Getting a "Handl" on things?


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I was looking at maps of the recent Sumatra earthquake and we see it here:


I thought to myself: "hmmm... how close is that to Anak Krakatau which has been blasting a bit lately?

Here is the location of the volcano:


So, I was reading a bit about Krakatau and there was this on wikipedia:(

Biological research

The islands have become a major case study of island biogeography and founder populations in an ecosystem being built from the ground up in an environment virtually cleaned.[19]

The islands had been little explored or surveyed before the 1883 catastrophe—only two pre-1883 biological collections are known: one of plant specimens and the other part of a shell collection. From descriptions and drawings made by the HMS Discovery, the flora appears to have been representative of a typical Javan tropical climax forest. The pre-1883 fauna is virtually unknown but was probably typical of the smaller islands in the area.
[edit] The Krakatau problem

From a biological perspective, the Krakatau problem[20] refers to the question of whether the islands were completely sterilized by the 1883 eruption or whether some life survived. When the first researchers reached the islands in May 1884, the only living thing they found was a spider in a crevice on the south side of Rakata. Life quickly recolonized the islands, however; Verbeek's visit in October 1884 found grass shoots already growing. The eastern side of the island has been extensively vegetated by trees and shrubs, presumably brought there as seeds washed up by ocean currents or carried in birds' droppings (or brought by natives and scientific investigators). It is, however, in a somewhat fragile position, and the vegetated area has been badly damaged by recent eruptions.
[edit] Handl's occupancy

A German, Johann Handl, obtained a permit to mine pumice in October 1916.[2] His lease of 8.7 square kilometres (3.4 sq mi), which was basically the eastern half of the island, was for 30 years. He occupied the south slope of Rakata from 1915 to 1917, when he left due to "violation of the terms of the lease." (According to Winchester, Handl arrived in 1917 and stayed there for four years.) Handl built a house and planted a garden with "4 European families and about 30 coolies". He is believed to have inadvertently introduced the black rat to the island. He found unburned wood below the 1883 ash deposits when digging, and fresh water was found below 18 feet (5.5m).

That, of course, caught my eye because of the name "Handl" which reminded me of a series of rather mysterious remarks made by Cs some years ago, to wit:

Cs session 2December1995 said:
Q: (L) Did the Germans construct a time machine during WWII?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) They actually did it?
A: Ja.
Q: (L) Were the German experiments in time travel carried to
the U.S. after the war?
A: In splintered form.
Q: (L) Did the U.S. take possession of a time machine
constructed by the Germans?
A: No.
Q: (L) Why not?
A: Was taken elsewhere.
Q: (L) Where?
A: Mausenberg, Neufriedland.
Q: (L) Still in Germany?
A: Nein!
Q: (L) Where is Mausenberg?
A: Antarktiklandt.
Q: (L) Who is in control of or running this machine?
A: Klaus Grimmschackler.
Q: (L) I didn't mean a specific person, a group. Americans
or Germans?
A: Deutsche.
Q: (L) Did they use this machine to transport themselves
there and also in time?
A: Has been performed in Glophen in gestalt, bit, yie aire
das gluppen und werstalt de vir seinderfor bidde.
Q: (L) Why are you giving this so that we don't understand?
A: Sorry, got the transmissions mixed up due to subject
Q: (L) Getting back to this German time machine: did the
Germans capture a crashed, or retrieve a crashed, UFO
during the war?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Who was flying that craft - excuse me - OPERATING that
A: Grays.
Q: (L) Were the Germans able to back engineer and construct
other craft similar to the one they captured?
A: Did not need to. They got the information on such things
from channeled sources.
Q: (L) Did the Germans get the information from the Vril
Society? A: Partly. Also Thule Society.
Q: (L) These individuals who have this time machine in
Antarctica, what are they doing with it or what do they
plan to do with it?
A: Exploring time sectors through loop of cylinder.
Q: (L) What is a loop of cylinder?
A: Complex, but is profile in 4th through 6th density.
Q: (L) Are there any particular goals that they have in doing
this "time exploration?"
A: Not up to present, as you measure it.
Q: (L) Well, if they escaped and took this time machine to
Antarctica, are they working with any of the so-called
A: 4th density STS.
Q: (L) Are these Germans and their time machine, any part of
the plan to take over earth when it moves into 4th
density. A: Maybe.
Q: (L) Are the Germans behind any of the conspiracies in the
U.S? A: No.
Q: (L) So there is a maverick German element, but to focus on
that as being the foundational aspect of this phenomenon,
is to focus on the wrong thing?
A: Maybe.
Q: (L) Among the things that were discussed among the Germans
in the Thule Society and the Vril Society, was the "Black
Sun That Illuminates the Interior." Can you tell us what
this "Black Sun" is?
A: Ultimate destiny of STS orientation.
Q: (L) Is this Black Sun an actual astronomical phenomenon?
A: In essence.
Q: (L) What would we know this Black Sun as? A black hole?
A: Good possibility.

