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Direct testimonies videos about Lahaina fire. So far, there are six of them -specifically about "Police blocked the exits of Frontstreet"- lasting around 2 minutes 30 seconds. This one is part 1 and you can see the others by going on X directly. The blocking of this Frontstreet road forced several residents trying to escape fire with their cars to take refuge in the sea as they could not go elsewhere; As its name indicates, this road runs along the entire coast of Lahaina, from South to North, as can be seen on Google Maps.
This is a part by part series of never seen videos of Lahaina fires recorded by people who were directly affected by it and sharing their experiences [New footages]
More evidence surfaces to back up the claim that "Police blocked the exits of Frontstreet Lahina" (Part 1)
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They blocked the street and many many cars with people inside were blocked in return. There were so many cars that it was impossible to move forwards or backwards in an atmosphere saturated with smoke where it had become impossible to see anything at all. This is rather shocking. Why would they do that?
It has been said that news blockages have/are occurring. Here is Rebel News (Canada) who had had arrived onsite yesterday, so you can have a look here for some first hand accounts, along with a few of their videos (first video is on Rumble as like others, this news group has trouble with YT):

Wildfires 'looked like a nuclear holocaust' – Lahaina combat vet's first-hand experience​

A US combat veteran involved in clean-up operations criticizes authorities' response to the devastating wildfire in Lahaina.

A US combat veteran involved in volunteer clean-up operations in Maui has described the tragic scenes he witnessed during the wildfires that have devastated the island.

ohn Kinimaka, a Lahaina resident and a well-known member of the community, said that his kids had celebrated all their birthdays in the town of 13,000 where he has stayed on to assist others with supplies.

The current death toll is confirmed at 114.

Kinimaka spoke about the horrific scenes left after the blaze had devastated the town:

"I'm a combat vet and I ... never seen anything like this. It was like a nuclear holocaust. I couldn't believe it," he said.
"We saw fire trucks that were abandoned where you could see that they were overcome by the flames".

He called out authorities over their poor response to the wildfires that ripped through the town, tearing it apart.

Maui's emergency chief has stepped down after failing to utilize the island's alarm system to warn residents of danger.

"I saw several fire trucks going up Lahaina, Luna Road. And what baffled me was like, Why they didn't have their sirens on," he said.

"Basically, no response. No National Guard, not much help. The only ones that were helping from the county, there was a group of convoys that was coming from the mayor's office, but it wasn't like any like military official type FEMA, Red Cross response. I kept looking up saying ... there's helicopters, but when are they going to land? Where are they going to drop us?"
Maui - Maintenant ils arrêtent des témoins : "Le chef de la police de la région touchée par ces incendies a commencé à arrêter des témoins. Et il demande à la presse de dénoncer les témoins qu'il a arrêtés."

Maui - Now they're arresting witnesses: "The police chief in the area affected by these fires has started arresting witnesses. And he's asking the press to report the witnesses he arrested."
Dispositif d'allumage laser et son application à la foresterie, aux incendies et à la gestion des terres:
Version aéroportée à l'été 1988. Il y a 35 ans on était là et il y a encore des gens qui doutent des capacités.
À mon sens l'explication la plus probable, c'est qu'il y a eu une application de géo-ingénierie militaire et c'est ce qu'on a subi au Québec dans le nord, en Alberta et à Kelowna.
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Laser ignition device and its application to forestry, fire and land management:
Airborne version in the summer of 1988. 35 years ago we were there and there are still people who doubt the capabilities.
In my view, the most probable explanation is that there was an application of military geo-engineering and that is what we suffered in Quebec in the north, in Alberta and in Kelowna.
Un surfeur pro de Maui Kai Lenny :
"Je n'ai vu aucun représentant d'État, de comté ou fédéral dans l'un des centres de dons où les gens souffrent le plus. Personne n'est venu nous aider." En fait, ils les laisseront mourrir sauf s'ils vendent leurs terres..

A pro surfer from Maui Kai Lenny:
"I haven't seen any state, county, or federal officials at any of the donation centers where people are hurting the most. No one has come to help us." In fact, they will let them die unless they sell their land.

La vérité sur le massacre de Maui arrive sur les médias grand public. Fox News : "Les habitants sont furieux de la réaction des autorités locales. Les pompiers arrivaient sans eau. Aucune sirène d'incendie. Maintenant, des vautours veulent acheter leurs propriétés."

The truth about the Maui Massacre is coming to the mainstream media. Fox News: "Residents are furious with the response from local authorities. Firefighters were coming in with no water. No fire sirens. Now vultures want to buy their properties."
Fires in Turkey

From Euronews:
Nine villages and more than 1,200 people have been evacuated as wildfires, raging in Greece, spread to neighbouring Turkey.

The wildfires raging in Greece are also affecting neighbouring Turkey.
Turkish firefighters have been tackling the flames of a forest fire in the border province of Çanakkale, where 1,200 people from nine villages have been evacuated.
More than 1,500 hectares have burned, and 48 people had to be treated for smoke intoxication.

Maritime traffic from the Aegean Sea to the Sea of Marmara has been suspended due to the ongoing forest fire.
About 30 vessels in the Dardanelles Strait, several of them deep-draught, had to interrupt their voyage.

Çanakkale is on the shores of the Dardanelles Strait near the ancient city of Abydos, as well as the name of the province.



Video published yesterday:
JUST IN - Shocking video shows spreading forest fire near the tourist town of Canakkale in Turkey

Video published today:

This video is said to be from one of these fires in Turkey:

According to the light on the buildings, it seems that the Sun is behind the camera and therefore cannot cause the rays that we see piercing the clouds in front of the camera. 🤔
Had not looked back at the town of Lytton, BC in some time, although had looked at both investigations by CN Rail (noting to see here they said) and the BCWS (unknown).


