George Floyd's Death, Protests and Riots across the US


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While Maintaining Allegiance to Black Lives Matter, Black Durham (North Carolina) Sheriff Admits Violent Crime in His City Is Almost Always Black-on-Black​

The problem is so obvious, with even the black sheriff of Durham admitting who is committing the vast majority of crimes in the city (individual blacks collectively responsible for the violent crime problem), but we must persist in believing Black Lives Matter nonetheless, though it is black people proving such a claim is warrantless and meaningless.

Somehow, “racist systems” are the reason black people can’t stop shooting one another in Durham. And Shreveport. And Buffalo… And [fill in the U.S. city here].


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Proud Boy Alan Swinney denied release, described as a ‘lightning rod’ for violence​

“Defendant’s willingness repeatedly to attend Portland protests while armed will not suddenly dissipate upon release. Social media posts by Defendant himself display his belief that violence is the appropriate response to the protests occurring in Portland,” Deputy District Attorneys Leslie Wu and Nathan Vasquez wrote in court documents.
Of course, the same thing could be written about scores of Antifa/BLM rioters. However, they're typical released within hours — often without bail or even charges.

An prime example of this is Antifa member Michael Forest Reinoehl, who was detained multiple times on firearms charges, among other things. He went on to murder a conservative protestor.

Double standard much?



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Red Alert: A Revolution in Progress in the USA​

Selected quotes from article:
There is, however, a definite reason and explanation for the upheaval and disturbance in America today: what we are witnessing is a revolution in progress.
This unfolding revolution has been launched by the Hard Left and its goal is to topple our society and replace it with an altogether different system of governance.

The underlying ideology that informs the thinking and actions of the revolutionaries is Marxism and its derivatives and modalities such critical race theory, Cultural Marxism, liberation theology and the like. The revolutionaries call themselves by different names such as Marxists, communists, socialists, progressives, liberals, Democrats and such. (Not all who describe themselves as Democrats and liberals are Marxists, but some are.)
The BLM inspired terror and upheaval of the past four months has followed the pattern of Marxist revolution that has unfolded dozens of times in the past 100 years.

It features the following components:
  • Intense hatred of the existing order by the leaders of the revolutionary movement
  • Demoralization of the population by propaganda, blame, intimidation and terror
  • Delegitimization of law enforcement and existing governmental structures
  • Destabilization of society by violence
  • Inversion of moral values
  • Subversion of law and order
  • Generation of lawlessness and anarchy
This revolutionary movement did not begin with the riots that erupted on May 26, 2020 in Minneapolis and spread like a wildfire across the United States. The groundwork had been laid decades before. Its roots can be traced to the 1960s, and its precursors go even further back.

This work has been carried out by individuals and groups intent upon seeing American society radically changed or overthrown. Almost all of them drew – in one way or another – their ideological nourishment and inspiration from the ideology of Marxism or its offshoots. They pursued their mission on both the intellectual and practical levels. As to the former, they spread and propagated ideas that were contrary to the fundamental beliefs and values of American culture. On the practical level, they took actions that weakened and undermined the institutions and ways of doing things which had made American society what it is.
After nearly six decades of their persistent and systematic efforts, the radicals have made our society ready for capture. The mass of the American people are unable to effectively defend their cultural and national inheritance, because they have been left demoralized and confused by the years of relentless propaganda and attacks. Our key institutions such as the judiciary, education, media, and government have been infiltrated by anti-American activists and weakened to the point that they do not perform their intended function.
The breakdown of law and order is exactly what the revolutionaries seek, because this is the state of affairs in which they can seize control. In some jurisdictions they have already succeeded. Our institutions are now starting to prosecute citizens who are trying to protect themselves and their communities. We have seen this with Kyle Rittenhouse, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, and others. Until recently, it was considered perfectly acceptable in this country to defend one’s life and property against criminal predators. Today those who try to exercise this right are themselves treated as criminals while the actual criminals are allowed to roam free.
Because of the havoc the Left has wrought, the unfolding revolution has a good chance of succeeding. When you study history, you learn that revolutions take place very quickly – usually in a matter of weeks – before most people have had a chance to realize what is happening. This is where we find ourselves today.

There is no question that this is an hour of great peril for America. What we face is nothing less than a national emergency.


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DeBlasio wants to set up a Racial Reconciliation Commission based on the South African model. That would be the same South Africa where white farmers are regularly tortured and murdered as the ANC pretends it isn't happening, and where recently minted Black Economic Empowerment laws have essentially barred whites from employment and consigned them to poverty in shanty towns.

I don't see this ending the way DeBlasio thinks it will end. In SA, blacks outnumber whites 20:1. In America, whites are by far in the majority. This attempt to turn whites into an underclass is going to result in blowback.

New York City’s New Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Some of the Dems are now calling for a Truth & Reconciliation Commission to "try or assess Trump supporters after the election". Several MSNBC anchors made the same suggestion last July. According to Tucker Carlsons's guest going after people will make it harder to staff a Republican government in the future, which is his real concern (video is 4 minutes long):


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Some of the Dems are now calling for a Truth & Reconciliation Commission to "try or assess Trump supporters after the election".
It's they like know what is coming for them very soon, whether Earthly or Cosmically driven. The manipulators have long been fond of the projection model, and for some incredibly ignorant reason, they seem to think that if they say it first it negates anything coming back on them. The news clip of that guy raging about making the POTUS, Republicans, Barrett, Rittenhouse, etc all feel unwelcome here comes to mind.