Cs Session 31 August1996 said:
Q: (L) Now, in talking about these large underground cities or
enclaves that we've talked about on a couple of occasions, it
has been said that these beings come and actually may take human
babies. I mean , this is like fairy lore, legends, of different
kinds of creatures that come and steal people's babies, and they
go and live underground, and sometimes, one or another will
escape. Is this what we're talking about here? These kinds of
situations, these underground cities and caves and civilizations
and so forth?
A: Vague.
Q: (L) Well, I know it's vague... (T) Are the Celts part of
these underground civilizations?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) And they came to the surface some time ago...
A: No.
Q: (L) No, they came here, and they were taken underground...
A: No.
Q: (L) No, well, what's the story?
A: Went.
Q: (L) They went underground? Is that it? (T) When did they go
A: Several occasions, the most recent being, on your calendar:
1941 through 1945.
Q: (L) That's when they went underground? 1941 through 1945?
A: Last episode of mass migration, mostly Deutschlanders.
Q: (T) Underground. We're talking underground, as in under the
surface of the earth. Is this what we're talking?
A: Antarctica. Under there.
Q: (T) Under Antarctica, under... Oh, in one of the big...
A: Entry port.
Q: (T) They went underground in Antarctica, they built a large
underground base there, this is where the Germans, as in the
Nazi Germans, claimed as Vineland, I think it is, where the
older maps that show Antarctica, where the Germans, claimed as
Vineland, I think it is, where the older maps that show
Antarctica, where the German territory was claimed, it's in that
section that's south of...
A: Yes, but they entered through their constructed base, as
instructed, then were assimilated.
Q: (L) They were assimilated into the population already
existent? Underground cities, underground bases?
A: Yes.
Q: Laura) So, they didn't build them, they entered into them as
instructed, and were assimilated into the population?
A: They did build a base.
Q: (T) Well, they'd have to keep expanding! Now, you said
instructed... (L) Instructed by whom? (T) They were instructed
to go there?
A: Those identifying themselves as "Antareans."
Q: (L) And who are the Antareans?
A: STS Humanoid Orion linkage.

Cs Session 21 une 1997 said:
Q: Back in 1995 when we did a session with Roxanne present, I
was re-reading this yesterday because Ark is in Dijon
where this guy Moshe {Flato} is, and the night of that session was
when I had the vision of his face, and also when I
mentioned the dream where I was getting married and this
was so bizarre an idea to me at that time. Roxanne was
focused on her agenda about female gods and the Elohim,
and it seems that she simply shut off any ability for you
to communicate to her at all. So, in re-reading this
session, it seems that you were talking on a completely
different level, to me alone, and that it was almost in
code. She wanted to talk about the French Revolution, and
you were talking about my past life in Germany... and now
Ark is in France... and there was the vision... and that
was when you brought up Moshe... and Moshe is in France...
is there a connection?
A: Maybe.
Q: Am I correct that you were talking to me on a level that I
was not even aware of at the time?
A: Could be!
Q: Can you help me out here? I would like to know about this
Moshe thing. You not only brought up the name, but you
brought up a lot of other things. And it seems that this
was the opening of a door of moving me in a certain
direction. I don't even know how to ask about this
because it is so strange...
A: Then it should be shelved.
Q: Is this one of those things you are going to avoid?
A: Alfalfa fields in Rhineland yield as of yet undreamed of