Anyway, had not realized:

“There is almost nothing that has been done. There’s not a building that has been started, to my knowledge there’s not a building permit that has been issued. And that’s over two years.”

Fandrich cited poor communication and cooperation on the part of restoration mangers, along with layers of red tape, much of it related to archeological work and possible heritage sites on the ground where the town once stood.

There is a post fire rebuilding theme here (add Hawaii to the list and likely elsewhere).

As for Kelowna (remember this is a mainstream news story):

“We know there are lots of people who have lost everything, and we’re going to be there to support them,” B.C. Premier David Eby said Tuesday, as he toured the fire zone and met with first responders and evacuees.

But some of those who have lost homes and property in previous fires say the promises of politicians won’t put a roof over their heads.

Felix von Vegesack lost his Killiney Beach home in a 2021 wildfire. Two years later it still hasn’t been rebuilt, and he said he’s buried in paperwork, including environmental and geotechnical studies.

“Disgusting. It’s just disgusting,” he said. “I just finally got my paperwork in. I have report after report after report.

Just hire your lawyer immediately. Get a contract signed with a contractor. Don’t worry about the bidding process. You need to hire a contractor immediately.”‘

Merryville now under mandatory evacuation due to wildfire

A mandatory evacuation has been issued for the town of Merryville and its surrounding areas, according to the Beauregard Parish Sheriff's Office.

The evacuation comes as the threat of wildfires encroaches on the area. Officials say the evacuation extends to all residents and businesses. They say the fire can reach town limits within the next hour or two hours, around 10 p.m.

Other videos from Louisiana fires

WARNING - Louisiana is on Fire
#Louisiana #Wildfires #Wildfire

LOUISIANA FIRE: The Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office in western Louisiana asked civilians to stop using “personal water hoses” to combat a 12,000-acre wildfire, saying that water “volume and pressure have become a major issue” for firefighters.

Jasper County, Texas, is closed to Merryville and Beauregard Parish, Louisiana:
UPDATE: According to the Texas A&M Forest Service, the wildfire is grow to 3,000 acres and is 50% contained.
Clever magpies:
Magpies put out the fire by acting in unity and solidarity.

Good news about the forest fires near the tourist town of Çanakkale in Turkey:
After 2 days, #firefighters have been able to extinguish the #wildfire in #Canakkale, northwest of #Turkey, which has burned more than 4,000 hectares, more than half of them #forests. 10 #planes, 38 #helicopters and 3,174 units have battled against the #fire.

And about fires in Greece:
Greece : Arrests 79 "Arsonist Scum" Over Wildfires - Minister

The death toll from the Greek wildfire this week rises to 21 with the discovery of another body by firefighters. Stay safe
#StaySafe #wildfire #greece #Greecewildfires
Just to give an update in case anyone was wondering, it turns out that we didn't have to evacuate, at least not yet. The overnight cool temperature and with the wind dying down helped to "calm" the fires, so it didn't progress much in our direction. So far today (it's noon hour), the temperature is still relatively cool with little to no wind so we're ok for now. We're not out of the woods yet, but at least we're fully prepared to evacuate if need be...

This is a really interesting interview with a couple from an area near the Adam's Lake Complex Fire earlier this month near Kamloops. The behaviour of the BC government officials is very similar to what we're hearing about in Maui. Really shocking the level of corruption and malfeasance coming down from the top. No one who owns property is allowed to defend it from fire - even when a planned ignition starts it. Crazy. @Stoneboss, the property owner mentions his experience watching how the the big 2003 fire in Kelowna started @11:20.

The interview starts at 8:16 and goes until 34:00.


Louisiana refinery fire mostly contained but residents worry about air quality​

Crews were still working to suppress flare-ups Saturday as a fire at a Louisiana oil refinery burned for a second day along the banks of the Mississippi River, while residents worried about health effects from the fumes and black smoke.

Tests have so far found “non-detectable air quality impacts” from Friday’s massive fire, Marathon Patroleum said in a emailed statement Saturday. The state Department of Environmental Quality and a third-party contractor were conducing the tests.

The company said two people were injured and 10 others evaluated for heat stress. The fire damaged two giant storage tanks for naphtha, a component in the production of gasoline and jet fuels.

La BBC n’arrêtait pas de nous dire que les incendies en Grèce sont le résultat du changement climatique et qu’il est temps de passer aux insectes… La police grecque a arrêté 79 pyromanes.
BBC News (Greece wildfires: 79 people arrested for arson)
Greece wildfires: 79 people arrested for arson
A minister denounces "arsonist scum" for fires that have ravaged forests and killed dozens.

The BBC kept telling us that the fires in Greece are the result of climate change and that it's time to switch to insects... Greek police have arrested 79 arsonists.
Greece wildfires: 79 people arrested for arson
A minister denounces "arsonist scum" for fires that have ravaged forests and killed dozens.

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Johannesburg fire: Scores killed as fire guts rundown apartment block​

More than 70 people were killed overnight when a fire raged through a run-down, five-storey Johannesburg apartment block, one of the worst such disasters in a city where poverty, household fires and homelessness are widespread.

The building was gutted, blackened by soot and still smouldering on Thursday as emergency services gathered around it and bodies lay covered in blankets on a nearby street.

The block is owned by municipal authorities who, more than 12 hours after the blaze broke out, were still unable to provide a clear picture of who had lived there. One official said some rooms may have been rented out by criminal gangs in a so-called "hijacked building".

At least 73 people were killed, including 7 children, and more than 50 injured in a fire that broke out last night in an abandoned building occupied mainly by homeless and squatters in the city of #Johannesburg.

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