombie fires were once infrequent, but scientists say they have become more common in recent years due to a rapidly warming climate.
And with it being an El Nino year, which spells out hot and dry conditions for western Canada, Prof Flannigan said that "the stage is set for a very active spring".

Evacuations ordered as wind-fueled wildfires tear across Texas Panhandle
The Smokehouse Creek fire was zero percent contained when evacuations were ordered in the Texas Panhandle on Feb. 27. Smoke could be seen from nearby Canadian.
Firefighters are battling several wind-fueled wildfires in the Texas Panhandle, the largest of which has forced evacuations in the cities of Canadian and Glazier, located in Hemphill County, about a hundred miles northeast of Amarillo. The Smokehouse Creek grassland fire has scorched at least 100,000 acres with 0% containment, according to Texas A&M Forest Service.
This happened this past weekend in Canada-

Covered Bridge Potato Chips Factory in Waterville, N.B., destroyed by fire​

According to the company’s website, the business was launched by Matt and Ryan Albright in 2004 and has spread to markets all over North America.
The company grows 500 acres of dark, russet potatoes year round.
If the wildfires in Texas were deliberately induced then they, whoever they are, seemed to have accomplished 3 things as far as I can tell:

1. They sent an indirect message to Abbott not to mess with or buck the system of illegals coming through (he already stated that the fires are nothing like what he's ever seen, and he must be looking at the 'behavior' of the fires in Maui if he has any amount of competence.)

2. The Texan economy has been severely hit; the livelihoods of the ranchers (mostly conservative one would guess) will all be suffering now.

3. The US beef supply has now just taken a monumental hit given the incredible numbers of livestock that have been lost. What the WEF "global warming" cowfart psy-op couldn't accomplish, this fire did - millions will have much less access to one of the best sources of protein they can get.

Check out this list of the devastation.

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