Q: Where are these alfalfa fields?
A: Near tracks well worn.
Q: Another clue, please?
A: Nope, that is enough for now!!
Q: You guys are gonna drive me crazy! Do you mean Rhineland
as in Germany proper?
A: We do not mean Rhinelander, Wisconsin... Or do we?!? Who
is to tell?
Q: Who?
A: The searcher, the sepulcher, the one who carries the staff
in constant search for greener pastures.

Q: Oh my! You are being VERY obscure tonight! Just the fun
things I like, too! Now, I think I will be pretty busy
this week on this, but is there anything that can be
expanded, or any additional clues for me or Ark?
A: Last clue for tonight: Look for the vibratory frequency

Then, a bit further on the topic:

Cs Session 26July1997 said:
Q: Okay. This one book I just read, the guys came across the
Mandeans who talked about a star called "Merica," and from
this, these geniuses deduced that the Templars sailed to
America! What DID happen to the Templar fleet?
A: Sail to underworld.
Q: You previously talked about 'undreamed of treasure in
alfalfa fields of Rhineland.' Is this a physical,
spiritual or knowledge based treasure?
A: It is all three.
Q: Who put this treasure in the alfalfa fields of Rhineland?
A: Discover. And so, to you, good night.

Cs session 2May1998 said:
Q: You once said something about 'undreamed of treasures
buried in Alfalfa fields in Rhineland.' I have puzzled
over this and puzzled over this and gone in ten different
directions, and I still don't have a real handle on it.
Can you help me out here? Is this related to the crystal
skull supposedly in the possession of the Templars that
they supposedly buried in Gaul that the Templars had?
A: Need a better "handl" on it.
Q: George Friedrich? (A) No... (L) Well that is a funny
spelling. You also said something about records being in
the Hague. How am I supposed to check records in the
Hague? The only way is to go there...
A: Travel for you is okay in small doses.

Cs session 31October1998 said:
Q: Now, the other night, in front of the psychomantium, I did
not exactly have a vision, but something came into my
head, and the idea was that prime numbers are important
because, the principle that they are only divisible by
themselves and by one is indicative of the fact that they
are direct links, channels, or conduits to seventh
density, or first density, or something...
A: How about all densities?
Q: Okay, that is sort of what I mean, that they are, in a
sense, gateways - would that be a good term?
A: Close.
Q: How does one utilize the energies inherent in prime
numbers in this respect? Do they represent frequencies or
frequency relationships?
A: Verities.
Q: Is there any formula, or any thing about prime numbers
that makes it easier to find them... anything about them
that is unique?
A: Pyramidal.
Q: Pyramid relationships would help one find prime numbers?
A: Graph.
Q: A pyramid type graph. Okay, anything else about prime
numbers? When you said that they were the 'dwellings of
the mystics' I had an idea that a prime number could be a
dwelling of a mystic because the individual would express
in some manner a frequency that related in some way to a
prime number. Is that somewhere along the line...? That
mystics can traverse all densities because of frequency?
A: Something like that.
Q: My next thought was that it could indicate actual places
or locations in space time on the planet that would be
represented by coordinates.
A: Zuber.
Q: What does THAT mean?
A: Research.
Q: Okay. Now. This woman with this book "The Horse of God,"
talks about the shadow of the horse in the Shepherds of
Arcadia painting that is evident if you turn it upside
down. I know that I dreamed that the painting was a map.
In terms of this map, what would be the zero meridian that
one would use to place the map?
A: There need not be a zero meridian.
Q: Is there any one thing... I doused the picture, and it
seemed that the head of the kneeling man with the beard
was the important figure. Where, on a map, would one
place this head in order to have the other figures in
correct alignment?
A: Best to split the image, head to head. Vertically.
Q: Split the image and put the same guy head to head to his
own head?
A: Close.
Q: Now, when you were saying that I needed to get a better
'handl' on it and I found...
A: Have you overlooked North America? Check Atlas indices
for names to pique interest.

