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The liability I'm trying to work out is avoiding overestimating myself when considering pivotal financial decisions. Maybe moreso, considering the potential impact on those that depend on me rather than basing decisions on my own risk tolerance.
Yeah, it's a kind of like gambling. People who 'gamble' often think that everything is going to turn out ok regardless, or that they will always 'come up trumps' in the end. They can get into hot water very quickly when that doesn't happen.

If you are a gambler by nature, it might be a good idea to involve someone else, like your wife, in those financial decisions. Or, once you have defined and recognized the 'nature' of the problem you can impose a conservative management strategy over it, before making any decisions.
Good luck GqSoul. It seems to me that you need to find a balance of living in this world but not being of it. That can be difficult given you have responsibilities to provide for your family and we live in a world that is so focused on materialism. However, you seem to have realised that your growth can come from engaging with this world rather than withdrawing from it. Remember that the battle between STS and STO lies within us. It is by engaging with the world as it is, the real world, that your battle lies. If you can do this, being amidst all the STS yet provide for your family without losing your way then you will do well. You are more engaged with the Forum now which is good. That can only help :-) .
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