Let me be clear that I am apolitical. The difference these days is that I can have a conversation with Republicans and I can not with the Demagogues, er, -crats. Both are entirely over-identified in my opinion, but the show isn't over yet.

The days seem to be getting both longer and shorter at the same time lately
Welp. Today I was called a racist on social media by two former coworkers for stating that I owned a Trump sign. These are two people I worked well with for 5 years in a close environment - and then a few of their friends chimed in to agree, even though they didn't know me. Experiencing the brainwashing of others truly makes me sad. I didn't respond, as I couldn't think of anything to say that wouldn't make the situation worse. Sigh :(


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My week with the baying Antifa mob​

Portland has been the epicentre of a confusion that has afflicted a smaller number of activists in our own country. That is the taught perception that they live in a patriarchal, unequal, cis-heteronormative, irredeemably racist society. In time this defamation sank in and caused a reaction. For years, the city has seen regular rioting by the far-left group ‘Antifa’. In the name of pursuing non-existent fascists these activists laid waste to their city, dragged passing motorists from their cars, hospitalised journalists whose reporting was disobliging and otherwise turned the city into a first-world slum.

After the killing of George Floyd at the end of May, protests in Portland were among the most violent in the US. They are still going on. The left-wing mayor forbade the police from working with the federal authorities to act meaningfully against the rioters and at the forthcoming mayoral election the only candidate running against him is an open supporter of Antifa.
I was hoping for more from this piece after hearing about it. Perhaps the best part of it is that it bunched a few leftist panties on Twitter. That in turn seems to encourage the anti-rioters to respond. Whatever. Real life includes a lunatic-left city government, a lock-down-loving governor, and other issues.

The antifa mayoral candidate responds
After a day and a half, her tweet has garnered 8 likes and perhaps 200 negative responses. If this represents the sentiment of the residents, the "good" outcome will be that Portland keeps its present disaster of a mayor.



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This raises some questions:
  • Do these antifa groups expect Trump to win? Or are they going to "party" regardless?
  • Is this part of a nation-wide action, e.g., orchestrated by ShutdownDC?
  • How much will it take before ordinary people decide that enough is enough? Obviously the Portland mayor and county DA are not dealing with the situation reasonably.


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Anarchy in the USA: Once renowned liberal city of Portland has become a crucible of America's gun-fueled culture war​

As America steels itself for election day, events in Portland expose the bitter tensions that blight the world’s richest nation and how they are being fanned by political extremists and inflamed by a divisive President.
An orgy of looting and vandalism in Portland a few days after the death [of George Floyd] has left a strange vibe in the city, with windows of many downtown shops still boarded up and painted over with graffiti. The Apple store alone must spend more than £2.3 million repairing its glass damage. This is compounded by the pandemic emptying streets, plus a tide of homelessness that has led to tent encampments dotting the urban landscape.
How tragically ironic then to have a business run by a black man attacked. An artefact made in a labour of love by 15 black women four decades ago defiled. And a museum that challenged a state’s white supremacist past left vandalised. All in the avowed name of fighting racism.
When I arrived in Portland, the front cover of a respected weekly newspaper showed a boarded-up shop with the headline: ‘Can Someone Please Clean Up This Mess?’

Meanwhile local businesses, battered by pandemic and riots, face a 41 per cent rise in taxes next year if a raft of ballot-paper measures are passed by voters next week.
Overall, this seems to be a pretty good snapshot, maybe somewhat left of center. I disagree with some assertions and perspectives.



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Attorney General Bill Barr Uses Nationwide Riots to Push for Police State Expansion​

Attorney General Bill Barr has done little if anything to bring justice to ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter rioters who have razed cities, caused billions in property damage, and waged war against the Bill of Rights and Constitution in recent months.

However, he is focusing on exploiting the leftist violence to further federalize local law enforcement and coerce them into using facial-recognition software and other Big Brother technology to prey on the rights of Americans.
The Trump administration is not living up to its promise to drain the swamp, due in large part to AG Barr, who has apparently not changed much from his first term as AG when he oversaw the Waco and Ruby Ridge disasters under globalist President George H.W. Bush.


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‘Unprecedented’ Evidence Weighs Against Security Guard in Fatal Patriot Rally Shooting: Judge

“The precision with which the moment of the charged homicide is captured is unprecedented in the Court’s experience,” District Court Judge John Madden IV wrote in an order obtained by The Denver Post. He ruled that the bond against defendant, security guard Matthew Dolloff, should remain at $500,000 for the alleged second-degree murder of Lee Keltner. In the court’s estimation, evidence seemed to show that the shooting wasn’t justified.

“The evidence of which the Court is presently aware appears to show that, at the time of the shooting, there was no danger from the victim that placed the Defendant or anyone else in imminent risk of death or great bodily injury, and that the victim was backing away from the Defendant holding a can of mace,” the judge wrote.
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