Q: What names?
A: Oh now, we cannot tell you that!
Q: The reason I have been focusing on Europe is because you
said that this thing we were supposed to find was in the
A: But there are always connections, both hither and yon.
Tricky those Rosicrucians, tricky. And what of Piri Reis?
Q: Well, I was already lost in a sea of puzzle pieces.
Nothing like making it harder!
A: Or easier. Template... Templar... Temporary.
Temperature... prime numbers, prime rib... Primary.

Q: Oh God! I thought it was bad before, now it is worse!

Anyway, I read that reference to "Handl" in the article about Krakatau/Krakatoa and it made me curious, so I found something called "The Secret Wikipedia" that had this that, oddly, brings some of the same elements up:

The Blue Hedron, History of, Big Bang to 1945

World War One - Johann Handl

In 1916, as the First World War ravaged Europe a mysterious German named Johann Handl obtained a 30 year permit to mine "pumice" on what was left of Krakatoa. His mining operation lasted for one year and then he abruptly left in 1917. He returned to Germany with several Lesser Hedrons just as the war was reaching its conclusion. But in the turmoil of the Germany's defeat his discoveries went unrecognized. The Lesser Hedrons were warehoused in the Berlin Institute Of Science. And there they sat until 1933 when Professor Hienrch Hoffman discovered them by chance.

Johann Handl's real name was most likely G.T. Breeckow, an agent of the German government supposedly executed in England in 1915 for espionage under the Defiance of the Realm act.

Hoffman's Cubes

A talented physicist and contemporary of Albert Einstein, Professor Heinrich Hoffman was nonetheless a dedicated Nazi. In 1933 he was appointed Head of Research for the prestigious Berlin Institute of Science by Adlof Hitler himself. Here he came across 12 Lesser Hedrons. Of all the people who have come in possession of a Lesser Hedron Professor Hoffman was among a very few in 3,000 years prepared to understand the potential of what he was looking at. He also understood that it would take years of research to harness the energy that lay at his fingertips.

Hoffman had an audacious plan. In order to explore the properties of the Hedrons, through reverse-engineering he would create man-made Hedrons known as Exel-Cubes. In a hidden research facility in Peenemünde, Germany he set about to create Hitler's most devastating Secret Weapon. A weapon that could destroy cities, control time, manipulate gravity and destroy the Allies. A UNIFIED FIELD WEAPON.

Then on the "alter ego" of Handl, "G.T. Breeckow, an agent of the German government", we find:

British Military & Criminal History in the period 1900 to 1999.

... which doesn't sound at all like he is connected to Handl... So I don't think this "secret wikipedia" page is very reliable, but it might deserve some scrutiny for bits of data that might lead to something real and factual.


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Well I can't see any connection (other than the C's comment/thread title) but thought it may be worth bringing up in case there is a connection?,13511.0.html

(L) OH! I wanted to ask about my iron pan! You think they'll come back? Hello? Are you there? Are you back? I have one last question! Come back! Are you there?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) I want to ask a question about my iron pan that broke on Ramadan, the 22nd of August. What caused my iron pan to break?

A: You.

Q: (L) Why did I break my iron pan?

A: A message to self.

Q: (L) Well, I haven't been able to figure out what the message was.

A: What part broke?

Q: (Joe) The handle. Does that mean Florida is going to break off? (L) Oh, the handle?

A: "Get a handle on things!"

Q: (L) Hmm. Get a handle on things. (A***) Any specific area? (L) Was there any special significance to the things I broke the day that the geese were killed?

A: Just the energies already discussed.

Q: (L) What am I supposed to get a handle on?

A: The whole operation. You have been relying on people inside a frequency fence. It will take diligent practice of the program, including networking, for those afflicted to rise above.

Q: (L) But they can do it, is that it?

A: Oh yes! Now goodnight! Goodbye.



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I had no idea what a "lesser hedron" was so I googled and guess I got the same info- I am providing a link in case anyone is interested
_ This reads like science fiction so agree this may not be reliable info

Fixed link (I tried to deactivate as this may be total bs but totally screwed it up- mods feel free)

Mod's note: Link deactivated.


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I also had a look at that site. Sounds like a fairy tale. The information comes from a report by a commission in which every word except those like "of" and "the" are blanked out. lol.

Also, they sent people back in time to erase the word Hedronic.

Agent O.E. Pendergrass- Operational identity:Curtis Bishop. Charges: Manipulation of Time Continuum resulting in Gross Historical Distortion Event. Agent Bishop interfered with historical event: the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Agent Bishop entered School Book Depository and prevented suspect Oswald from shooting the 3rd and fatal shot. The Agency was forced to rectify the historic record.

If Kennedy had not been assassinated how would anyone know he should have been?

The best though is this

Agent William Cambell - Operational identity: Billy Shears. Charges: Manipulation of Time Continuum for Personal Enrichment and Identity Theft. Agent Cambell assumed the identity of Beatles band member Paul McCartney in 1965 after McCartney's death in a car accident. A panel inquire could not determine if reasserting the Time Continuum would create an even greater Cognitive Information Incongruity. Based on the uncertainties involved surrounding the public nature of the violation no action was taken for fear of exposing Operation AJAX. Resolution: Agent Cambell was allowed to maintain his stolen identity.

LOL....they sent someone who not only looked exactly like McCartney but could obviously also play guitar, compose, sing, and fool family and friends! Pretty awesome! :lol2:


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If nothing else, its a imaginative SF triler :)

Maybe someone was inspired with "Hadron":

The Large Hadron Collider

This one is good :D

And this is about real Operation Ajax, 1953 Iranian coup d'état:'état


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Yes, it looked pretty lame to me, but darned if it wasn't a funny quinky-dink.

I'm still left wondering about Krakatau and if there is some connecting principle among those excerpts?


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-hedron means "face"? Used in geometry such as octahedron, polyhedron, ...
could it be that the '-' is a handl(e)? said:
A crystal or geometric figure having a specified kind or number of surfaces: heptahedron.
[New Latin, from Greek -edron, neuter of -edros, -sided, from hedr, face; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]

n combining form
(Mathematics) indicating a geometric solid having a specified number of faces or surfaces tetrahedron
[from Greek -edron -sided, from hedra seat, base]
-hedral adj combining form

There is also another similar link:

There are so many keywords given by the C's posted above
that seemingly coincides with the history link... Dunno...
need more data/references on "Blue Hedron" besides this
"one source"...

Also... I wanted to point something out that is very weird...

The header has links:

United States Agency for Scientific Investigation

United Nations Panel on Magnetic Energy
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Mojowski 77 Treatment
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Huh... something very fishy here or so it seems...



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This one is good :D
Mr Cole, who was wearing a bow tie and rather too much tweed for his age, would not reveal his country of origin.

tweed? bow tie? must have been Dr Who :) :)


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dant said:
-hedron means "face"? Used in geometry such as octahedron, polyhedron, ...
could it be that the '-' is a handl(e)?

United Nations Panel on Magnetic Energy
COB Secure Web Site
Mojowski 77 Treatment
{Popup for username and password}

Huh... something very fishy here or so it seems...


I don't know what you saw at the CMS website, but I didn't notice anything unusual. I am vaguely familiar with what it is talking about because it relates to my work, although not very closely. It does not relate to the "United Nations Panel on Magnetic Energy".

The "popup" comes from the Mojowsky website, when you click the "Mojowski 77 Treatment" link. It has nothing to do with the CMS website at all.

You can read about what's going on at _
Suffice it to say that it's all fictional. You could email them for a password if you like. :)


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session 21 1997 said:
A: Last clue for tonight: Look for the vibratory frequency

A frequency of light that is prime? Visible light is in the THZ range.
Are there prime numbers that large?

Recent info on largest known prime numbers:



The Living Force
Wow, this sounds interesting. I agree with you guys, this sounds like the story of captain america using a cube to create special weapons. But this thing sounds pretty cool, I feel identified because my great grandfather was in some sort of masonic kind group, he migrated here to america to evade those who tried to kill him, he was a spy and other things. How much things are there hide from us, even our family history can be a mystery.

:( I became curious about the Zuber thing, I found just a surname of jews that came here to america too.


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A little free association

Krakatau = white winged ant -> termite -> Eugene Marais (Soul of the White Ant) -> hive mind -> alien -> portal?

headache, transient focal neurological deficit, and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) lymphocytosis consistent with the headache, neurological deficit and lymphocytosis (HaNDL) syndrome.

Doubt that helps but for what it's worth................


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Funnily enough, I've read this thread early this morning before going to work. Once in my office, I installed the Wikipedia app on my smartphone, and one of the featured article was about Vineland and the famous map.


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I did some random digging and found a few interesting things - could be I'm stretching it a bit; fwiw.

Concerning the alfalfa fields, I found a German brochure by the energy giant RWE with the title: "Recultivation in the Rhineland - the landscape after mining" ("Rekultivierung im Rheinland - die Landschaft nach dem Tagebau"). It describes a project of recultivation in those areas of the rhineland where there are many closed mines (Near tracks well worn?). It states that the farmers are planting Alfalfa (German "Luzerne") as a first step to recultivate the soil.

Another thing I found is that the Southern Thule islands are located in the Southern Ocean (Antarktik in German) - and there's a volcano connection. And of course, "Antarktiklandt" and "Anak Krakatau" sounds kinda similar.

Southern Thule is a collection of the three southernmost islands in the South Sandwich Islands: Bellingshausen, Cook, and Thule (Morrell). Southern Thule is British territory, though claimed by Argentina. The island group is barren, windswept, bitterly cold, and uninhabited. It has an extensive EEZ rich in marine living resources managed as part of the SGSSI fisheries. The Admiralty's Antarctic Pilot says that Southern Thule is part of an old sunken volcano, and is covered with ash and penguin guano.

According to wikipedia, the name comes from Ultima Thule, which gives:
The term ultima Thule in medieval geographies denotes any distant place located beyond the "borders of the known world".
Nazi occultists believed in a historical Thule/Hyperborea as the ancient origin of the Aryan race. Much of this fascination was due to rumours surrounding the Oera Linda Book "found" by Cornelis Over de Linden during the 19th Century. The Oera Linda Book was translated into German in 1933 and was favored by Heinrich Himmler. The book has since been thoroughly discredited.

(...) the Viennese psychologist and author Wilhelm Dahm wrote: "The Thule Gesellschaft name originated from mythical Thule, a Nordic equivalent of the vanished culture of Atlantis. A race of giant supermen lived in Thule, linked into the Cosmos through magical powers. They had psychic and technological energies far exceeding the technical achievements of the 20th century. This knowledge was to be put to use to save the Fatherland and create a new race of Nordic Aryan Atlanteans. A new Messiah would come forward to lead the people to this goal." In his history of the SA (Mit ruhig festem Schritt, 1998), Wilfred von Oven, Joseph Goebbels' press adjutant from 1943 to 1945, confirmed that Pytheas' Thule was the historical Thule for the Thule Gesellschaft.

Entry for Wilfried von Oven:
Wilfred von Oven (born La Paz, Bolivia 4 May, 1912 - died Buenos Aires, Argentina 13 June 2008) was between 1943 and the German capitulation in 1945 the personal Press adjutant of Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.



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Mark said:
session 21 1997 said:
A: Last clue for tonight: Look for the vibratory frequency

A frequency of light that is prime? Visible light is in the THZ range.
Are there prime numbers that large?

Recent info on largest known prime numbers:


I notice the word "of" is conspicuously missing from the C's response-is that merely a transcription omission, is it implied?-not sure it makes any difference at all, not sure how one would go about finding the light of vibratory frequency? :huh:

I know, I know-but we have to look under all the stones lest we miss something, yeah?
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